Hr and employee relationship management

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hr and employee relationship management

Better control how your organization tracks, investigates, and analyzes employee relations issues with HR Acuity's human resources management software. Employee relationship management refers to managing the relation between the employees in an organization. It includes various activities undertaken by the. As a branch of HR management, employee relations managers look out for the best interests of employees and assist employers with contract disputes and.

If any one has performed exceptionally well, do display his name on the bulletin board. Let everyone read it and get inspired to perform better next time.

hr and employee relationship management

Encourage morning meetings where individuals can come together and know each other well. Exchanging information through emails is also an important way to improve the relation among the employees as everyone knows what is being communicated to the other individual. Encourage group activities at the workplace.

Motivate individuals to work together probably in a group so that the comfort level increases. The more they talk, the more they get to know each other. They would definitely come closer this way and start trusting each other more. It is important to celebrate festivals at organization, the same way we do at our homes. Such informal get togethers go a long way in improving the relation among the employees. Families must also be invited for a better bonding.

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The team leaders must ask their team members to take their lunch together so that they discuss other things apart from their daily work. Assign challenging work to your team members so that they feel motivated to deliver their level best.

Do not assign something which they do not find interesting.

hr and employee relationship management

The responsibilities must be divided equally among the team members and no employee should be overburdened. Every employee should be aware of his key responsibility areas to avoid confusions.

No way should the work get monotonous. The concept of workstations and cubicles must be promoted rather than closed cabins. People sitting in closed cabins tend to get cut off from rest of the employees in the organization and are generally lost in their own sweet world.

Role of HR in Employee Relationship

People sitting in workstations tend to talk to each other more often even in between work and thus relationship improves. Employees sitting together discuss many things and even share their secrets, thus the trust increases. It is commonly observed that if any of your colleagues sitting next to you is on leave for some days, you start missing him.

The employees must be motivated to avoid politics and blame games at work. Such activities are considered highly unproductive and spoil the relationship among the employees. Backbiting is a strict no no at the workplace. Avoid getting into unnecessary controversies and useless criticism at work. Respect your team members as well as your superiors.

hr and employee relationship management

It is important that one trusts his management rather than unnecessarily cribbing and finding faults. Avoid conflicts and try to adjust with each other. Last but not the least the superiors or the team leaders must not act pricy and try to dominate their team members.

No one should be afraid of his boss, instead treat him as his well-wisher and mentor who is always there to support him. The employees must be able to fall back on their team leader anytime. The team leader must understand the needs and expectations of his employees and should not be too harsh to them.

If they want a leave for a genuine reason, do grant them.

What Is Employee Relationship Management?

Research says that if the employees are satisfied with their job responsibilities, they tend to remain happy and avoid conflicts with each other. Organize various activities like potlucks and small get togethers at the workplace. Ask each one to bring some dish according to his taste and convenience. Let the employees enjoy together.

hr and employee relationship management

Employees tend to discuss lot many things apart from routine work in these kinds of informal get togethers. One day probably the last day of the month should be earmarked with the sole objective of celebrating birthdays falling in the particular month. For example all those born in the month of May should celebrate their birthdays together on the last day of the month i.

The HR should send a formal mail inviting all. Let everyone enjoy and have fun.

Employee Relationship Management

Divide individuals into groups and ask each group to do something. One group can probably be responsible for the decoration of the venue; the other group can take care of the cake as well as other eatables and so on. The HR person should ideally support each group to ensure that no one faces any difficulty in getting things organized. It is the responsibility of the human resources team to organize various events like sports day, annual day, green day etc. The employees must be encouraged to participate in these kinds of extra curricular activities.

Employees are able to relax this way and take a break from their routine work. Problems crop up when the work tends to become monotonous. Employees should enjoy coming to office, rather than treating work as a burden.

Send a congratulations mail as well. The human resource professional along with the supervisor can even hand over a small trophy as a token of appreciation to the top performers. Do this activity in the presence of all.