Helios and chibiusa relationship help

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helios and chibiusa relationship help

I think a Chibiusa x Helios relationship would take a lot longer to develop But once they learn to trust one another, they really help each other. XD I still say Chibiusa/Pegasus' relationship resembles an online one. BTW, I have . from the manga basically any with at least some canon back up support. As the Priest of Elysion, he has a connection to Prince Endymion. Helios and Chibiusa saw each other save for two days for an *entire* month .. Meaning those who support this spelling are likely from Ian Miller, who in turn.


I know I've already written a ship favorite that included Chibiusa but I have a bad habit of shipping characters in multiple pairings. The more the merrier, right? Truth be told, I don't enjoy this pairing so much as I enjoy their aesthetic when they're standing next to each other. Chibiusa is a perfect lil princess and Helios is her matching pastel prince. Just looking at them pleases my eyes so much.

Of course, I do have actual reasons for liking them other than their physical appearance. Thoughts Sadly, Helios makes his introduction rather late in the series during the Dream Arc and is largely seen interacting with Chibiusa through her dreams.

As a result, the audience doesn't actually see them together as often as they should have.

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I personally think that seeing more of them together, either during or after the events of the Dream Arc, would have strengthened their appeal as well as their overall relationship with each other.

Then again, I don't actually think Naoko does a very good job with hetero ships and think her yuri ships are much better done sorry, UsaMamo.

helios and chibiusa relationship help

I haven't yet rewatched them in the 90s anime version so I can't really say for sure. What appeals to me most about their relationship is how magical it is.

helios and chibiusa relationship help

I mean, yeah, Helios is a Pegasus but it's much more than that. When Chibiusa first sees Helios, she's immediately drawn to him. As explained later, they're fated to be together.

helios and chibiusa relationship help

While it's admittedly a forceful way to pair up a couple, it somehow works because Chibiusa is so young and things such as fate and true love are so enchanting to girls that are within her age group.

However, she did not have a beautiful dream, so she was unable to use its power. His relationship with Chibiusa is gradually built up to be a romantic one; in the anime they talk secretly together and he gives her advice about friendship and love, and is barely able to conceal his own feelings for her.

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She utterly trusts him, despite his being secretive and refusing to answer many of her questions. I use Elysion, but you could spell it Elysian, Elysium, etc. It was somewhat similar to the Judeo-Christian concepts of Heaven, in that the righteous and brave spirits of the departed resided there. In the series, it is depicted as a once beautiful and magical place ravaged by the destruction of the Dead Moon.

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It is implied that the place where Chibiusa meets Pegasus in her dreams is how Elysion is supposed to look. So when the Dead Moon begins to attack Elysion, Mamoru fell gravely ill. In the manga, the illness is described as a shadow on his lung.

helios and chibiusa relationship help

Helios revealed that the shadow is a black rose growing within him and Mamoru. He warned the Senshi that if the Dead Moon are not stopped, both he and Mamoru would die. In the anime,Mamoru collapses with illness when the Earth itself is attacked with the entirety of Tokyo being covered in cobwebs.

Chibiusa and Pegasus

They had forgotten how to dream because Nehelenia consumed their Dream Mirrors to keep herself young. So the Golden Crystal was the only way to defeat the Dead Moon.