Jett williams and hank jr relationship advice

jett williams and hank jr relationship advice

Free Initial Consultation: During this period Williams had a brief relationship with a woman later Bobbie Jett gave birth to a little girl; Hank Williams' daughter. Williams' other child, the equally famous Hank Williams Jr. The life of country star Hank Williams is featured in movie released this month. Lycretia from a previous relationship, and their son Hank Jr. But the . Deupree – now known as Jett Williams – did not find out her true identity until the s. .. Ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham, 44, gets fashion advice from. With conclusive proof of her famous connection, a court ruled in that Denial: Hank Williams Jr. (left) was reluctant to accept Jett Williams.

And despite his substance abuse issues, Williams apparently had no intention of being a dead-beat dad to this child, later to be named Jett Williams. In fact, months earlier he had signed a pre-birth custody agreement that gave him full custody of his daughter. However, when she died in the young girl was made a ward of the state of Alabama and subsequently adopted by new parents who renamed her.

The child grew up knowing she was adopted but not knowing who her real parents were. After hearing numerous rumors suggesting she might be related to Williams, the girl, now a young woman, went to great lengths to discover her origins, often facing defeat as the records were under seal. It was not until the early s that she finally learned who her biological parents were and discovered that Williams had executed the pre-birth custody agreement.

In she hired an investigative attorney who she later married who was successful in accessing her sealed records to prove her as the daughter of Hank Williams. Because Williams died without a will, Jett Williams had to take her case to the courts again. In the Alabama State Court ruled that she was the daughter of Hank Williams and in the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that she was entitled to her half-share in the Williams estate.

After six years and many thousands of dollars in legal fees, Jett was finally treated as a natural child and rightful heir of Hank Williams. In those days, there was this unbelievable amount of music out there for broadcast on discs, and today, everyone backs off of ownership claims. For instance, there are all those gray area NBC broadcasts. At a certain point in time, they would probably revert back to the artist just like these because what that artist agreed to was a one time broadcast, not for an NBC to repackage it and put it out years later.

What everyone was agreeing to, at that point in time, was just for a live broadcast, and that was it.

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No one, at that time, really had the capability to duplicate it because even if they could, people in the United States couldn't even buy a television, let alone some high priced thing to play a piece of tape on.

Because of its historical importance, there must be some high expectations for this box set. There are high expectations because I think Time Life has done such a superb job of putting the presentation together. Also, as I said, there are one-hundred forty-three songs that have never been released before.

Never before, and never again, I would venture to say, will anything of this magnitude happen again in the music world. Right, and Hank Williams is such an important figure in American culture, as well as being a country music icon. Actually, part of this box set is what the committee heard, and they honored him for his craftsmanship as a songwriter that made country music a major force in music, and also a cultural force in our everyday life.

Jett, may I ask you a personal question delicately? Can you describe how you fit into the Hank Williams dynasty? Where I fit in the Hank Williams family tradition and dynasty is as his daughter and co-owner of the estate of my father, and also as the executive producer of this box set, I have been given the privilege to stand in his stead and try to make decisions for his memory, his music, and his legacy that, if he were alive today, he would say, "That's the way I want it done.

Sure, I'm excited about this. Earlier you mentioned working to handle the legalities with your brother, and I have read that initially, he wasn't very open to having a relationship with you. I was wondering what kind of relationship you have with him now, and how was that established? When I first started, of course, we ended up suing each other along with all of the publishers.

I won that lawsuit, Hank Jr.

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We co-owned the estate, and actually, the box set has brought us closer together. When you read the book, he does the forward, I do the afterward, and, in fact, just last week, we both signed several of the box sets to go to charities. So, you can actually get a box set co-signed by Hank Jr.

One thing that we both have agreed on is that we are going to put our dad's memory and music first, and that we would get along. What are some of the charities?

jett williams and hank jr relationship advice

That I don't know because they are yet to be determined. I think we signed about ten, and some of them are going to go to promotion and things like that. But we're also both going to keep a couple just to have something that we're both very proud of for the estate to be able to auction for a worthy cause. Speaking of worthy causes, has anyone thought about pitching the box to the Grammy Awards this year?

Truth be known, yes. There are a couple of other great box sets that have been released, so I think it's going to be some stiff competition.

But one of the advantages we have is that this is unreleased material, as opposed to a box set just repackaging what has already been done.

jett williams and hank jr relationship advice

You've got to think that with a Hank Williams project including one-hundred forty-three songs that have never been released before, you've got a pretty good shot. Also, I think Time Life has raised the bar on the packaging. As opposed to just a box set with a book and some CDs, here you get a '51 radio, fifteen CDs, a DVD, a book, and a map of where he was when these were broadcast.

jett williams and hank jr relationship advice

There's a lot of detail and love in this box, and it's much more than just a box set. Where was he when these were broadcast? What kinds of venues? It was in seventy-two different cities. When you get the box set, you can open up the map and find out where each show was done. We have more questions from the class. I am from Germany, so I haven't heard of your dad before.

What is your favorite song by your father, and what songs would you recommend I listen to of your father's if I really want to know his music? Well, you said you were from Germany, right? Actually, my dad went to Germany in the late '40s for the USO, and I've had the honor of going to Germany and performing. I don't care who you are or where you're from, your heart breaks like mine, and if you hear that song you might hear a little bit of home sickness too.

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I recently inherited my father's vinyl collection and was pleased to see that I had three or four Hank recordings. I'm very happy that this box set is being released all at once rather than being spread out over many different CDs.

Are there any plans to release this box set on vinyl? We actually put out one big 78 vinyl version. It's in the dust jacket and everything. I don't know how many were released, but we did put one out on vinyl.

Jett Williams - Your Cheatin' Heart

I need to remind Time Life about that because that was about four years ago. What is important about the vinyl is the dust jacket and the historical photos, but also to read where it was formatted and who was on the sessions. A lot of times, people buy vinyl and throw the dust jackets away. Also, nothing smells quite like a collection of old dust jackets. You get a little bit of mold on them, and they're good to go.

Were you interested in and inspired by country music before you found out who your father was or did that come after? I sang all kinds of music, but I sang Hank Williams music before I knew that he was my dad. At the age that I am, I got to grow up in some of the greatest years of music -- the '50s through the '70s.

We were lucky because we only had an AM station, so you only got to hear what they played, and I remember hearing a song and sitting up all night trying to figure out how to play that song. Spinning off of that question, what was your initial reaction to finding out that Hank Williams was your dad? Well, being an adopted child and going on the search, I wanted to find out who I was and what happened. I was prepared to never find that out, but I was hoping, and I was hoping to get the answers I wanted to hear.

When I found out that Hank Williams was my father, the reason I made the announcement was because I was shown that my father had signed a pre-birth custody contract three months before I was born in which it says, "I am the father, this is my baby, and I want to take this baby to live with me.

He died on January 1st, they buried him on the 4th, and I was born on the 6th -- five days after he died. I know that my dad knew that I was going to be born and that he wanted me.

Had he been my father but didn't want to have anything to do with me, we would not be having this conversation today. When you found out about Hank being your dad, did that become a "this changes everything" sort of moment? Well, when I made that announcement, my life changed dramatically because once you step out in the public, there is no turning back. In the lawsuits, the attorneys and administrators from my father's estate kept the estate open past my twenty-first birthday and never notified me that there was money all those years in a trust for me.

The courts ruled that they knew who I was, where I was, and that they had made a conscious decision not to notify me. So, the courts ruled that I was defrauded -- for twenty-three years they collected their legal fees, keeping it in a trust for me, but when the time came, they said, "We've buried her, she doesn't know who she is.

jett williams and hank jr relationship advice

Let sleeping dogs lie. She'll never find out. You've got to love lawyers. Well, I married one -- I hired him, and then I married him, so here I am. Speaking of lawyers, you mentioned earlier that back in your father's time, lawyers had more integrity maybe.

Mother's Best, Hank's Best: A Conversation With Jett Williams and the Students

Based on what you know about lawyers now, if somebody were to start in the music business, what advice what you give them? Well, if you're going to start in the music business and there are some real opportunities there, you've got to get an attorney that you believe is going to be watching out for you. If you're in the entertainment business and you get to be in that one percent, you're talking about multi-million dollar contracts, and you'd better make sure because you can't say, "Well, I didn't know.

Jett, that's a nice lead in to a question I ask everyone I inetrview. What is your advice in general to someone entering the music scene now? As a new artist, hopefully what you're doing If not, you've got to get where you're grounded, and then do exactly what you want to do, the way you want to do it. If you come to Nashville right now -- today's music is visual in that people are looking at music, but not really listening to it.

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I think that you've got to come in and play that game or they're just going to shut you out the door, which is very unfortunate, but if you can get in and get established, then you can run with everything you've got. And we've got another question here. Just listening to you live like this and hearing your story is really heartwarming. So, first off, I want to say thank you. You've got a lot of courage, and it's a great story.

Thank you for being so tenacious and following your dream. Well, if you get the chance, I have an autobiography out that tells the whole story. The book was picked as one of the top one-hundred books in the country, and it was put into braille and audio for the visual and hearing impaired and placed in every library in the country. I always tell people that if I had made it up, it wouldn't be this good. I am a film student and a couple of us here in the media communications department at the school are interested in the possibility of doing a documentary of you.

Would you be interested? We'd have to talk to my husband. Actually, a company out of Canada just did a documentary that is supposed to air pretty soon, but I don't know if it's going to air in the United States. You're more than welcome to contact us and see what we could work out because I'd be more than glad to work with you all. I was looking on your website and saw the story about your remarkable journey, and I was wondering if there was maybe a movie in the works for that?

Well, on my life, we signed a couple of deals. There is a movie coming out called The Ride, which is not sanctioned by the estate, but the one Hank Jr. Right now, that's what I'm going to be focusing on at the beginning of this coming year. Then, my personal hope is that once we get my dad's movie out there, somewhere in that movie, you'll see him sign that contract I talked about.

Then, when he dies, hopefully people will walk out and say, "What happened to that baby? With our culture, it seems you have to take these concepts in bite sizes anyway. Well, with my dad just getting the Pulitzer, the box set coming out, and then with the movie, it just seems like it's "Hank Time" right now.

Did your adopted parents encourage you to pursue music, or were you kind of born loving music? Well, the last adopted parents I had did not hold me back. They did not have any musical tendencies -- we had a stereo and they listened to music and everything -- but I was about ten, and I went to a summer camp and heard someone play guitar. So, I came home and asked my adopted mother if I could learn to play. Next thing I know, she enrolls me in the music department at a Jesuit college, and a Jesuit priest ends up teaching me music when I was ten years old.

So, I started playing when I was ten, but I have pictures from when I was with my grandmother -- Hank's mother -- on her front steps when I was two, and I've got a cowboy hat and guitar.

We have another question. As an artist, what inspires you the most? There is the upside of life, and then there's the downside of life, and if you just take real situations and life experiences as an artist. You can tune in to those and draw on your personal experiences, you can make that scene or that record be real. That's the secret, I think, in being an artist, and that's why my dad was so great -- when you heard him talk about his heart breaking, you felt his heart breaking.

He wasn't just singing the words, he was gut singing to you. When you were finally entrenched in all the Williams family, its traditions, and the unit itself, were there any stories that you found out about your dad that you find most endearing?