Hayate and nagi relationship quiz

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hayate and nagi relationship quiz

Date Added: 09/03/07; Accuracy Rating: 93% ( votes); Category: Other Anime and Manga Quizzes; Tags: hayate no gotoku; Favorited: 16 members favorite. Hayate!go ahead and ask Hinagiku's hand for marriage!" Hayate blushed . Yumi: The dare ddttrh.info have to beat Fumi in a math quiz bee. It set the tone of the Hayate-Hinagiku interaction that the latter would always . Yet Ayumu was so determined that she would enter the district quiz to in terms of her participation in the plot and her relationship with Hayate.

I will leave the brain work to you, though, by setting up a poll at the bottom of the article you may make up to 3 votes. For them I would include the links for you to go and read the corresponding entries. In any case, be prepared that you would only be seeing around 20 new inputs. Alright, here we go! Her introduction chapters ended with a sword fight with her sister, whom then almost fell to her death. With all these bombshells comes a character who would never be forgotten by readers of this series.

Yet the most significant moment of her introduction is this very first advice.

The meaning of life - Hayate no Gotoku! //ハヤテのごとく!

It set the tone of the Hayate-Hinagiku interaction that the latter would always give well-intentioned advice to the former, and in any case, this was the first thing Hayate recalled about Hinagiku.

Hinagiku was then heavily trolled by Isumi who, well, was trying to scare her away from the building. Then came the moment when Hinagiku could run no more.

In her desperation, she called Hayate of all people to help her. As we would have expected, Hayate came right at the next moment, saving Hinagiku. Hayate has fulfilled his promise to Hinagiku for the very first time, but there would be many more to come. Some would argue that Hinagiku has been way too fast calling Hayate by his first name — in fact, we have not seen her calling any other boys by their first name Klaus is… an exception — so it could be a good thing for her to return to surname basis.

In any case, I think this change served one purpose only: Acquiring Wooden Masamune Ch. Wooden Masamune was the first plotting device given to Hinagiku by Hata, so that she could become important in her own right when things go south. Sure enough, Hinagiku uses Wooden Masamune on Hayate and Yukiji more than on any other enemy, but in the end it had a major role in overcoming the most formidable boss in the series so far.

She summoned Hayate into her office and decided against giving him her chocolate for the very same reason: Of course, this has all begun with… 6.

Moreover, this arc has been the first sign that spring has come pun intendedso there has been high hope over this arc. Yet for me the most important thing about this arc is not the outright lovey-dovey between Hayate and Hinagiku.

What I value about this arc is not the romantic showoff, but a much deeper influence in the Hayate-Hinagiku dynamic. The influence came with Ayumu, who asked Hinagiku to help Hayate as he was all alone. This led Hinagiku to consider the fundamental question: The answer, that Hayate was left with a debt of million yen, shocked Hinagiku. The thing is, this affiliation is not about Hinagiku pitying Hayate, and things turned out to be… 7.

The Heady Feeling of Freedom Ch. Here is another fun fact: Obviously both have had very good first impression about the other. Such zero tolerance often came with physical violence, to the point that if Hinagiku were the older sister, she risked being charged of child abuse. It seems that whatever she turns her hand to, she will excel at it. For example, she was able to sing a song to near perfection and enamors the crowd in the process during her birthday - although she had never heard the song before See "Her birthday" section below.

Hinagiku is an expert with swords and is very skillful in kendo She is the president of the kendo club. The manga also depicts her as masterful in fighting, demon slaying, and among many other skills. She is also the president of the student council of the prestigious Hakuo Academy, the academy for the very wealthy and smart people. Despite not being a senior or the most wealthy student, she was elected as president of the student council.

She is deeply respected by both her juniors and seniors. In addition to all of that, Hinagiku is admired by many male and female students due to her beauty and her quality to excel in almost everything.

Thus, she is seen and adored as a school idol in Hakuo Academy. In Japanese culture, the girls are usually the ones who give chocolates to the males during Valentines - but in Hinagiku's case, it was depicted that she was the one being given chocolates by guys or males during Valentines. Her main weakness is that she suffers from a serious case of acrophobiaor fear of heights. Hinagiku is usually seen by others as possessing heavy masculine qualities, since Hinagiku often acts tough in front of others.

However, it can be seen that the reason she acts like this being tough is to keep her image as the president of the student council or of the entire academy as well who has everything under control. In fact, Hinagiku has the same feelings of an average teenage girl and she hates it when people assume that she dislikes girly things.

This can be understood in the light of her interactions with Hayate after she fell in love with him: Thus, it can be said that Hinagiku is a tsundere. During her first year in Hakuo, she met Athena for the first time. Since then they became friends, until one time Hinagiku tries to give Athena the nickname "A-tan", sparking bad memories for Athena.

Since then, they had been distant to each other. Hinagiku has strong feelings of love for Hayate. At first, she tries to deny it but finally realizes to herself that she really loves him See "Her Birthday" section below. However, she has not successfully confessed to him yet. She had two attempts on confessing but failed. In Chapterduring their trip to Mykonos, she reveals to Ayumu that her love for Hayate was love at first sight. She had been helping a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest, but due to her fear of heightsshe had become stuck on top of the tree.

Hinagiku asks Hayate to catch her, and she jumps down suddenly, kicking him in the face. Hayate scolds her for being so careless as to climb a tree in a skirt, though Hinagiku casually lifts her skirt to show him that she is wearing spats sports pants on underneath.

She then teases him, remarking that he is like a child, when he got embarrassed by her actions. She then adds that she wouldn't have kicked him in the face if he helped her to get down properly by catching her, instead of standing there. Hayate tells her that he would always be there to help, if she asked for it.

In gratitude she invites him to the top of the school's clocktower, which is the location of the student council room, and as a result normally only student council members may enter. She then asks Hayate to call her by her first name, and in turn, says that she will call him by his first name, because of her sister. As Hayate was about to leave the student council room, Yukiji suddenly enters. She grabs a sword from a nearby statue and attacks Hayate.

hayate and nagi relationship quiz

Hinagiku then grabs another sword and protects Hayate, revealing that she's skillful with swords. However, Yukiji is able to exploit her fear of heights by going onto the balcony of the clock tower. She falls off, and Hayate rushes out to catch her.

hayate and nagi relationship quiz

Hinagiku collapses in panic, though she becomes immensely relieved when Hayate successfully catches her. At Kendo Club Earlier in the day, Hinagiku had met up with Nagi and Hayate, and they talked about after school activities.

hayate and nagi relationship quiz

Nagi revealed that she was part of the Kendo team at the school, though she never went to it, as she thought that she would never be as cool as Hinagiku even if she participated in the same sport, though she just says that the equipment wasn't suited for her. After school, they stop by, and Hinagiku shows them around. Many of the other members of the club are shocked when Hayate casually refers to Hinagiku by her first name.

Hinagiku offers to have a small match with him, though they are interrupted by Koutarou Azumamiyawho was jealous of Hayate for getting along so well with Hinagiku.

He challenges Hayate to a match, to which he accepts. When Koutarou realizes how strong Hayate is, he calls in his butler, Kaede Nonohara to fight him, though Kaede attacks Koutarou for being weak. Eventually, Kaede decides to fight Hayate anyways, while Koutarou challenges Nagi. Since Nagi hasn't been training, Hinagiku takes Nagi's place. In the end, Hinagiku easily beat Azumamiya, and Hayate was also able to beat Nonohara with a little tip from Himuro.

At Hakuo Academy at night Hinagiku clings onto Hayate One night Hinagiku went to school, to make sure that Yukiji and her students MikiRisaand Izumi were properly doing their extra study session. When she learned that Hayate was also there, Hinagiku got worried that he may have accidently went to the old school building, and she sets off to find him.

In the old school building, Hinagiku gets chased by some of the spirits, though when she calls for help, Hayate comes to her rescue. She then decides to go off and try to exterminate the spirits, though Hayate is worried by this, as he doesn't have any special attacks. Just then, a large doll, under the control of Isumi, warns them to leave. Hinagiku chooses to fight it, and it ends up breaking on its own.

Nagi saw Tama, her cat-indentified tiger, was sleeping beside her. That answered Nagi's question about the warmness when she was sleeping. Hayate was surprised and told Nagi that Tama was tiger, not a cat. But Nagi didn't listen to him, saying that Hayate talked too much about Tama.

Tama was annoyed and ran after Hayate. Nagi yelled Tama to stop. She told Tama if he wanted to play, then he should play outside. So Tama bit Hayate's clothes and carried him with him jumped to the window. Hayate smacked Tama down from the sky. Klaus who appeared suddenly challenged Hayate; if Hayate can't beat Tama, then Hayate would be fired. Klaus still doubted Hayate's ability.

That made Nagi irritated, so she approved. The battle was as long until Maria appeared, she was angry that her garden was destroyed because Tama and Hayate were fighting in there. Maria knew it was Klaus and Nagi's fault.

After telling Tama's history to Hayate, she left Hayate with Tama nearby in her garden, and then went to Nagi and Klaus place. Meanwhile, after knowing Tama's history, Hayate understood Tama's condition and telling him if their fates are simillar. But suddenly, Tama stood up and denied it. Hayate was surprised that Tama could talk.

He told Nagi and the others he was surprised that Tama could talk. Nagi apologized for making him nuts. Watching the Sun Rise Hayate and Nagi going to the beach At the end of the year, after reading a comic about a couple watching sunrise together, Nagi was motivated and wanted to see sunrise of the new year with Hayate at Kujukurihama beach without any interview from anybody. Nagi secrectly sneaked to his room to talk to him. Because of that, Hayate was shocked when he took a nap on his bed, he found Nagi.

Nagi said to him that she wanted to see the sun alone with him at the beach. Hayate is confused with his Mistress request and asked for a reason, which made Nagi mad. He having no choice, Hayate followed her order. They went to the beach by a bicycle because Nagi didn't want the others to know and interview them. At the mansion, Klaus panicked because he can't find Nagi. Maria checked her room and found her manga opened. She read it and understood what had happened and calmed Klaus down. In the other place, outside is too cold for Nagi, so she change the bicycle to a yakata-guruma carriage, which made Hayate more and more confused.

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They finally arrived at the beach. Hayate was very exhausted, but because he is the main hero, he'll get well sooner or later. Nagi was enjoying the beach, so Hayate asked for permission to leave to buy them coffees. Hayate found a vending machine, but unfortunately, he forgot his wallet, and luckily, Maria appeared. A helicopter on the sky explained how she got there. She gave him his wallet and said happy new year to him. Hayate cheered up and went back to Nagi, but unfortunately, Nagi was sleeping.

That made her missed the sunrise. Hayate brought the sleeping Nagi back to the mansion by a train. Visiting her Grandfather On the beginning of the year, Maria suggested that Nagi deliver her new year's greetings by visiting her grandfather's main mansion.

Nagi expressed her disgust on her face as her reply. Hayate didn't know who her grandpa is and asked Nagi about it. Nagi explained it in her way, which made her grandpa, Mikado, looked so intimidating and powerful like a tycoon of tycoons, which made Hayate afraid. When Nagi and her company Maria, Hayate and Sakuya arrived there, Hayate was captured as "a suspicious person with poor-looking face" by the guards.

hayate and nagi relationship quiz

Nagi told the guards that Hayate was Himegami's replacement. In the living room, Nagi told Hayate to leave for some fresh air because she was going to change clothes to see her grandpa.

A moment later, Mikado met her and asked if she wanted the Sanzenin family inheritance or not. She refused it, but she welcomed his premature death, which made Mikado sad.

Mikado decided to inherit the Sanzenin family inheritance to the person who can make Nagi apologize in tears. Mikado got Nagi's nerve.

She chose death than doing such embarrassing things. Nagi didn't want to stay any longer, so she went to call Hayate.

Ayumu Nishizawa

When she met him, Hayate was fighting against a person, Gilbert. Gilbert asked her tear-filled apology. Nagi refused even he begged her. Having no choice, Gilbert attacked Hayate with a sword because Mikado told him if Nagi would start to cry if he hurts Hayate. She warned Gilbert not to harm Hayate, yet Gilbert was still attacking Hayate, but Hayate evaded all of them.

Hayate fought back by kicking him right in his face. One hit and Gilbert was knocked out. At that time, Hayate was determined that his current life was to protect Nagi. He asked Nagi for her approval. Nagi misunderstood that request as a proposal, which made her blushed and steamed. Nagi gladly accepted it and thanked him. Going to the Theme Park Nagi's only surviving family is her grandfather, Mikado Sanzeninwho made a theme park with most of the rides are for cm or higher as a present for her birthday which she greatly dislikes.

The author wrote that her parents died due to an incident on her biography in Volume 1, but she said that her mother died from a disease and her father died when she was too young to remember him. She regards her maid, Maria, as a mother or older sister figure, and warns Hayate not to touch Maria in any indecent way or dying will be the least of his worries.

hayate and nagi relationship quiz

Her mother, Yukariko Sanzeninis shown in Volume 12 of the manga. Yukariko resembles Hayate which is why Nagi is so fond of him according to Isumi's mother, Hatsuho. Nagi's grandfather, Mikado Sanzenin, decided to engage Wataru as Nagi's fiance without consulting Nagi. Both Nagi and Wataru don't want to marry each other, but the engagement can't be dissolved, unless both of them have another pair.

Sadly, Isumi doesn't have any interest in Wataru, but in Hayate, because Hayate looks like her favorite television superhero in her mind. And she thinks Wataru likes Nagi and hasn't realized the truth. In Volume 3, Nagi mistook Hayate's word about "like" and "play". She became angry and sold Hayate, for , yen, to Isumi.

In short, the early misunderstanding things was cleared, Isumi gave up Hayate, and Hayate went back to work for Nagi. That was her first time meeting Ayumu. Hayate was there as well. She asked Hayate who Ayumu is. At the same time, Ayumu asked Hayate who Nagi is. He answered Nagi's question, "She is my former classmate from my previous highschool.