Hector lavoe and puchi relationship

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hector lavoe and puchi relationship

[FONT=&]The romance between Hector Lavoe and Carmen .. The real story is the love-hate relationship between Hector and Puchi. the rise and fall of one of salsa's most inventive vocalists, Hector Lavoe. in the film, Puchi Perez, wife of the late Lavoe, played by Marc Anthony. as a gold -digger who exploited Lavoe during their year relationship. Héctor Juan Pérez Martínez (30 September – 29 June ), better known as Héctor . During that year, Lavoe started a romantic relationship with Carmen Castro. On the night José was baptized, Héctor received a call informing him that Nilda "Puchi" Román, with whom he also had a relationship during the same .

Two years in hell: But it is by no means the first, and will doubtless not be the last. For hector Lavoe, in the best possible sense, has been primed for examination almost from the moment he was laid into the ground. But, as with all legends, some time had to pass and the implications of his life and times had to resonate before anybody would risk making sense of it all. As if the Hector film race could not get any more complicated, Mangual claimed he had been approached by a filmmaker in who was doing a film on the relationship between Hector Lavoe and the mother of his illegitimate first child, Carmen Castro.

The school had a history of molding students into professional-quality performers by way of a curriculum that emphasized time honored techniques of good diction, stage presence and proper manners. As it turned out, this sense of structure suited Hector well.

Rather than rebel, he gravitated toward the strict nature of his first formal education.

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He was diligent in his studies, and according to reports, was a good if not spectacular student. However, away from the halls of academia, Hector, even as a young preteen, was learning his own sense of rebellion. It was an amicable parting and not all that uncommon a practice.

Musicians and singers drifted in and out of groups with regularity on the Latin music scene, literal nomads looking for bigger money and more prestige. It was an unwritten fact of life that band-leaders regularly raided other bands for musicians.

There was little animus in the practice, and good musicians were not likely to be blackballed although the occasional club owner would complain that some bands were playing out too often and at competing clubs. And so it was under those circumstances that Hector became a free agent of sorts. Had he been only a hired hand?

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Was he to perform with Colon? Hector did not have a clue. Unfortunately the success was more than offset by Hectors continued spiral down the hole of drug addiction. According to reports, Puchi was making no serious attempts to get Hector help.

hector lavoe and puchi relationship

It would be the first time Nunez had seen Hector perform live, and despite being aware of his addiction, he was knocked out by what he witnessed on stage that night. But during the eighties, Hector seemed to be finding more and more reasons to tour in that stretch of the world.

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And all of those trips were drug driven. But while his health continued to decline and his addiction seemingly worsened, Hector was still capable of making bold, creative advances. As soon as they saw Hector, they began shouting his name and jumping up and down.

The whole stadium was shaking.

hector lavoe and puchi relationship

To have finally made peace with his father, only to have him taken from him, was too much to bear. The stresses of life returned. If it had been up to Hector, he would have no doubt immediately stepped out of his professional life. Because in the days that followed the death of his father, Hector appeared listless and nonconnecting to the challenges of the day — indications that Hector no longer had the desire to go on.

So the stakes were a little bit higher for me on every level. So it was exciting. That they accepted our film is a big deal. How did El Cantante become the first project of your company, Nuyorican Productions? I read that Puchi herself requested you. She had kind of a freak accident: She fell on the street and hit her head.

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This is what her grandson told me, and he was there. That family is plagued with horrible tragedies.

hector lavoe and puchi relationship

Which really made him like every other person — he suffers with a lot of pain. He was really just a regular guy who had a lot of hardships in his life, and people could relate to that. Was Puchi from the Bronx? And I knew people like her. I was lucky — I had about 11 CDs of her interviews, so I could hear her voice, hear the way she laughed, and I could hear when her voice changed.

hector lavoe and puchi relationship

I went over those [recordings] and took notes over and over and over again. All of that was so important — like, where she got quiet, where she got sad, how she handled when she talked about something difficult. Which was, of course, your breakout role. How did it feel to return to more dramatic material? You know, I started in drama, working with Oliver Stone in U Turn, and so many of my earlier projects were like this.

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So after doing a lot of romantic comedies, which I love as well, to get back to something to really sink your teeth into was very exciting. People forgot that for a little while, [with my] having the pop hits and all that kind of stuff. People forget that you have that type of depth of emotion. I was actually a little bit scared as we were coming up to it, because I had lived with the script for so many years. Some people liked Puchi, and some people hated Puchi. The most important thing was that she had such a strong personality.

She was such a ball-buster; she was so strong. And the fact that she loved him was what I really wanted to get across. That for 20 years they were together.

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So I had to really decipher those tapes, and what I came up with was that they had love, they had a loving relationship, they needed each other, but it was dysfunctional in many ways. She sure was a firecracker. She tells a story on one of the tapes about how she got a new car, a Mercedes. He had crashed the car, and he was in jail. Come and get me!