Jeet and koel relationship problems

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jeet and koel relationship problems

Before Dui Prithibi, it was more of a senior-junior relationship, the bond had to edit out some of my scenes for the sake of the film, I had no issues. Whose chemistry do you think is better in the film — Dev-Jeet or Jeet-Koel?. Koel, your costumes in % Love (produced by Shree Venkatesh Films or films based on different kinds of relationships, like Satyajit Ray's. Early life and education Koel was born in Kolkata to Bengali film actor Nater Guru, which has Jeet in the male lead, sees Mallick playing the role [10] They had been in a relationship for seven years before that, but both Rahul challenges his friends that he would make her fall in love within few days.

The two are seated on the sidelines of the set, waiting for choreographer Baba Yadav to steer their moves after a brief discussion with director Ravi Kinnagi.

The hustle and the bustle is in stark contrast to the quiet outside. Is there a role you would love to play sometime? There are so many roles that I would love to do because as an artiste I am very hungry How would you rate yourself as an actress on a scale of 10? Thinks hard Maybe a six. Because I am yet to learn a lot of things.

jeet and koel relationship problems

Do you like yourself on screen? Laughs You want me to be honest? I wanted to say bye-bye to everybody! After watching the film, I felt I was pathetic. And in your recent films? I am never satisfied when I see myself on screen. Please go and ask the producers and directors because they are the ones who choose my co-actors.

I have worked with all the actors here. I am working with Soham too. Who is more fun to work with — Jeet or Dev? They are very different people except for the fact that they are both very sincere and hard-working.

I have worked with Jeet in many films. Interestingly, people loved me being paired with both. When they go to see our film, they should not feel that two strangers came, romanced in front of the camera and left.

They should feel that these two people are together, they are a strong couple. People like the JeeKo chemistry, a term introduced by t2 first! I am committed to my work!

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For the first time and I like it so much! You are also a co-producer of the film. Why did you team up with Shree Venkatesh Films? I have just started out as a producer. In Paglu, I play Dev, who is an orphan and lives in a bustee.

He goes to college and falls in love with Rimi Koelwho studies in another college. She is a no-nonsense girl from a rich family in America. Her father is a politician there. Yet Dev is head over heels in love and tries to convince her till one day she leaves for America. Her father Rajatava Dutta tells Dev to stay away from her but he swears that he would marry his daughter some day.


Yes, you can say that it has some resemblance with Challenge. But only the father-lover face-off, the rest is different I learnt Nunchaku martial art for the film. This form needs you to fight with two sticks tied with a chain. I had hired two experts from Dunlop who taught me Nunchaku. There are two fight sequences in the film where I do Nunchaku. I have tried to do my best. Of your 12 films, which character do you identify with the most?

I loved my role in Dui Prithibi — Shibu, the thief. It was different and performance-oriented.

jeet and koel relationship problems

I am also emotionally attached to my role in my first film I Love You, where I played lover-boy Rahul. I play Jitu, a Casanova. He is wild but he changes for the better in the last minutes of the film. I can identify with the changed Jitu. The way he behaves with his mother and his father is very close to what I am in real life. Before Dui Prithibi, it was more of a senior-junior relationship, the bond was missing.

We had a gruelling day schedule in Purulia and there were no other co-stars. What do you like best about each other? Dev is very hard-working and a thorough professional. Dada is humble and sweet. What do you play in Dui Prithibi? And then he falls in love with a girl played by Koel and the rest of the film is about his search for her. I play a thief who steals motorbikes. Dui Prithibi is a journey of these two characters. I have really worked very hard for this film.

I did not take up any other film because I was growing a beard for it. Were there any apprehensions about sharing screen space with another hero? I have also done films where my heroines had meatier roles than mine. So why would there be any apprehensions? Sometimes, you have to think about the larger interest, which is of the audience. Dui Prithibi is a gift to the fans of Jeet and Dev.

This kind of two-hero film should happen more often in the industry. I would like to work with Bumbada Prosenjit some day.