Huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship problems

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huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship problems

In an effort to get over Huey she enters a relationship of her own, seeking closure . . "Because I remember a certain Huey Freeman swearing how he'd get over Jazmine this summer." . "What the hell is your problem?" Cindy. I think he like Jazmine I think 🤔 Just like in the series Huey and Riley have a pretty Granddad is rarely written in her stories which is why their full relationship As a teenager Huey has trouble letting go of Rosa (being that they spent so much Jazmine Dubios and Huey Freeman are the complete opposites of each other. Past and Future [Jazmine and Huey, The Boondocks love story] . This whole relationship thing was messing with Huey's head, that's all. Jazmine "If Tom eva find out ya'll done it, you'll be out on da street cuz I ain't gettin' in trouble fo dat .".

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It was later that day that she suddenly found flaws in Bobby. Admittedly his personality hadn't really been factored into the equation of their relationship to begin with, however the mixed-race girl was haunted by the realization of his character.

Namely that the blonde was a complete and utter wimp. Whenever he was confronted with a problem he just gave up. He'd whine a little but he did nothing to change the problem and half of the time he didn't understand the nature of his problems anyway. It was pathetic and made Jazmine unnecessarily frustrated with him. She broke up with him after class and spent the rest of the day sitting in front of the school with Huey, listening as he tried to right their corrupt world.

The redhead never told her friend that she broke up with her first boyfriend nor did she tell him why. The second time was in the eighth grade.

The mixed-race girl had tried to avoid the romantic aspect of her social life over the past two years instead trying to deepen her friendship with Huey while also making new friends in her middle school. However peer pressure inevitably caused her will to cave in as her clique never ceased to nag her about going out with a boy. She chose according to her new friends' decision. They thought she'd make a cute couple with a boy who tended to flirt with her in her English class, Tommy Robinson.

Tommy was redheaded and pale with freckles coating his face, arms, and upper torso much like the stars coated the night sky.

He was sweet although his gaze tended to wander. Admittedly Jazmine didn't have a problem with that as she wasn't exactly attached to this particular boyfriend. She was just dating him to date someone. Tommy and Jazmine would sit together in English class. He was constantly passing her notes full of jokes in poor taste and observations of the teacher's receding hairline.

This made it exceedingly hard to focus in class and soon enough her grade took a slight dive. On the other hand she sat with Huey in her Government class. Her friend was not only not interrupting her studies but participating so rigorously in the class that he'd taken over the teacher's role and had taught over half the classes himself.

In addition whenever the redhead was confused the boy was more than willing to tutor her and help her understand the body that governed so much of her life. She'd known so little of the world she was a part of and upon hearing some of this information she finally understood Huey. Jazmine knew very little but she'd become aware of a very upsetting problem and was filled with the urge to correct it. Huey was so full of information on the topic and understood it so much better than she did, the girl finally understood why it was the boy was so driven to change their world.

She'd always respected him but after this it evolved into a new type of respect- admiration. After Tommy passed a note to Jazmine during English comparing their teacher's nearing baldness to the stereotypical African American hairstyle, the mixed-race girl broke up with him. Big red letters over the pencil scrawlings of his note.

Immediately afterwards she requested to change seats. When asked why by her teacher the normally bubbly redhead responded that the boy had insulted her culture. That was close enough to the race card to cause the teacher to hurriedly move Tommy to the back of the classroom and replace the now empty space beside Jazmine with one of the only other people of color in class, an indian girl named Srija.

Jazmine's clique didn't give up for the rest of the eighth grade year and encouraged her to give dating another go.

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Each of the girls was in a relationship of varying intensity. It was strange for them to have a single friend. As they tried to push the redhead back into the game, Jazmine put more effort into understanding the social crises of her time.

She doubted that the inherent racism of the American society was the only problem for her to help fix. Research inspired Jazmine to become thoroughly entrenched in animal rights activism. For once she knew more about a subject than Huey and found that she loved to compare her fight to his. The retired domestic terrorist seemed to respect her more now that she'd found a purpose even if it wasn't the same as his.

The two attended rallies together for both civil and animal rights. Huey no longer hesitated to call Jazmine his best friend and that was the most gratifying experience for the teen. Ten pages of her diary were filled out the night he first admitted it aloud. The third instance occurred right around the end of her eighth grade year. This one Jazmine blames herself for the most.

His name was Jerome Casey and he was one of the few other African American kids in their school. He was pretty attractive and would flirt with her pretty frequently, although he admittedly flirted with a lot of girls pretty frequently.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship problems

Before she accepted his invitation to date she made sure to get Huey's advice on the decision. The mulatto girl remembered their conversation perfectly. She wasn't looking forward to them having to go their separate ways for their different classes. She glanced at him curiously. One of his rare smirks set her heart aflame. The mulatto girl was literally incapable of physically hurting her best friend.

Unfortunately that didn't mean she wasn't able to injure him in any manner as was proved a month later. The first month dating Jerome was quite pleasant. There were some rocky moments but the relationship was pretty solid in Jazmine's opinion. Occasionally her boyfriend would 'express concern' over how frequently she hung out with the 'crazy African 'fro dude' that was Huey. He doesn't like them attending so many rallies together but when she offered that Jerome come with them the teen responded that he was busy at that time without actually knowing when that time was.

Jerome was sweet on so many other occasions that the girl tried to not let that one thing bother her. The real problem didn't surface until one day when he suggested something while they were cuddling on her couch. I'm jus' sayin' you should try straightening yo hair.

I mean, it's just-" "You worried about what the crazy African 'fro dude will say? You can do what you want with it. It doesn't matter if you two don't have matching 'fros for a day or however long. If he's trying to tell you how to wear yo hair then it ain't yo hair anymore and he clearly don't respect you.

One day only and I'm only trying it out. The next day she woke up early to straighten her hair for school. However it quickly became apparent that she hadn't awoken early enough as she'd barely gotten half of her hair done when first period began. When she finished the girl examined her image in the mirror. Her auburn hair was surprisingly long when flat. The texture looked strange, almost plastic-y now that they'd been melted into shape.

Her head smelt burnt. She didn't know whether or not she liked it because, in spite of how uncomfortable she felt, how much it felt like she betrayed Huey, conforming to traditional standards of beauty made her feel good.

It was so comforting to fit in. Insecurities hid so neatly under the false image conveyed by her appearance. It was her hair and Huey didn't have the right to tell her what to do with it; this is what she told herself over and over as she walked to school.

Jazmine had the fortune to arrive during a passing period. Her straightened hair was surprisingly powerful. People looked her in the eye more readily and smiled more to her. The flirtation rate also rose considerably. None of this meant anything, however, when she noticed her best friend leaning against her locker. He must have heard that she was absent for the first couple periods. Steeling herself, the mulatto girl sucked in a deep breath and strode confidently towards him.

When he spotted her, his jaw slackened. The only other emotions could be seen in his surprisingly expressive eyes. Jazmine had learned to read those wine colored orbs like books over the years. First was shock, confusion, a slight hint of anger, but in the end of all that gave way to pain. She'd actually hurt him. Her worst fears were being realized.

It wasn't his hair. Suddenly Jazmine was angry that he would let something so- so insignificant hurt him. He was supposed to be stronger than this! How dare he be upset about her decision to straighten her hair. When she was close enough, the teen scooted out of the way while he kept his eyes downcast. She opened the locker and tried her hardest to conceal her anger. She glared into her locker as he kept speaking. You don't have to act so hurt that I'm not, I don't know, jumping headfirst onto your black power idealism or something.

Her chest tightened the same way it did when she watched one of those sad romance movies. Huey towered over her and the girl suddenly felt so small.

You straightening your hair is equivalent to me wearing a mink fur coat. The teen pondered his words. If her best friend had ever elected to wear any actual fur coat, mink or otherwise, she would've been furious.

It would've been the greatest insult to her beliefs. It would have undermined the respect that was so essential in their relationship. She technically didn't have the right to tell him how to dress but it would hurt if he chose to dress that way in spite of her wishes. It would've hurt so much. And she'd just done the exact same thing to him. Slamming her locker shut in frustration, Jazmine held back the tears.

It wasn't even her idea to do this. Speak of the devil, he was suddenly behind her. I told you this would be a good look for you. You're like Britney Spears, super hot. You should definitely wear it like this all the time. Catching sight of his broad shoulders towering high over the pale skinned crowd that filled the hallways, Jazmine called out to him.

He looked over his shoulder so that his wine colored eyes fell on her and she felt her heart skip a beat. I didn't realize how much this would hurt you," the gentleness in her eyes sent her heart soaring. His sharp eyebrows relaxed upwards just enough for her to see how relieved he was.

And God, if he wasn't her best friend, she didn't know what she'd do. There was simply no way for him not be her best friend and at the same time she almost wished something insane- something that could never be.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship problems

That summer she'd spent at a beach house timeshare her parents invested in. She'd wanted to invite the Freemans but her father thought it might be for the best if the destructive family keep it's distance from the rental property. Jazmine met a vacationing boy who was just so nice to her. They started out as friends but it eventually morphed into a summer fling. His name was Gerald Johansson. He was a sports buff, loved telling stories, and quite funny. He had a hi-top fade that would make Huey proud.

Jazmine almost wished the two could meet. The mulatto girl decided she'd never tell anyone in Woodcrest about her short romance with him. It seemed like he was in a similar state of mind. Both of them were in denial about something. Jazmine was pretty sure that Gerald had a girl he liked back where he was from but he'd yet to realize it. However what she was hiding from, the girl wasn't sure.

Near the end of the summer the two sat on the beach together, preparing to say their goodbyes. Anyway, want to tell me about the guy you're really in love with?

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship problems

I-I don't like anyone. What was his name, H-something? We aren't like that! You're clearly in love with the Asian girl you kept mentioning. I just think she's really cool and smart and nice and pre-" The two fell into silence. You think the world of that boy.

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He'd never look at me that way. Why was she about to cry? Jazmine was so confused. Was she really in love with Huey. If anyone has an uphill battle ahead of them, it's me. She's the smartest kid in our school- maybe our entire city. I'm just some idiot who knows how to tell a good story and throw a ball through a hoop. You've got to be the most charming guy I know. I mean, dey ain't even have no Weezy! That shit put me to sleep. Glancing over Caesar, Cindy, and Riley, she straightened.

Well, we all met her. But I mean, he met her and the awards were over, and she asked him if he liked health food. I mean, come on. Which is why i don't get how come he got a hot dog when he don't even like them for real-" "Caesar! So, he said yes and she invited him to try out this health food place with her Dat bitch was fine!

Granddad, Tom, and Jazmine's mom, Sarah, all stared at them, confusion written all over their faces. What's the big deal? Just gettin some food. I got the coupons! I ain't tryin to take all day! I was just playing- AH! Honey, let's go get the car. Meet you there, Robert? They got no reply other than the sound of granddad's belt whistling through the air and Riley's screams.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship problems

Caesar and Cindy exchanged nervous glances. You're never wrong," She spat before storming out the door as well. Caesar bolted after her. They're gone on one little date. Huey was just probably being nice! So they've got a couple things in common. Jumping up from her bed she ran over to the other side of her messy room, digging through the built up laundry on the floor until she reached her cell phone.

Grabbing it with an inhuman seeming speed she flipped it open, thrusting it up to her ear. Loud, deep, strong sobs that were pulsing from her best friend's throat as she cried her heart out on the phone.

Cindy let her eyes close, shaking her head. Cindy let out a soft groan, sitting down on the soft carpet and folding her legs underneath her. It's alright," She said in a soothing voice. Cindy sighed, feeling helpless. How could she tell Jazmine that Huey had liked her, but had just thought she didn't like him?

How could she convince Jazmine that this was all due to mis-communication? There was another loud sniffle in her ear. He and this Maya girl aren't going to last. Middle school flings never do, especially not summer ones.

You couldn't help it. I got an important call to make. It picked up on the third ring.

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I couldn't lie to her when she asked me-" "I don't mean that you blockhead! And stupid Huey for deciding to move on. And stupid Jazmine, for being too much of a wimp to tell him how she felt. Like I told Jazmine, it ain't gonna last. This chapter was kind of slow to me, but there's only as fast as it could go. I mean, it was a prologue chapter. They're usually more for explaining than action or whatever.

It's after midnight which makes it August 13th.

huey freeman and jazmine dubois relationship problems

Anyways, thanks for reading!