Huey and jazmine relationship advice

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huey and jazmine relationship advice

And even though we don't have the flashy relationship, you're still mine." Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - [Jazmine D., Huey F.] - Words: .. "That's great advice coming from a guy who's been cheating on his girlfriend. The other girls in class said they were a cute couple so that was all the "HUEY!" Jazmine held her arms out wide as she ran at him. The boy . Before she accepted his invitation to date she made sure to get Huey's advice. Jazmine DuBois is the secondary tritagonist on The Boondocks, and was a central character in Season 1. She is the daughter In the comics, her mixed ethnicity makes her an object of ridicule for Huey and Personality and relationships.

A self-described revolutionary, his cynicism touches on subjects such as politics, religion, media, businesses and corporations, and African-American culture.

Tending to be cantankerous in both manner and speech, Huey has demonstrated a depth of understanding that would seem to belie his young age. Oratorically gifted, he has shown the ability to seize and hold the attention of entire crowds of people when he wants to do so. He uses this gift during individual interactions, as well, during which he can gain a desired effect depending on his intention.

Huey is depicted as owning a large collection of books and other reading material.

huey and jazmine relationship advice

He reads the newspaper, watches the televised news, and otherwise makes a point to keep up with current events. Huey seems to show some fondness for Star Wars, and quotes the series often. On at least one occasion, he demonstrated an aptitude for writing fiction in the form of a script he wrote a play entitled The Adventures of Black Jesus in The Boondocks episode " A Huey Freeman Christmas ". He has also written poignant letters and emails to public figures imploring them to support various political causes.

He has started petitions, made and handed out flyers, and created and edited his own newspaper The Free Huey World Report. He uses such media to express his own opinions, though their impact is generally limited given their nature and his minimal resources. Shown to be a skilled martial artist, Huey demonstrates on various occasions an ability with nunchaku, katana, bo staff, as well as hand to hand combat, that far surpasses the expected capabilities of a ten-year-old.

Though he has won several fights against Riley, a pair of theater guards, Stinkmeaner on one occasion, and his former friend Cairo on another occasion, he has been defeated two times by Stinkmeaner, and Luna. Luna was a kumatei fighter and a White Lotus expert, and Stinkmeaner was at the time a supernatural presence.

On one occasion, it was implied that Uncle Ruckus defeated him, though the episode's ending shot left this unclear. Huey regularly beats Riley with ease in their fights, though this could be since he is older and more disciplined than Riley. In the first-season episode " The Real ," Huey hallucinates several encounters with a government spy. At the end of the episode he is left uncertain whether the encounters were real.

Huey is not religious and has said so several times in the comics. He very passionately insists that Jesus Christ was black, and that any statement to the contrary is racist, indicating that, even if he does not believe in Christianity, he is at least well-versed in its tenets and respects Jesus as a secular historical figure. In " The Return of the King ," he is the only person who still respects Martin Luther King after he is misconstrued as a terrorist.

As mentioned before, Huey is named after Huey P. One day only and I'm only trying it out. The next day she woke up early to straighten her hair for school. However it quickly became apparent that she hadn't awoken early enough as she'd barely gotten half of her hair done when first period began. When she finished the girl examined her image in the mirror. Her auburn hair was surprisingly long when flat.

The texture looked strange, almost plastic-y now that they'd been melted into shape. Her head smelt burnt. She didn't know whether or not she liked it because, in spite of how uncomfortable she felt, how much it felt like she betrayed Huey, conforming to traditional standards of beauty made her feel good. It was so comforting to fit in. Insecurities hid so neatly under the false image conveyed by her appearance.

It was her hair and Huey didn't have the right to tell her what to do with it; this is what she told herself over and over as she walked to school. Jazmine had the fortune to arrive during a passing period. Her straightened hair was surprisingly powerful.

People looked her in the eye more readily and smiled more to her. The flirtation rate also rose considerably. None of this meant anything, however, when she noticed her best friend leaning against her locker. He must have heard that she was absent for the first couple periods. Steeling herself, the mulatto girl sucked in a deep breath and strode confidently towards him.

When he spotted her, his jaw slackened. The only other emotions could be seen in his surprisingly expressive eyes. Jazmine had learned to read those wine colored orbs like books over the years. First was shock, confusion, a slight hint of anger, but in the end of all that gave way to pain. She'd actually hurt him. Her worst fears were being realized.

It wasn't his hair. Suddenly Jazmine was angry that he would let something so- so insignificant hurt him. He was supposed to be stronger than this! How dare he be upset about her decision to straighten her hair.

When she was close enough, the teen scooted out of the way while he kept his eyes downcast. She opened the locker and tried her hardest to conceal her anger. She glared into her locker as he kept speaking. You don't have to act so hurt that I'm not, I don't know, jumping headfirst onto your black power idealism or something.

Her chest tightened the same way it did when she watched one of those sad romance movies. Huey towered over her and the girl suddenly felt so small.

You straightening your hair is equivalent to me wearing a mink fur coat. The teen pondered his words. If her best friend had ever elected to wear any actual fur coat, mink or otherwise, she would've been furious. It would've been the greatest insult to her beliefs. It would have undermined the respect that was so essential in their relationship. She technically didn't have the right to tell him how to dress but it would hurt if he chose to dress that way in spite of her wishes.

It would've hurt so much. And she'd just done the exact same thing to him. Slamming her locker shut in frustration, Jazmine held back the tears. It wasn't even her idea to do this. Speak of the devil, he was suddenly behind her.

I told you this would be a good look for you. You're like Britney Spears, super hot. You should definitely wear it like this all the time. Catching sight of his broad shoulders towering high over the pale skinned crowd that filled the hallways, Jazmine called out to him. He looked over his shoulder so that his wine colored eyes fell on her and she felt her heart skip a beat.

I didn't realize how much this would hurt you," the gentleness in her eyes sent her heart soaring. His sharp eyebrows relaxed upwards just enough for her to see how relieved he was. And God, if he wasn't her best friend, she didn't know what she'd do. There was simply no way for him not be her best friend and at the same time she almost wished something insane- something that could never be.

That summer she'd spent at a beach house timeshare her parents invested in. She'd wanted to invite the Freemans but her father thought it might be for the best if the destructive family keep it's distance from the rental property. Jazmine met a vacationing boy who was just so nice to her.

huey and jazmine relationship advice

They started out as friends but it eventually morphed into a summer fling. His name was Gerald Johansson. He was a sports buff, loved telling stories, and quite funny. He had a hi-top fade that would make Huey proud. Jazmine almost wished the two could meet.

The mulatto girl decided she'd never tell anyone in Woodcrest about her short romance with him. It seemed like he was in a similar state of mind.

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Both of them were in denial about something. Jazmine was pretty sure that Gerald had a girl he liked back where he was from but he'd yet to realize it. However what she was hiding from, the girl wasn't sure. Near the end of the summer the two sat on the beach together, preparing to say their goodbyes.

Anyway, want to tell me about the guy you're really in love with? I-I don't like anyone.

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What was his name, H-something? We aren't like that! You're clearly in love with the Asian girl you kept mentioning. I just think she's really cool and smart and nice and pre-" The two fell into silence. You think the world of that boy. He'd never look at me that way. Why was she about to cry?

huey and jazmine relationship advice

Jazmine was so confused. Was she really in love with Huey. If anyone has an uphill battle ahead of them, it's me. She's the smartest kid in our school- maybe our entire city.

I'm just some idiot who knows how to tell a good story and throw a ball through a hoop. You've got to be the most charming guy I know. There's no way she'd say no to you," Jazmine said while wiping at her eyes. The two fell into silence again. During Sophomore year he'd sent her a text saying that he'd gotten Phoebe to accept a date with him. The next day she'd gotten a strange text from him asking her to identify herself and her relationship with Gerald.

The boy later reassured her that it was from Phoebe's overprotective best friend and that he had no idea how the girl had gotten her hands on, not only his phone, but also access to all social media, email, IM accounts. It reminded Jazmine of Huey and the way he reacted to her only boyfriend of their freshman year.

Freshman year started with the realization that she was in love with Huey Freeman. This was followed up by complete dejection. The girl had casually asked her best friend what his ideal type of girl was.

He replied with a complete and utter rejection of anything romantic in nature.

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She was in a dark place for a little bit and that lead to her accepting Josh Carmine's invitation to go out about a week later. Josh Carmine was infamous in the school for dating, fucking, and dumping girls at a lightning speed. He usually had at least three girls going at once. At the time the girl hadn't known any of this.

Huey, on the other hand did. The day after she became Josh's girlfriend, Huey rushed at her in the hallway. Jazmine might've been a smidge resentful that he was so quick to deny her any romantic future with him.

Why was he is such a tizzie? He is almost always dating at least three girls at once and trying to get into the pants of any and every girl he comes into contact with. Chances are this knight in shining armor would never let anything happen to her.

She was safe enough to have a little fun and get some payback for the emotional torment he put her through. Besides, I know Josh. I see a side of him that no one else can.

She broke up with Josh the next day but never told Huey. For the next two months the boy was always bringing her evidence of the teen's shifty business practices. He had texts, phone calls, emails, numerous online dating profiles, pictures, mail, and so many other things that he couldn't possibly obtain legally. The activist was frantic to protect her and Jazmine found she couldn't get enough of it. She would've kept the scam going longer but one day Huey brought her a video.

They were having lunch outside when her best friend pulled his laptop from his backpack. Without warning he shoved all of her food away from her and placed the laptop in front of her.

On the screen was a play button. He handed her headphones and glared at her until she put them in. She regretted it as soon as he hit play. It was a video of Josh engaging in acts of adult nature with a couple different girls from their school.

Ten seconds in and the girl had already covered her eyes. I broke up with him the day after you told me about him the first time! I just figured I'd mess with you a little!

But then Huey started pouting and it was so cute that the girl couldn't stop herself from bursting out into laughter.

Just as she was about to calm herself down and apologize seriously the most magical thing happened. He glanced over at her and smiled. The moment was so perfect, so beautiful, that she tried her hardest to capture every small detail in her mind. Jazmine flung her arms around the teen as she tried to quiet her laughter long enough to tell him something really important. Jazmine was definitely going to date, probably going to marry, and maybe even going to have kids with Huey Freeman.

Her dating strategy changed as she focused on her new target of getting Huey to consider her romantically.

At first the goal was to make him jealous. She dated multiple nice, kind-hearted, handsome guys that honestly had a chance at winning her heart throughout high school trying to bait her into intervening.

However, as long as she was content with her relationship, Huey was happy for her. After that she considered a variation of the Josh incident, where she would purposefully date someone dangerous so the teen would have to come running to her rescue but she didn't like the idea of manipulating her best friend that much. Jazmine dated Huey's rivals, in academics or in sports.

However she soon discovered that the retired domestic terrorist wasn't the instigator of these rivalries and that it was always the other party accusing him of being their greatest competition. Huey couldn't care less about these pests.

He had a higher calling.

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That didn't mean that he didn't thoroughly cream the rivals whenever they challenged him, just that he didn't care about it the same way they did. Soon enough the two were graduating high school. Huey wanted to go straight to dedicating himself to political activism but Jazmine convinced him that he'd have a much more potent edge if he played by the white man's rules and went to college to earn a degree in higher education. They attended Brown University together. The mulatto woman pulled some strings so that their dorms would be in the same building, as close to each other as possible.

College turned out even better for Huey than imagined. The civil rights movement was so thoroughly embraced on the college campus that the man finally fit in. There were more people than just a redheaded mulatto willing to listen to him. Within the first term the African-American was already one of the biggest names of the civil rights movement on campus. He was a celebrity and the center of attention. He was receiving love letters and confessions from women and when he turned all of them down he got the same from men.

By the end of his freshman year, Huey was infamous for turning down anyone and everyone that approached him but it didn't stop people from approaching him.

Jazmine was burning with jealousy at all times.