Jai courtney and emilia clarke relationship quizzes

'Terminator: Genisys' Star Emilia Clarke on Becoming Sarah Connor

jai courtney and emilia clarke relationship quizzes

Emilia Clarke Emilia Clarke Tattoo Weekly has unveiled two new covers featuring Emilia Clark as Sarah Conner, Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese, Jason Clarke as. "Suicide Squad" Stars Margot Robbie And Jai Courtney Are So Damn Aussie. Jai now has a Emilia Clarke Can Do A Perfect Valley Girl Impression. More like. Quizzes · Lists · Gossip · Next Article. Farrah Abraham Slammed for Emilia Clarke Boyfriends: Everyone the 'Game of Thrones' Actress Has Dated watched Daenerys Targaryen go through a few relationships on the Clarke reportedly dated her Terminator Genisys co-star Jai Courtney after meeting on.

jai courtney and emilia clarke relationship quizzes

Whatever the motivations, film fans have to thank the creators of these wonderful characters, because we wouldn't have the suspense or intrigue that we enjoy so much. So without further ado, test your villainous knowledge by seeing: Vincent Price Sonny Corleone Tony Soprano The singular prominent villain in the first and second entries to what are possible the two greatest films ever made, this character keeps audiences on the edge of their seat, begging never to run into a man like this in their life.

A dream travelling killer that tends to focus on teens, this character was originally a pun-spewing cheesy killer that STILL managed to strike fear in his victims, and audiences alike.

Lead by an incredible performance by Anthony Perkins, this psychological drama explores the life of a young woman who steals a substantial amount of money and flees the big city to start her life over.

Lord Voldemort Ron Weasley Professor Dumbledore The Harry Potter series was a groundbreaking phenomenon that appealed to both children and adults, spanned seven novels and eight films, and was a series that was constantly redefined by the directors that handled the material.

When it was announced that the popular books would be made into a series of films, one of the biggest questions aside from who would play Harry, Ron, and Hermione was who would play the infamous villain. Ralph Fiennes was able to capture that hatred quite well, and he helped to make those films as memorable as they are. Originally introduced in the introduction to the original Star Wars film, this villain has appeared in some way or another seven out of the eight Star Wars films.

He also has one of the greatest villain arcs in film history, which is aided by his involvement in an entire original trilogy of films. Hal The Terminator Skynet Some consider The film is able to captivate its audience with very little dialogue, and the images that Kubrick is able to instill in almost every frame are breathtaking and memorable.

jai courtney and emilia clarke relationship quizzes

And within all that beauty and atmosphere, Kubrick was able to introduce the world to a cold, methodical, and original villain. Jack Torrance It The Man In Black Possible the most terrifying villain on this list, this character has no special powers, no mass of wealth, and no armory of weapons at her disposal.

When Bates ends up crippling James Caan by striking his ankles with a sledgehammer is infamous in the film community, but the real tragedy of the character is the sympathy that Bates is able to show with her subtle and powerful performance. Eccentric villains will appear multiple times throughout this list, as it seems commonplace for madness to be represented by theatricality, but this villain was able to distinguish himself from the pack.

The Mummy Frankenstein's Monster Dracula Those taking this quiz will have to be extra careful when answering this question, because there is truly only one correct answer, that has seemingly been misconstrued by popular culture for decades. This villain joins the likes of Dracula as one of the most prominent villains that owned cinema screens for a time. Created by a genius scientist, this character was born to spite God and his ability to create life.

Unfortunately not everyone at the time was able to see the character for its wonderful potential, and the innocent creation was chased and burned to death. Such an unfortunate end for such a captivating character.

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Waltz is able to demonstrate a control over the situation that few actors would be able to pull off, let alone in the intro to a Tarantino flick. The villain is constantly watching Dorothy as she makes the jump to the magical land of Oz, and her threats are made even more threatening with the discovery of her large army of flying monkeys. He had a villainous gravitas that was unmatched by anyone working at the time, and generally, he was the wildcard of the film.

At any moment he could go from completely calm to outraged, and it would always be without notice. Apart from the magical sauce making scene, and a few comedic moments here and there, Goodfellas is an intense drama that centers around a crime family and its affiliates. They can put out hysterical comedies, and in the next few years put out one of the most intense thrillers of the decade.

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jai courtney and emilia clarke relationship quizzes