Hiei and kurama relationship problems

The Relationship Between Hiei And Mukuro: What I

But it does have a three-way relationship. So if there are any problems please don't read. Hiei was slumped in Kurama's lap, his wonderful back and arm muscle's rippled, as he like Yusuke lost his shirt long ago, clearly. For this, I don't want to go through the trouble of making up a new female OC I'd like you all to convince me that Yusuke and Kurama work as a couple. THIS is one of the reasons I don't write canonxcanon relationships. Their issue was that they were never really able to escape 'survival mode' and Hiei's relationship with Mukuro is not romantic but it's not a normal friendship either. Kurama and Hiei are friends but they aren't close enough to discuss their.

The two of them only grow closer throughout the series. Even in 3 Kings, Kurama is ready to betray Yomi and throw in on Yuusuke's side despite having known Yomi for such a long time and possibly having been together with him. Both of them consider the other to be a good person who has had too much hardship already and who deserves to be happier than they are, and since both of them have inferiority complexes although vastly different onesthey're both willing to sacrifice themselves to see that the other is all right.

More than that, though, they both care for each other and enjoy each other's company; Yuusuke can be at ease with Kurama and even trade insults without brawling like he does with Kuwabara, and Kurama can be at ease around Yuusuke without having to play the intricate game of what to say and what not to say that he does with Hiei. They appreciate each other's senses of humor and respect each other's boundaries; their differences only make them more interesting to each other instead of repelling.

During the Tournament, they're the ones to hold each other up, both physically and emotionally; where Hiei doesn't need and won't accept help, and Kuwabara is the same to a lesser extent, Kurama and Yuusuke are able to lean on each other. The intensity of their fear for each other's lives is always one of the things that gets me about that arc -- Yuusuke's very raw despair when he thinks Kurama is lost and his fierce drive for vengeance against the demons that hurt him, and Kurama's quiet, unhesitating, and melancholy determination as he does everything in his power to ensure Yuusuke's safety as much as possible, even at great cost to himself.

At the end of the series, I always like to consider that they're also the only two characters with the same sort of duality. Both are demon and human at the same time, in their own ways, and both have to choose what world they want to live in or be divided forever. No other characters experience or would quite be able to understand the difficulty of that except for maybe Hiei or Genkai, for different reasons.

Neither have been entirely happy in either the human or the demon world. I can only see them growing closer in that shared loneliness. Where I see it possibly becoming romantic is, again, in the sheer depth of their bond.

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It's not that I think it's obviously that way, it's that I think there's really the potential. At the very least, even if they're never with each other that way, what they have is significantly more than friendship, and I think they'd be able to relate to each other in ways that neither of them could find with any other characters. Consider how they balance each other out -- planning versus instinct, rationality versus passion, cruelty versus necessity, and all the other ways they contradict but also compliment.

What they want and need also dovetail -- both are searching for meaning, and both seek understanding, and they'd be able to find that with each other. So why is this couple on the "Worst Couples" list? Simply because as much as Mukuro loves Hiei, she can't compete with Hiei's partner-in-crime and unofficial partnerKurama. In fact, the only reason Kurama and Hiei aren't included in the best couples list above is because they weren't officially meant to be a couple in the original manga and anime.

Compared to how well Hiei and Kurama get along, work together and support each other, Mukuro doesn't stand a chance. Plus, Kurama's prettier than she is. Let's be real here: Goku was roped into getting married before he even knew what the word "marriage" meant. Goku and Chi-Chi's relationship is highly dysfunctional because Goku doesn't understand that being in a committed relationship means that you can't keep running off to fight people.

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Yes, he saves the world, but you have to be around at least a little for your family. Even Vegeta, the murderous, conceited King of Sayians, is with his wife, Bulma, all of the time and helps her raise their son, Trunks.

It's no wonder that Chi-Chi is screaming at him all the time -- although it's also one of the reasons he takes off to go fight evil aliens and androids and demons all the time. Shouldn't the two have them at least pretended to get along, for Gohan's sake?

She's weird, for starters; she's an extension of Yugi, some crazy girl who simply wants friends. She's even more obsessed with Tenchi than Tenchi's housemates Ayeka and Ryoko are -- she has pictures of Tenchi everywhere in her room!

She should be a great character since she's the savior of everyone, sacrificing herself in order to restore Tenchi's world, but all of that fades into oblivion much like Sakuya herself at the thought of just how creepy she was.

Also unfortunate is that she had the makings of being a very compatible girlfriend for Tenchi -- all she wanted to do was make Tenchi happy. But there's "making someone happy" in a loving way, then there's "making someone happy" in a "kill your pets to show you I love you" way. Ayeka, an aristocratic, holier-than-thou type of girl, wants Tenchi to be her husband and future ruler of the planet Jurai, Ryoko, a sake-loving space pirate, wants Tenchi for At the very least, Ryoko seems to actually be in love with Tenchi and lives to make him happy, but she could make him really happy by simply allowing Tenchi to do what he wants, which is to go to school and be groomed by his grandfather to be a Shinto priest.

hiei and kurama relationship problems

Most of all, he wants to be alone. However, if Tenchi has to be with any older woman, let it be Galaxy Police officer Kiyone; not only is she not caught up in the battle over Tenchi, she's also the most normal of Tenchi's gal pals and the only one with a level head on her shoulders. After a while, they had accepted the relationship and had apologized to Hiei, but Hiei still maintained a distance from the two social misfits. They had lost the fire demon's trust and, quite possibly, his friendship.

Kurama outlined what Mukuro had told him for Yuusuke.

hiei and kurama relationship problems

The redhead shoved some packages of seeds in a bag, along with some clothes and his first-aid kit, just in case. Just in case they were injured He considered for a moment, then threw in some of Hiei's clothes too. Considering that he was with Yomi, Hiei would probably need some clothes. If they found him, Kurama reflected bitterly. Then he went to the temple. Genkai had died years before, but Yukina continued to live at the temple, caring for it. In fact, when Kurama got there, she was the only one there.

Kurama didn't answer, but just looked at the ground. Yukina still did not know that Hiei was her brother, so he could tell her what had happened without her becoming too devastated. At least, not as devastated as he was. He went to the Makai to help defend Mukuro's territory against Yomi. His troops were attacked and slaughtered. And he's probably dead. Hiei-san can't be dead!

Why Hiei And Kurama Are GREAT Characters

Kurama nodded weakly, turning away to avoid crying himself. But, in this case, with Yomi involved, maybe finding the irate little fire demon would be worse than finding nothing Yuusuke looked at Kurama worriedly. The kitsune hadn't spoken at all throughout the trip. That wasn't like Kurama; he usually tried to lighten the mood before a mission. Yuusuke was becoming concerned about him.

Besides, Kuwabara had filled up the silence with corny jokes, and that definitely wasn't good. Mukuro met them at the border and smiled half-heartedly at Kurama, who ignored her. Mukuro sighed and gave up at trying to be cordial. We do not know his territory well enough to risk attempting an invasion in the dark.

Mukuro raised an eyebrow, but continued. We'll be fighting all day tomorrow, and we'll continue fighting until we're rid of Yomi. Mukuro looked at the kitsune sharply, startled by his request. After a moment, her face softened a bit.

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Kurama doesn't want to believe that his lover is probably dead, she thought pityingly. Seeing the battlefield would probably convince him.

They covered their noses; a day under the hot Makai sun had not done the bodies of these poor youkai any good, and the stench was nearly overpowering.