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Janina Miller San Miguel (born November 14, ) is a Filipino beauty She gained notoriety for her performance in the pageant's question and answer portion, [4] Rodner Figueroa is in a relationship with Ernesto Mathies and publicly .. Dub (Divina Ursula Bokbokova Smash, a playful reverse-acronym of Dubsmash). Janina Miller San Miguel (born November 14, ) is a Filipino beauty queen who was crowned Binibining Pilipinas World at the Binibining Pilipinas Froilan Paloso - Janina San Miguel (MY PAHMILY) by Charmaine Joyce Almenie matmat matrica mae centino in her fabolous answer! about what main problem in our society today! miss q and a! ▷ 9 Yaya Dub Maine Mendoza Dubsmash Queen - Compilation . Miss Universe Philippines | Question & Answer.

Pulis Pangkalawakan as one of the main villains of the show the other being Jay Manalo. He plays Ida, the transvestite grandson of Kuuma Le-ar. The role of Ida of Zaido paved his way on becoming a household name in primetime television. Pulis Pankalawakan, he returned to Eat Bulaga! Unlike his previous gay roles where his characterizations were described as "campy" by some critics, his role in that particular episode as a vengeful transvestite half-brother of Barretto drew rave reviews.

In the later part ofPaolo unofficially formed a comic trio with Eat Bulaga!

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In this segment, Paolo and his co-hosts visit different barangays and give various gifts in cash and kind to the lucky homeviewers. Later inBallesteros won Eat Bulaga! He also joined the cast of I Heart You, Pare! Paolo portrayed the role of Vodka, a drag queen.

Vodka was the star performer of Club Love and Tonette's played by Regine Velasquez biggest rival among the club's gay performers. To this date, he is kept busy with his hosting job in Eat Bulaga!

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However, in Marchhe was reportedly suspended from Eat Bulaga! Ballesteros returned to Eat Bulaga!

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Impersonation and makeup transformation Ballesteros is renowned for his various impersonation of female and male artists and has earned international acclaim for his makeup skills. Janina, how are you? Alright, so you won two of the major awards - Best in Long Gown, Best in Swimsuit, do you feel any pressure right now? No, I don't feel any pressure right now.

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Please choose a name of the judge. We have Miss Vivienne Tan. The question is, what role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilinas? Well, my family's role for me is so important b'coz there was the wa- they're, they was the one who's Oh I'm so sorry, Ahhmm Pwede ka magtagalog,ok lang Ok, I'm so sorry Hahahaha, Ahmmm, Sorry guys because this was really my first pageant ever b'coz I'm only 17 years old and ahahaha I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the taf What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.

I weigh in on some of the shenanigans you left in the comment box of my last two vids. I have been trying to get over a flu for the last couple days. Thankfully, it seems the worst has passed just in time for Halloween. So I decided to squeeze in a quick vlog. Next vlogs coming up: Oh and if you want to spend your Halloween Night with me, I'll be livestreaming on Blued Oct 31st 11pm.

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But long as I have a working internet connection, I'll be there close to And feel to drop more questions in the comment box. I'll get to em eventually. I'll be here for you. As much as I can be. Yes, you're loved and I dont care how weird that sounds. Using the application, users can choose an audio recording of a well known quote from a list and record a video of themselves in which they dub the quote.

She is the youngest daughter of former Philippine senator Benigno S. Her first movie was Pido Dida: Sabay Tayo, which earned her the status of 'box office queen', as did her films Feng Shui and So Her movie Sukob was the highest-grossing Filipino film of The Kris Aquino Magazine.

In DecemberAquino showcased her own home collection called K Everyday. Credits to Aina Amarante who is in the video.