Jemma and fitz relationship counseling

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jemma and fitz relationship counseling

of Research and Development, finds Melinda playing relationship counselor for the exec, As they grow up, Fitz and his best friend Jemma Simmons, daughter of a but perhaps there is more to their relationship than either of them realize. Skye said when she had finally drawn Jemma's attention away from He betrayed us and he dropped Fitz and I from a plane above the "Our team is trying to convince me to go back and get a degree in relationship therapy. ❝Leopold Fitz, meet your new partner, Jemma Simmons. . Here is a little fanfic about Fitzsimmons' accident and their relationship after it this is my first fanfic, so if anyone actually . Fitzsimmons work as counselors at a summer camp.

He looked up at her, surprised.

jemma and fitz relationship counseling

She wanted to see them get together but understood Skye's hesitation. I know something must be going on, but what?

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Sarcastic, funny, happy, curious, excitable, flirty even. It was a look of pure adoration and, well, love, though Jemma found it hard to comprehend as they'd only know each other for a fairly short amount of time.

I want to be with her.

jemma and fitz relationship counseling

Even if we just went back to being friends it would be okay, but every time I try to ask her to do something outside of work. She said as much when we talked earlier. She wasn't really sure why she was pushing you away, but I get it. Jemma took that as permission to continue. He had only seen her afraid of one thing and that was her power.

He couldn't think of any reason for her to be afraid of him. He betrayed us and he dropped Fitz and I from a plane above the ocean. Fitz still struggles occasionally from the resulting brain damage.


Unlike her, he sold information to Hydra under the guise of Project Centipede which led to a man being captured, imprisoned, experimented on, tortured, and eventually killed. He had to admit he wouldn't be eager to date again after those happenings. Is there anything I can do to help her? When she's ready to put herself out there again, she'll come to you. I don't think it'll be too long, but, just. Fitz went into the room where Jemma still sat.

Coulson and Mace are by far the most well-adjusted, but even they have more darkness in their eyes than any person should have to hold. Jemma would love this. Well, perhaps she would question the efficacy of writing journal entries for a psychiatrist, but she would still be determined to write the best journal any psychiatrist had ever read. Do you actually read these? The thing is, where do I start?

Where exactly in the DSM-5 does it describe the condition of having your consciousness uploaded into another world that turns you into a monster who tortures friends and murders innocent people? I actually bought a new journal for this. I had one, before. The doctors thought it might help after my recovery from the whole near-drowning thing.

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So, new journal for a new me. Welcome to my hell. In a way, his picture had been more responsive. When they accidentally make eye contact, it feels like begging for his life and watching him murder a woman in cold blood all over again. I see him killing Agnes and the way he looked at me in the Framework. Oh, actually, yeah, it was for my last counseling appointment. I should probably take a shower. I wonder if this is a side effect of time spent in the Framework.

Just bone-achingly tired and numb. She confesses this to Daisy, who laughs and agrees before turning thoughtful. She changes the subject and asks Daisy about her experience with the rest of the team. Daisy is the only person she feels she can talk openly with—of course they both have their Framework-related traumas, but they were also the only ones to understand from the beginning the truth of that world.

Well, not laugh, but it was a solid chuckle. She perhaps should not be drinking at this time of day, but thinking hurts so much. Alcohol-induced haziness is such a relief. Daisy drums her fingers against her bottle as she sits down at the counter. She feels constantly dehydrated. He deserves his privacy. I think this is his version of that. Last night, I woke up at 4 am and was so bloody hungry I had to get dressed and grab something from the kitchen. I found her sleeping on the couch, still holding onto her latest research findings.

I miss touching her. We always had a tactile friendship with no regard for personal space. It feels worse than dying.

Once, she was terrified to tell him about Will. How then, can she confess to stabbing someone with his face and a mapping of his brain?

jemma and fitz relationship counseling

It felt good, actually. Everyone is trying to reassure me. And it felt really good to finally have that out in the open. Information gathering on the Watchdogs. Probably May should have gone in her place, but May is still recovering.

jemma and fitz relationship counseling

On her optimistic days, Jemma thinks she actually is recovering. She saw her doing taiji the other morning and it filled her own body with a modicum of peace. Jemma closes her eyes and concentrates on breathing. What can go wrong, she thinks. She knows this is a dangerous question to put out into the cosmos, but what she really means is: Mack clears his throat and Daisy and Jemma look up at him. They had chosen seats right next to each other—they find it particularly difficult to be apart now.

Mack is across from them and he meets their eyes, fiercely and bravely. Beside her, Daisy shifts in her seat, clutching the harness with white hands. Daisy is not afraid of flying. Mack tilts his head, considering his answer thoughtfully. I lost my faith for a long time. And now I know, in a way. And then he looks directly at Jemma and her whole body stills. My main goal is to shower at least twice a week. Sometimes I stay in there so long the water turns cold.

Jemma came in that time, turned the water off, wrapped a towel around me, and dragged me back to bed. She was so gentle with me. Then she held me—she actually held me—and I cried.

She cried so much I wondered if we were still in the shower.

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When I woke up, she was gone. Scully agreed it was a good idea. She thought the early-morning meditation and physical work could help her get out of her own head a bit. After a few days, Daisy joins them. None of them speak. It might be a placebo effect, but Jemma does think it helps her mood a bit.

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But mostly the early-morning calm of quiet movement with two women she loves with her whole heart feels like healing. A week after Daisy starts practicing with them, she loses her balance and topples over spectacularly, knocking Jemma to the ground like a human domino. She makes Fitz a plate of pancakes, just how he likes it. She arranges the pancakes on the plate just so and carefully drizzles the exact right amount of syrup over the top.

She sets the plate down on the nightstand nearest him and gently runs a finger along his brow until he opens his eyes blearily.

jemma and fitz relationship counseling

This close to sleep he is unguarded, and his pale blue eyes looking up at her cause something akin to happiness to bubble up within her. I brought you some. She contemplates kissing him. She wants to feel his skin against her lips so badly, but instead she runs her fingers through his hair lightly and leaves.

He stands at the doorway while she strips the bed, looking entirely lost. In the rec room, Mack and Daisy are playing a video game while YoYo watches, and Fitz freezes at the sight. Everyone looks up as if on command, and Jemma thinks Fitz probably would run if he had any real strength.

Daisy scoots closer to Mack on the couch and pats the spot next to her. Mack is searching through the channels and they all try not to notice how inappropriate every choice seems.

No dystopian movies of any kind. No feel good movies about parents. No, definitely not that mad scientist movie. Finally, he settles on an animal planet documentary about chimpanzees in Uganda. Jemma smiles at Mack in appreciation when she comes back with the popcorn. There has never existed a Fitz depressed enough to not want to watch primates. But twenty minutes later, a red colobus monkey unwittingly wanders into the area and the chimpanzees descend upon it with frightening speed.

Thankfully, the documentary spares them most of the gore, and Mack finally switches channels. Fitz stands up abruptly and there are tears shimmering on his cheeks.

He wipes at his eyes with his sleeve and gestures behind him. Which you actually never say, but you could. Every day I wake up hating myself.