Izaya and shizuo relationship quotes

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izaya and shizuo relationship quotes

Shizuo Heiwajima, the aforementioned bartender with inhuman strength, was chosen to represent Durarara!! in the crossover Fighting Game Dengeki Bunko. However I don't see their canon relationship as nothing more than hatred Especially Izaya to Shizuo and how Shizuo is the only one who can affect him. . Going back to Shinra's quote about Izaya – Izaya never denied it. Shizuo Heiwajima said: (Durarara!!) Look, you. All this talk about monsters that's what people have called me ever since I was a kid. I've snapped and lost sight.

This page is for the relationship between Izaya Orihara and Shizuo Heiwajima. From the second they first met in highschool, the two of them have been at each other's throats. Their constant battles have become common place in Ikebukuro to the point that even the police have long since given up trying to apprehend Shizuo for the destruction he causes simply because it happens so often.

The two of them are almost complete opposites of each other both physically and mentally. Where Izaya tends to use his superior agility and precise planning to get what he wants, Shizuo almost exclusively uses brute force to achieve his goals. While both methods have proven to be effective, Shizuo tends to leave a lot more destruction in his wake that causes problems for him in the long run.

While Shizuo frequently expresses a strong desire to murder Izaya in the most painful way possible, he is, ironically, the less aggressive of the two of them. This is pointed out by Shizuo himself in Volume 9 of the Light novels where he explains that while killing him would be rather satisfying, he would be perfectly content if Izaya simply stayed out of his life completely.

This is further evidenced by the fact that in almost all of their fights, it's Izaya who throws the first punch. Even when Shizuo is the one to attack first, it's usually because he believes that Izaya had provoked him in some way. Izaya hates Shizuo about as much as Shizuo hates him, although he is a lot better at controlling it out in the open.

izaya and shizuo relationship quotes

It's made clear that he doesn't even consider Shizuo human by his standards, considering him closer to that of an animal than anything else. As such, he gets extremely annoyed when Shizuo actually shows some sign of intelligence or maturity. It also seems that, between the two of them, Izaya appears to be the most fixated on their rivalry.

This is shown in that Izaya frequently goes out of his way to antagonize Shizuo in some way whether it be a simple prank or framing him for murder. Towards the end of volume 12, Izaya reveals a bit more about why he seems so fixated on Shizuo. Mikado meets with Namie Yagiri and demands she confess to her company's illegal activities, especially those concerning Seiji and the mysterious girl who is now revealed to be named Mika Harima.

Things reach their peak when Celty suddenly dives down from the rooftops and reveals her true nature to the city, taking down several of Namie's thugs in the process. Additionally, Seiji suddenly arrives and attempts to attack Mikado to force him to give back "Celty Mika ". Izaya finally steps in when it is revealed that the girl does not have Celty's head and that she had only been faking it to get Seiji's love.

Izaya comments that Seiji's love wasn't as strong as he thought it was as he wasn't able to tell the difference between the fake and the real thing. At the Dollars meeting.

Izaya observes the chaos from the Dollars meeting and invites Kyouhei Kadota, whom he calls Dotachin, over. Although Kyouhei gets mad at the use of his nickname, he accepts Izaya's question regarding the origin of the Dollars' name. He thought it stemmed from "give me all your dollars", but the real root is "dara dara", a term meaning 'to do nothing'.

Izaya then speaks with Mikado. The info broker is surprised at the turn out of the Dollars first ever group meeting. He understands Mikado's desire to move to Tokyo was to escape being "normal", but informs the student all the chaos of the big city will also become normal in a few months and that he would have to move to more underground activities to stay interested, but would soon get bored of that, too. Izaya decides not to charge Mikado for the favor and is soon chased off by Shizuo.

He comments on her situation, giving up all she had for her brother's love and having her company being bought out by Nebula.

He agrees to help keep her in hiding in exchange for Celty's head. He also reveals that he was the one who had been feeding information to Mika about Namie's actions which helped her keep out of Namie's grasp for so long revealing Izaya as the indirect cause to the entire incident. Although he is skeptical, Izaya remarks that he wishes to go to the afterlife and intends to use Celty's head as his key. Izaya theorizes that Dullahans are actually Valkyries fallen to earth and that the head will awaken once it is taken to a warzone to transport dead warriors to Valhalla.

Since Izaya has no access to a war himself, he resolves to start a war in the city, one that only he could win. He claims custody of the head, saying that Celty would never suspect it to be in the hands of the organization she is a part of. Saika Arc Izaya plays a relatively minor role in this arc. He is interviewed by Shuuji about Shizuo, and since he doesn't want to talk about Shizuo, he refers him to Celty instead.

Later, Shizuo accuses him of being behind the recent slasher attacks. Izaya calmly denies any involvement although Shizuo refuses to believe that. Before Shizuo can attack, Celty arrives, telling him the truth behind the slasher and the two of them ride off.

Izaya merely scoffs at Shizuo's attitude, expressing mild annoyance with his growing maturity. He later reveals to Namie that he was the one who sent Takashi to Anri's house that night and that Takashi took the money he laid out on the table as bait for Celty and that he intended to use him to blackmail Haruna before Anri intervened, admitting the real slasher making an appearance had been out of his calculations.

Izaya and Shingen discuss the matter of Celty's head with Shingen expressing interest in Izaya's theory about Dulluhan's actually being Valkyries. He gives Izaya a piece of advice in order to activate the head.

Instead of drawing Celty into someone else's war, Izaya should manipulate things so that Celty herself is the focal point of the conflict. Izaya remarks that he had already thought of the perfect way to do so, as Shingen leaves. As tensions rise between the dollars and the Yellow Scarves, Izaya continues to watch from the sidelines, feeding information to Masaomi, Mikado, and Horada in order to cause as much chaos within the two organizations as possible.

He had been using one member of the Yellow Scarves, Higaas a mole to report to him as the situation continued to worsen but it is revealed that Higa was also one of the slasher victims being controlled by Anri. Anri confronts Izaya about his actions, knowing he was behind not just the incident with the Yellow Scarves, but also with the slasher attacks as he was the one who gave Haruna Niekawa the information she needed to start her attempted invasion.

izaya and shizuo relationship quotes

The two fight briefly but Izaya gains the upper hand and escapes. As he leaves, he angrily declares to Saika that he is the only one who can love humanity and that he refuses to share them with a sword.

Not long after leaving, Izaya is eventually tracked down by Simon who punches and scolds him for manipulating the Raira students as he did. When he returns to his office, he notes that Horada had somehow obtained Mikado's Identity as the Dollar's founder, despite never giving him the info. He correctly realizes it was Namie's doing and expressing joy at so many unexpected developments in his plan despite it's apparent failure.

Hollywood Arc Izaya takes a back seat to the events that happen in arc.

Durarara!! (Light Novel) - TV Tropes

Due to the media uproar surrounding Celty and the bounty placed on her head, he tells Celty to say away from his office. He later tells Namie about his Sisters. He also tells the others in the chatroom about a 10 million yen reward that was put out for Celty by Jinnai Yodogiri and Max Sandshelt. Izaya contacts Shinichi Tsukumoya to fill him in on everything that transpired and is upset by the fact that so much happened without him getting involved.

As if to add insult to injury, Shinra and Celty invited almost the entire main cast over to their apartment for a hotpot party including his Sisters and Shizuo but neglected to invite him. He asks Namie if she wanted to have a hotpot party with him but she only brushes him off.

Akane Arc Izaya takes a much more active role in the following arc than the previous one.

Izaya and Shizuo

He first manipulates Akane Awakusu into attacking Shizuo knowing full well that Akane would mention his name. When Shizuo storms off to Izaya's office, Izaya simply leaves a crudely written note that he switched to a different building. Shizuo rushes off to Izaya's new "office" only to find several dead bodies strewn across the floor. The room is revealed to be one of the many offices of the Awakusu and one of it's members sees Shizuo standing over the bodies of his colleagues.

This prompts the Awakusu to hunt Shizuo down mercilessly while Izaya watched the fireworks. To his surprise, Shizuo doesn't fight back when the Awakusu confront him and simply runs away. Izaya expected Shizuo to fight back in full force and is a little annoyed at how Shizuo was able to anticipate that a violent reaction would only make him look even more guilty than he already was. While Kida is out of the city and away from the chatroom he hacks into Masaomi's account and impersonates him on the chatroom to manipulate Mikado similar to how he manipulated Masaomi during the Yellow Scarves incident.

Dollars and Blue Squares Arc After Akane is saved and the attacks on Dollars have stopped, Izaya suspects that the Awakusu will probably start looking for him if Akane tells them his name. He leaves Ikebukuro for a while to follow another lead on Yodogiri but gets a phone call from a private number. His caller passively aggressively taunts him, calling Izaya a horrible information broker due to how obvious it is to spot him in a crowd.

Just as Izaya realized that the voice is coming from behind him and not just his phone, he feels a knife being thrust deep into his chest by none other than Jinnai Yodogiri himself.

Yodogiri states that this is punishment for interfering with his plans. He also states that Izaya should learn his place saying that while he is a god in Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, he is little more than an ant on the grand scale of things. Yodogiri leaves Izaya bleeding on the sidewalk as he walks away.

Izaya tries to call Namie but passes out before he can reach his phone. Daily Life Arc Izaya is recovering in his hospital bed. He pesters Shinra by calling him due to boredom but gets brushed off each time.

O n e M o r e N i g h t [Izaya x Shizuo]

As the days go by, he goes into a state of disillusionment and begins to wonder who will come to finish him off. He suspects either Shizuo or the Awakusu to come busting in to strangle him but instead finds a girl named Manami Mamiya who he doesn't recognize.

Manami with a knife in her hand states that Izaya tricked her into "dying" with him several months ago but left her unconscious in a park somewhere. She wanted to see what a man like him was like when faced with death and found him after she saw a report about his stabbing on the news. Despite being severely injured, Izaya still overpowers her and successfully evades her attack, causing her to slash open the pillow under his head.

Izaya is initially perplexed but soon starts laughing hysterically, recovering from his state of disillusionment. He thanks Manami repeatedly for "exceeding his expectations", amazed at how someone so insignificant would harbor such an intense hatred of him that it would last for over a year and prompt her to look for him.

With his love for humans being revitalized, Izaya disappears from the hospital room along with Manami to proceed to his next plan. Adabashi Arc From left to right: Namie mocks Izaya as she watches him converse with himself in the chatroom by using two accounts Nakura on his left and Chrome on his right.

Izaya notices her watching him and states that she must think it's strange of him to talk to himself. He explains that by doing this, he could easily manipulate another's opinion of him. Namie gives back some sarcastic comments regarding his lack of sociability, pointing out he is just a loner with no friends. Izaya laughs and asks her if she did not consider 'everyone else' in his apartment his friend, revealing a group of people he had gathered. A collective of grudges for various reasons against the Dollars.

Namie Yagiri Ran Izumii: He states that he is only there to kill Kyouhei and his gang along with Aoba and Izaya himself. However, he states that he'll work with Izaya for now to get to the others on his list.

An acquaintance of Izaya's from highschool. During that time, she was one of several girls who worshiped Izaya in an almost cult-like fashion. Her exact feelings towards him now are unclear but Izaya speculates that she hates him due to the fact that he got Mikage involved in an incident that forced her to drop out of high school.

She and her brother are also the martial arts teacher of Mairu and Kururi. She wants revenge on Anri as well as the location of Takashi Nasujima. Izaya has promised her both. He isn't there by choice but was ordered to keep tabs on Izaya for the Awakusu. A former member of the Awakusu. He first met Izaya after stopping one of his and Shizuo's many fights during high school and was responsible for jump starting Izaya's early career as an information broker.

A semi-large gang that have remained under the radar until recently. They operate as body guards for Izaya in case Yodogiri decides he wants to finish Izaya off. Izaya also officially leaves the chat room as Kanra and takes up a new alias in the form of Chrome. Dragon Zombie Arc Izaya is tasked by the Awakusu to gather information on two groups.

The first group is " Amphisbaena " which is running some kind of illegal gambling parlor in Awakusu's territory. The second is an unnamed group which is distributing a dangerous drug called " Heaven's Slave " also in Awakusu's territory.

Izaya accepts the job and is dropped off by Shiki at Rakuei Gym. Aware it is an attempt to see if Akane recognizes Izaya and if he is the person to convince Akane to run from home, Izaya manages to feign innocence and walk away without trouble. Soon after he is attacked by his sister Mairu and Eijirou but manages to slip away when Mikage intervenes.

Later that night, he messages Celty to ask her for a favor. Izaya tasks the courier to protect his sisters for the next couple of days. He also gives Celty a laptop which she is supposed to keep safe until tomorrow. Celty is visibly shocked at how Izaya is actually showing concern for his family but quickly accepts.

Izaya continues his job but is quickly captured by "Amphisbaena. When questioned about how he found them, he stated that he and his men stolen a laptop from the headless rider that contained Izaya's research into Amphisbaena and the whereabouts to this gambling parlor.

Both of them are interrupted by a phone call to Earthworm. The man on the other end of the phone claims to be the real Izaya which throws Earthworm and Shijima into a state of confusion. The "Izaya" on the phone implies that the man tied up on the chair is not Izaya but really the boss of "Amphisbaena. Before Shijima and Earthworm can say anything, the door to the parlor is busted down and the room is invaded by several individuals in leather jackets.

Izaya Orihara

Izaya shakes the ropes loose and joins the Dragon Zombie members standing next to the door. Afterwards, Izumii with a cell phone in his hand and Mikage Sharaku enter the room as well. Shijima orders his men to attack but they are all easily dispatched by Mikage's fists. Earthworm also orders her subordinates to attack but they simply do nothing but stand there and stare with glowing red eyes. Earthworm attempts to kill Izaya with two broken bottles but Izumii easily incapacitates her.

Afterwards, Izaya persuades Shijima to join forces with him. In return for providing the dollars information network, Shijima would provide financial backing as well. Outside the gambling parlor, Izaya meets up with Haruna Niekawa and compliments her on getting control of Earthworm's subordinates.

He then orders her to take control of Earthworm as well promising to let her see Mr. Nasujima if she does. Izaya separates from the rest of the group and calls Nakura, informing him he had nearly become a target of the Awakusu-kai. It is soon revealed that the two of them founded Amphisbaena in their senior year of high school, which was an extension of the baseball betting club they created in middle school.

On top of this, they had also created an underground club for legal drugs after they had graduated from college. Izaya goes on to explain how Earthworm had taken over Amphisbaena and greatly expanded its gambling operations in Awakusu-kai territory.

Not only this, but Shijima had taken over their legal drug club, which became Heaven's Slave, and started manufacturing illegal drugs. Nakura is horrified to hear Earthworm and Shijima were doing these things in his name, but Izaya assures him there is no need to worry—even if things do take a turn for the worse, Shinra can always change Nakura's face again.

Some time later, as he heads home, Izaya reflects on Celty's comment about his showing concern for his family but quickly disregards it. He knew Celty would get suspicious about the laptop so he asked her to keep an eye on his sisters as a way to keep Celty busy. He also reflects on his feelings towards Shinra, who may be the only person Izaya actually considers a friend.

izaya and shizuo relationship quotes

In his flashback of that middle school incident, where Shinra laid on the floor bleeding, what Izaya had felt was envy and defeat. At the prospect of losing the only person Izaya calls a friend, Izaya begins to laugh hysterically only to suddenly stop and punch a nearby lamp post, bruising his hand in the process. Before he can elaborate more on his feelings, Izaya's sisters spot him and call out to him. Izaya puts on his usual smile as his sisters thank him for asking Celty to protect them.

Izaya simply shrugs as the three of them walk back to his apartment. Kadota's Coma Arc Izaya runs into Vorona while on his way back from a job he did. Vorona recognizes him as one of Shizuo's enemies and attacks.

A brief fight ensues before being interrupted by Slon who is acting as Izaya's bodyguard. Slon remarks that Vorona had gone soft due to her time in the city but Izaya says that she has only gotten more focused, specifically on Shizuo. He states that Shizuo has become the only target that could satisfy Vorona's desire for battle.

After taking his leave, Vorona voices her agreement with Shizuo that Izaya is little more than a flea.