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indian ocean and atlantic meet wiki

Where the Indian and Atlantic oceans actually meet has been the spoons and bottles of ocean water - all emblazoned with the slogan, Sources: Wikipedia / / Capeinfo / SAHistory / Teatime Mag. Photos dubbed the place where two oceans meet have been making the water from glacial valleys and rivers pours into the open ocean. This is where two oceans meet – the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the warmer So where really do the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet?.

Cape Point is Where Two Oceans Meet: Cape Town South Africa

In the Arabian Sea the violent Monsoon brings rain to the Indian subcontinent. In the southern hemisphere, the winds are generally milder, but summer storms near Mauritius can be severe. When the monsoon winds change, cyclones sometimes strike the shores of the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal.

Long-term ocean temperature records show a rapid, continuous warming in the Indian Ocean, at about 0. The ocean's currents are mainly controlled by the monsoon.

Two large gyresone in the northern hemisphere flowing clockwise and one south of the equator moving anticlockwise including the Agulhas Current and Agulhas Return Currentconstitute the dominant flow pattern.

The oldest ocean floor of the Indian Ocean formed c.

indian ocean and atlantic meet wiki

The India—Asia collision c. As the youngest of the major oceans, [13] the Indian Ocean has active spreading ridges that are part of the worldwide system of mid-ocean ridges. The monsoonal wind forcing leads to a strong coastal and open ocean upwellingwhich introduces nutrients into the upper zones where sufficient light is available for photosynthesis and phytoplankton production.

indian ocean and atlantic meet wiki

These phytoplankton blooms support the marine ecosystem, as the base of the marine food web, and eventually the larger fish species. The Indian Ocean accounts for the second largest share of the most economically valuable tuna catch. The tuna catch rates have also declined abruptly during the past half century, mostly due to increased industrial fisheries, with the ocean warming adding further stress to the fish species.

Riding the southern Indian Ocean Gyrethis vortex of plastic garbage constantly circulates the ocean from Australia to Africa, down the Mozambique Channeland back to Australia in a period of six years, except for debris that get indefinitely stuck in the centre of the gyre. Over several millennia, however, the global system of garbage patches will accumulate in the North Pacific.

Agulhas Current

These new species were a "Hoff" crab, a "giant peltospirid" snail, a whelk-like snail, a limpet, a scaleworm and a polychaete worm. The Sumerians traded grain, pottery, and bitumen used for reed boats for copper, stone, timber, tin, dates, onions, and pearls. Albeit the monsoon must have been common knowledge in the Indian Ocean for centuries.

Returning ships brought gold and slaves.

indian ocean and atlantic meet wiki

The earliest known maritime trade between Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley c. Phoenicians of the late 3rd millennium BCE may have entered the area, but no settlements resulted.

indian ocean and atlantic meet wiki

The powerful monsoons also meant ships could easily sail west early in the season, then wait a few months and return eastwards.

The term " Aethiopian Ocean ", derived from Ancient Ethiopiawas applied to the Southern Atlantic as late as the midth century. Extent of the Atlantic Ocean according to the IHO definition, excluding Arctic and Antarctic regions The International Hydrographic Organization IHO defined the limits of the oceans and seas in[13] but some of these definitions have been revised since then and some are not used by various authorities, institutions, and countries, see for example the CIA World Factbook.

Correspondingly, the extent and number of oceans and seas varies.

Why don't the Atlantic and Pacific oceans mix - Gulf of Alaska where two oceans meet but do not mix

To the east, the boundaries of the ocean proper are Europe: In the southeast, the Atlantic merges into the Indian Ocean. Mid-Atlantic Ridge The MAR divides the Atlantic longitudinally into two halves, in each of which a series of basins are delimited by secondary, transverse ridges.

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The MAR is a barrier for bottom water, but at these two transform faults deep water currents can pass from one side to the other. While nine of these have collectively been nominated a World Heritage Site for their geological value, four of them are considered of "Outstanding Universal Value" based on their cultural and natural criteria: Continental shelves in the Atlantic are wide off Newfoundland, southern-most South America, and north-eastern Europe.

indian ocean and atlantic meet wiki

In the western Atlantic carbonate platforms dominate large areas, for example the Blake Plateau and Bermuda Rise.