Hawkgirl and hawkman relationship goals

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hawkgirl and hawkman relationship goals

Hawkman and Hawkgirl are a couple of superheroes in a state of permanent rebirth, destined to be reincarnated, find each other and fall in love. Can someone give me an explanation of Hawkman and Hawkgirl? characters have done, what makes them tick, highlights from their careers etc. . After ten years of marriage and in the force, the pair were sent to Earth in. Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders version) and Hawkman (Carter Hall) also feature in the . Fashion-Based Relationship Cue: During the comic's Silver Age era, as a.

When a group called the Rainbow Robbers began committing crimes, Katar was teamed up with rookie Shayera Thal to track and apprehend the criminals. A few weeks later, Katar proposed to Shayera and the two got married, working together as partners-for-life in the Hawk-Police.

After ten years of marriage and in the force, the pair were sent to Earth in to capture the shape-shifting Thanagarian criminal Byth Rok. During their mission, they meet George Emmett, commissioner of the Midway City Police Department, and told him their alien origin. They adopt the identities as Carter and Shiera Hall.

hawkgirl and hawkman relationship goals

After capturing him and sending him back to Thanagar, they elected to remain on Earth to work with authorities to learn human police methods. The two acted publicly as the heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl later Hawkwoman. Of course, they capture Byth Rok and send him back Thanagar and start acting publicly as the heroes Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Wait, you ask, why did they stay on Earth after capturing Byth? One bit is going to be a bit important though: Thanagar has at this time become a fascist empire and was planning to take over the universe, starting with Earth.

Since they lost their technology during the Equalizer plague, the Hawks were the only ones who possessed them as they were off-planet. The Hawks manage to sabotage the ship and crashed. The Hawks battled Andar and emerged victorious. Name remembering aside, this has mostly been pretty easy to follow right? Barry Allen happened to have an adventure called Flash of Two Worlds: At a charity event organized by Iris Westthe Flash is using his super-speed to perform magic tricks to entertain the children there as the magician has not come.

During a rope climbing trick, the Flash begins vibrating his molecules to appear invisible when he suddenly disappears from the stage. He finds himself outside in a strange city, which he discovers to be Keystone Citythe home of the Golden Age Flash.

It was a fairly elegant solution at the time and while the story was a one off the success soon lead to DC expanding the idea. Meanwhile the main DC universe was denoted Earth-One. The number of Earths kept increasing and the DC Multiverse was born. Adventures and team-ups between the Earth-One and Two, usually chronicled in the Justice League of America book, became a yearly tradition and would remain so for the next two decades. Why is this relevant? Now forget about him. The original Golden Eagle was an orphan by the name of Charley Parker.

Charley lived in the Midway City orphanage and idolized Hawkman. In Justice League of America vol. Golden Eagle debuted seven issues later in Justice League of America vol. He also gained the ability to fly due to the replicated wings of his costume. Charley could at will change his street clothes into the Golden Eagle costume.

At the end of the story, Charley was changed back into a normal teenager. So there you have it! He would later get a minor update and retcon in the later 80s and then a complete reboot — in line with the one Hawkman and Hawkwoman underwent earlier — in For now though, you can forget about him. Regardless, his existence and continuity was retained post-Crisis His parents reincarnation deal also affected him, but there was also an ancient Egyptian curse as well He ended up making a suit of Nth Metal and calling himself Silver Scarab With a bunch of JSA kids he helped formed Infinity, Inc.

Hooked up with Lyta Trevorwho also joined Infinity, Inc. Curse kicks in, he goes evil. Infinity Inc fight him and he dies.

hawkgirl and hawkman relationship goals

For the first time. This would be helpful as the new version of Hector is chosen to be the new Doctor Fate! He would operate in this guise for a fair amount of time. After a long time, he found and is reunited with Lyta!

Their eventual ending was actually rather sweet, in JSA 80 With their reunion, Lyta and Hall returned to the Tower and lived happily, until they were trapped in a section of Hell by the Spectre, who was going on a rampage to destroy all magic.

The two were dropped atop a frozen mountain, where Hector was forced to fend off various demons that threatened him and Lyta. Meanwhile, Lyta was unconscious, and in fact communicating with their son Daniel, Lord of the Dreaming.

Daniel proposed they join him in the Dreaming, and when Lyta woke up, Hector had collapsed near her, close to death. She decided to take him up on his offer, and together with Hector, knowing they could never return, they entered the portal to the Dreaming. As their physical bodies froze to death atop the mountain, their spirits joined their son… As you can see, eventually the character, his wife, family, new parents and everything end up pretty separated and fairly distant from the Hawks and all their adventures.

He did turn up at some key moments, but otherwise is easily ignore when looking at Hawkman and Hawkwoman. It would have been a perfect time to reconcile the two versions of the character. All-Star Squadron Annual 3 states that during a JSA battle against Ian Karkull, the villain imbued them with energy which retarded their aging, allowing Hall and many others — as well as their spouses — to remain active into the late 20th century without infirmity.

So not only are they both around but the older ones are still active? And they still had the same name, without any explanation? It was a weird time. So at least we only had the Silver Age, alien versions now, right? Multiple aliens, led by the Dominators, staged an invasion of Earth. During the war, Hawkman and Hawkgirl fought tooth and nail against their own kind, and became exiles for it.

Well, they would have, if what happened next made any sense at all. By the time rolled around, it was the Hawks turn.

Hawkman (Katar Hol)

There was a darker feel to the subject matter, dealing with societal corruption, racism, and imperialism. It was a tale of a slightly different Thanagar, and a slightly different Hawkman. Thanagar became a hollow utopia, drunk off the power of conquering worlds, using its subjugated peoples as slaves for the Towers and shunting the rest in a place called The Downside.

Katar Hol is an amateur historian and policeman from the Towers, giving up a cushy job as an administrator to work shifts downside. He longs for a time when Thanagar used to be its own culture, instead of relying on slaves and the work of other planets. He finds some solace in the traumatic things he sees by taking pills and losing himself in the high and the advances of Shayera Thaldaughter of administrator Thal Porvis.

Katar confronts the subversive and shoots him when he runs. Byth nails him on charges of patricide, and Katar is exiled for ten years. A few days after becoming a new inhabitant of the island, Katar comes across an alien, collecting feathers and attaching them to sticks to make a set of crude wings.

Katar waits until the creature has completed the wings and then kills it with a boulder, claiming the wings for himself. Another creature of the same kind approaches and tells Katar the one he just killed was making the wings for Katar. Ashamed, Katar realizes he is not ready to leave the island. He befriends the second creature, trains with a sword and lives a monk-like existence on the island. They bear a striking resemblance to each other, which is later explained as the original Shayera being her mother, as a result of the scandalous pregnancy of 13 year old original Shayera by commissioner Andar Pul.

Shayera and Katar take down Byth together, but he escapes to Earth. They follow him, ready for a new adventure to unfold. In fact the Hawkworld miniseries was both well done and could have worked perfectly as an updated origin for the Silver Age Hawks post-Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was too popular. DC decided that they should capitalise on the success by making Hawkworld into an ongoing title. The problem was, it was originally an origin story for characters that already existed and the new series ruined it by saying instead of happening in the past, the Hawkworld versions of the characters were happening right now — along side the older versions of the Silver Age Hawks that were still appearing in stories.

Earth 1 Katar and Hawkworld Katar, however, cannot. The decision was made that Earth 1 Katar was actually just Carter Hall come out of retirement to be a liason between Justice Society and Justice League, since Hawkman was a member of both.

Arming himself with equipment found at a museum, as well as using an anti-gravity metal called "Ninth metal" later renamed Nth metal to fly, Carter created the costumed identity of Hawkman to go rescue her. She would later join him in his adventures as "Hawkgirl". Hawkman would also become one of the founders of the first superhero group, the Justice Society of America.

Hawkman's feature in Flash Comics ended when that book was canceled in He continued to appear in All-Star Comics until that book was cancelled inbringing DC's Golden Age of superhero comics to an end.

During The Silver Age of Comic Bookshe was reinvented, this time as Katar Hol, a law enforcement agent from the planet Thanagar conveniently inhabited by Human Aliens who came to Earth along with his partner and wife Shayera to study Earth's crimefighting techniques, and they assumed the identities of museum curators Carter and Shiera Hall.

They also acted as superheroes using their Thanagarian uniforms and became known as Hawkman and Hawkgirl later renamed Hawkwoman. They soon joined the Justice Leaguethe modern version of the Justice Society, and even met the original Hawks during the League's team-ups with the Society which was established as having existed in the parallel universe called Earth At around this time, Hawkman appeared on Challenge of the Super Friends.

Since no one on that show was allowed to throw a punch, his prowess was portrayed as Basically, he could fly, and that's it — which for a super hero is like being able to tie your shoes. Up to this point, there was no real confusion over the Hawkman characters. All of DC's titles were supposed to undergo a reboot afterwards; but due to poor editorial overseeing, some titles were rebooted but others were not.

More specifically, the original Silver Hawkman was initially still around after the Crisis, even having his own ongoing series again. However, inTim Truman and John Ostrander wrote a miniseries called 'Hawkworld'; the idea was not to remove or recton the Silver Age Hawks as they were now, but rather to give their origin a more modern update. However, for whatever reason, it was decided that Hawkworld would turn out to have taken place in the present day, thus completely rebooting the Hawks, despite such a change occurring years after Crisis.

In the end, Silver Age Hawkman was reinvented as a Darker and Edgier character who had only recently arrived on Earth—but due to this change happening several years after the Crisis instead of right after it, Hawkman was still supposed to have been a member of the League for years! They explained this by claiming that the winged heroes in the League were actually the Golden Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl since all DC characters now existed in one universe and, later, that a Thanagarian spy had joined the team as Hawkman.

This idea was poorly received and his series was soon cancelled. DC was so desperate over the mess that they actually forbade anybody from using the character for years.

When the Justice League animated series was made, it was decided that Hawkgirl, rather than Hawkman, would be a member leading to an entire generation that consider Shayera, rather than Katar, to be "the" Justice League Hawk. A Hawkman expyHro Talak, was introduced in the series as her former lover and a bad guy! Even later, an actual Hawkman character Carter Hall, following a variation of the Golden Age reincarnation origin was also introduced in the cartoon.

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Back in the comics, DC tried to exploit Hawkgirl's post-cartoon popularity by having a variation of her take over the new Hawkman comic book, but it didn't work and it too was soon canceled. Hawkman was finally brought back in the pages of the new Justice Society comic series, with a new origin that explains that both Khufu and his mate have reincarnated many times, including as Katar and Shayera. Inthe entire DC Universe was rebooted, erasing all the history good or bad of most characters including Hawkman.

Hawkman had his own self-titled book which established him as Carter Hall Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders again is featured in James Robinson's Earth-2but isn't connected to the Hawkman mythos, being neither a reincarnation or alien.

Katar would eventually die in the Death of Hawkman miniseries. Metal reintroduced the reincarnating Hawks, both having operated as Hawkman and Hawkgirl in the past.

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Carter was introduced as being lost in the Dark Multiverse while Kendra Saunders this time with memories of her previous lives disposed of her Hawkgirl equipment and became Lady Blackhawk. Carter will be the lead in the new Hawkman series will begin in June ofwhile Kendra will be one of the main characters in a new Justice League series, now going by Hawkwoman. Hawkgirl is a playable character in Injustice: Hawkman was also a recurring character in the late seasons of Smallvilleplayed by Michael Shanks.

This character s provides examples of the following: Carter sometimes comes across as Indiana Jones crossed with Conan the Barbarian. Shayera calls Katar "peacock". In return, Katar calls her "magpie". Kendra Saunders was half-white and half-Hispanic, in contrast to previous, white Hawkgirls. Always a Bigger Fish: The first issue of the Hawkworld mini-series begins with a hawk feeding a lizard to her babies. Then the mother hawk ends up getting eaten by a humanoid alien lizard.

Then, the lizard-man sees the Wingmen's transport craft arriving and flees in terror.