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KATUNARS Quotes .. Couples | Relationships | Love .. NASA Johnson Space Center .. Sekreti Rhonda Byrne · @ale__ JIMMY CHOO Rookmaaker. This is the house that Jimmy Johnson built, where he demands the outside of everything he comes in contact with-his team, his relationships, his life. ''He`s moody, the moodiest man I know,'' says girlfriend Rhonda Rookmaaker, who . the subject is Johnson, seeking the right words, massaging quotes. Here's a look at some of his more memorable quotes, opinions, anecdotes and Jimmy Johnson on his wife Rhonda Rookmaaker, from Jimmy.

It drives him day and night, like some mad scientist on a single-minded quest. He works hours akin to someone doing a double shift at a factory. His life is football and anyone interfering pays the price. Once he became coach of the Dallas Cowboys he calculated that he would have no time for marriage.

So he divorced his wife, Linda Kay, the college sweetheart he married in Johnson won a national title in at the University of Miami and Linda Kay was perfect for the college social scene. There's no social whirl in the NFL.


The children were grown and gone. He moved into an apartment near the practice field so he could be minutes away, trying to learn the NFL game in which his team started Rookmaaker calls Johnson "moody" and sneaked a Christmas tree into his apartment for the first time this Christmas to brighten things up.

Johnson has no time for press luncheons. He has weekly press conferences, then goes jogging and leaves the public relations to owner Jerry Jones. The year-old coach battles a weight problem and lunch is sometimes just chips and hot sauce.

He once lost 30 pounds in a contest with his assistant coaches, but he's gaining it back.

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Johnson, who was a psychology major at the University of Arkansas and has an IQ ofabhors being called "obsessed. I don't go down the middle of the road in many things in my life.

I don't think I'm obsessed, but when I enjoy something very much I work hard to get it. He does so through knowledge, fear, intimidation, humor and cunning. He's also a riverboat gambler. In every big game the Cowboys have played, the Johnson touch shows through unorthodox moves. His disdain for a field goal in the NFC title victory over San Francisco on a fourth and one was surprising.

It failed and Johnson shrugged it off by saying, "That's my style. The asthma field is over there," Johnson said, pointing to the parking lot at Valley Ranch.

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Jimmy Johnson on a discipline problem with the Cowboys in "When I was there, all the players looked to me and they understood that I was going to either cut them or keep or fine them Now they don't really have to answer to Jason Garrett. They have to answer to Jerry Jones. I think in some ways Jerry Jones is an enabler.

A Football Life "Rhonda She'll bring me down a few notches. That's how we first met. She cut my hair.

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A Football Life "People think football is for tough guys. Football rewards the guys that are in great condition. That's when you have fun, when you're kicking somebody's ass and they're sucking for wind. They would make time for their family. But when I was coaching I would almost laugh at those guys. I knew we were working the extra hours to get an edge on them.

I look back, and maybe if I'd been at home rather than trying to win a football game, maybe he wouldn't have had those problems.

But I do know me not being home didn't help. In that meeting, according to the press conference they held later int he day, Johnson and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones decided that Johnson would no longer be the head coach of the Cowboys. You can't get rid of Herschel Walker. We won't score a point if we don't have Herschel Walker. Minnesota thought, 'This college guy, we'll pull one over on him. We're going to give him these five guys, and they'll fall in love with them, and we won't have to give up anything until the No.

They're always having some kind of anniversaries down there. I guess because they don't go to Super Bowls anymore. Jerry started putting all those titles on himself after I left. He didn't call himself general manager and president and all that stuff when I was there.