Husband and wife relationship in islam quotes science

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husband and wife relationship in islam quotes science

In Islam, marriage is not restricted to a platonic relationship between husband and wife, nor is it solely for procreation. The Islamic term for marriage, “nikah”. One way to be aware of what he likes in his wife is for the husband to make a list of a half dozen things he appreciates about her. Marriage experts recommend. quotes have been tagged as islam: Jalal Ad-Din Rumi: 'Knock, And He'll must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, . Knowledge Quotes k; Relationships Quotes k; Motivational Quotes 9k.

husband and wife relationship in islam quotes science

To stress on this fact, and then to talk about marriage in the same verse, is of great significance for those of us who are in the field of marriage counseling. A shift in this attitude of gender equality as human beings causes an imbalance in marital relationships leading to dysfunctional marriages.

Whenever one party considers that they are superior or above the law there is a power shift which may subsequently lead to misuse or abuse of that power. As a result, the less valuable partner is seen as an easy prey. Many marital difficulties are based on, or caused by, control and rule stratagem. By stressing on the equality of all humans, men or women, and making it the basis of marriage, Allah, in His Infinite Wisdom, has laid the ground rules for establishing peace.

He has assigned different roles to husband and wife as functional strategy, rather than as a question of competence as humans. Prophet Mohammad pbuh has stated that: This narration also brings home the fact that men and women are created from a single source.

Marriage in The Quran And Sunnah of The Prophet (S)

The objective of marriage, according to the above Quranic verses, is to enable us to dwell in peace and tranquility. It is important for us to reflect on these words and their significance in the Islamic frame of reference.

husband and wife relationship in islam quotes science

In order to have peace certain condition must be met. These prerequisites to peace are Justice, Fairness, Equity, Equality, and fulfillment of mutual rights.

Therefore any injustice whether it is oppression, or persecution, cannot be tolerated if there is to be peace in Muslim homes. In the domestic realm, oppression is manifested when the process of Shura consultation is compromised, neglected or ignored.

husband and wife relationship in islam quotes science

When one partner in most cases the husband makes unilateral decisions and applies a dictatorial style of leadership, peace is compromised. Persecution is present when there is any form of domestic abuse being perpetrated. Tranquility on the other hand is a state of being which is achieved when peace has been established.

Tranquility is compromised when there is tension, stress and anger. It is a mistake to take tranquility to mean perpetual state of bliss, since one can never be immune to tragedies and catastrophes. In fact God tells us repeatedly in the Quran that a believer will be tried and tested.

Why in Islam a Wife Has to Obey her Husband? | About Islam

However, a state of tranquility empowers one to handle difficult moments with their spouses as obedient servants of God. God, in His infinite Mercy, also provides us with the tools by which we can achieve this state of peace and tranquility.

husband and wife relationship in islam quotes science

The second principle on which Islamic family life is based is Rahma, meaning mercy. As mentioned in the above verse, God tells us that it is He that has placed mercy between the hearts of spouses. I am very happy to receive your questions. Subhan Allah, the first thing that came to my mind when I read your questions was an article I read recently on the Huffington Post by an non-Muslim woman arguing that Muslims are the True Feminists.

It shows how Islam and the lifestyle that Allah Almighty has planned for us essentially liberates women and gives them much power and control.

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You can take a look at the article if you will, it is quite an interesting read. We are the creations that are honored and chosen by Allah to bring life into this world. In-and-of itself, this is a sign of elevation and closeness that the woman has with The Creator, The King of kings, the Giver of Life. The noble Prophet says in a hadith: Allah, The Continuously Merciful.

So whosoever keeps good relations with it womb i. Kith and kinAllah will keep good relations with him, and whosoever will sever it i. Sunan Ibn Majah ] If she wishes to work and make her own money, she is allowed to do so as she pleases. But whatever money she makes is solely hers. She can do or buy whatever she wants with it.

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She is not asked or required in any way, shape or form to spend money on her family or her husband, and he is not allowed to ask her for her money. She is not obliged either by Islamic law to cook or clean in the house. But her husband, whatever money he makes, he has to maintain and spend on her! The noble ahadith are also replete with traditions narrated from the Prophet S and his immediate successors, some of which we present below. The Messenger of Allah S has said, "Of my tradition is to marry.

So then whoever turns away from my tradition Sunnah is not from me my nation. If such a foundation is built with love, honesty, sincerity and true faith in Allah SwT and all that He has commanded, then there is nothing that could destroy such a firm building.

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It has been narrated from Abi Abdillah that, "A man once came to my father. My father asked him, "Are you married? In this hadith, we are told that the Imam as would not even trade all the beauties and material treasures that exist in the world, if it means that he had to spend even one night alone! This may point to the fact that the evil whisperings of Shaitan may penetrate a single man or woman to go towards the prohibited and thus, contaminate his or her faith and belief.

In this there is evidence of the truth for the people who carefully think.

husband and wife relationship in islam quotes science