Jody and yvette relationship quiz

Baby Boy Kind of Love | The Misadventures of Ms. Not-Right-Now

jody and yvette relationship quiz

Yvette & Jody. .. Trending GIF love reality relationship we tv break up marriage boot camp .. Quiz: What Type of Girlfriend Are You?. Yvette and Jody in 'Baby Boy' Movie Couples, Dior, Fries, Baby . Black Relationship Goals, Couple Relationship, Cute Relationships, Dwayne And Whitley. Their love was everything! List below: Monica & Quincy (Love & Basketball) Martin & Gina (Martin Show) Jody & Yvette (Baby Boy) Dwayne Wayne & Whitley .

The character Jody had two different types of women in his life—his main course and his side dishes. And Yvette mostly accepted this.

Baby Boy Kind of Love

He fixed her car, helped her pay bills, and picked her up everyday from work. The other girls got nothing more than a wet back. So I learned to distinguish between girls that play wifey and girls that play side dish.

He ignores her initially but the insults get worse and worse. Or more accurately, the sex IS the resolution. It ends the argument and both parties are more than satisfied. Jody never acknowledges his cheating, his lying, his selfishness, or his arrogance. And Yvette just saves the arguing for another day.

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When she starts to feel frustrated again, they simply repeat the process. Argue, have make-up sex, cook tacos. The stress-relieving properties of sex prove this can actually work for a while.

jody and yvette relationship quiz

This method has worked so well for Jody, in fact, after he hits Yvette his apology consists of an oral sex session. A frustrated Yvette eventually leaves Jody.

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Jody hitting her served as the last straw. And they stay broken up for a while but they both miss each other. The movie implies they do not communicate unless it has something to do with their son Jo-Jo. He moves out the house he lived in with his mother, moves in with Yvette, and proposes.

But my experience with a man like Jody ended in him leaving me for a woman who could better tolerate his cheating and lies. Were Chuck and Blair passionate lovers? But when does passion become unhealthy? Here is a clip from season four of the show.

jody and yvette relationship quiz

Chuck could never tell Blair that he loved her. She belonged to Him.

jody and yvette relationship quiz

How dare she marry a good man and not continue to play cat and mouse with me? Literally throughout the GG series Chuck and Blair were never on the same page. Chuck and Blair eventually got married and had kids.

I mean what the hell happened to reality TV?

jody and yvette relationship quiz

Everything is so scripted nowadays but on the Jersey Shore it was real and raw. Sam and Ron began their love tryst during season one of the popular reality show. Starting a relationship in an environment with booze, wild girls, and partying is tempting for any relationship.


With that being said, Ron ended up cheating on Sammi at the club one night which caused tensions in the house to run high. But in my opinion, their relationship would have been dramatic whether Ron cheated or not. The fighting between the pair became a normal part of living in the Jersey Shore house. I actually visited the house once! So cool In one particular episode, tensions between the lovers hit an all time high. The night of the fight, Sam got mad at Ron for flirting with another girl at the bar.

jody and yvette relationship quiz

So, he packed her shit. Ron took it upon himself to throw her clothes from the closet onto the floor of their room. That set it off.

Below is a clip of the dreadful encounter: Not only was there physical abuse but there was verbal abuse as well. In the clip Ron There was also verbal manipulation as well. The jealousy, manipulation, and undeinable passion between these two lovers was enough to ruin their relationship. After the show ended, the two continued with their on and off relationship for two more years. Their latest reconciliation was reported to be around March I hate to admit it but it does.

When you watch a show, you root for your favorite couple, hoping that they stick through it till the end despite challenges. They say we accept the love we think you deserve.

So i ask you, what is the love you deserve?