Joey wheeler and mai valentine relationship

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joey wheeler and mai valentine relationship

Number 4: polarshipping (Joey Wheeler x Mai Valentine) relationship is built a lot in the waking the dragons arc since Joey is so obsessed to. Anzu has a job, a girlfriend, and a boyfriend, but she somehow gets stuck running errands for her own birthday. Life is, actually, very full. Language: English. The story of Joey and Mai's relationship over the course of ten years, beginning from .. Mai Valentine never stayed in one place and a boy certainly wouldn't dictate .. And everyone knows that Joey Wheeler cannot dance.

Ever since I was a little girl, I had to prove myself to the boys. They would tease me and thought I was weak. Well if I struck first, their words wouldn't even have a chance to hurt me. So I put up a barrier that nobody could penetrate. Nobody would get close to me and nobody would hurt me.

I would prove to myself and the world that I was strong. I had been on my own for fifteen years and dueling was the way to prove my strength.

Joey had always seen through my disguise. He knew I was tough, but he also knew on the inside I was hurting. I took things too seriously back then. And I was mean. I put a hard shell on and tried to intimidate everyone around me before they could hurt me. To think, I probably wouldn't have even met that brown-eyed goofball if it weren't for my obsession to be the best.

She challenged me because she thought I was weak. Maybe my dueling was weak, but I had heart. Plus, I had been through plenty of tougher situations and made out alright. Life hadn't always been as easy as it was when I became friends with Yugi, Tristan and Tea. My parents' divorce took its toll on me the hardest — not because I wanted them to stay together, but because I wanted my sister and I to stay together. I can still hear Serenity sobbing as our mother drove her away, leaving my father and I behind.

I hated seeing her cry and I wanted to protect her. Why didn't mom want me to go with her? Why did I have to wait years before seeing Serenity again? I'll probably never get an answer, but I just needed to remind myself that winning that duel would be the first step in seeing my sister.

That first duel reminded me that I had my best friends by my side. I'll never forget how their friendship turned my life around. When I think back to how Yugi defended Tristan and I, despite the two of us throwing his Millennium puzzle piece away, I'm ashamed that I allowed my father to influence me.

Those years after the separation, I picked fights and hung around the wrong guys. I thought that if I was more like dad, he would stop beating on me, but it only led to more pain. I knew that anger wasn't me, but I let it control me for so long. It took Yugi's courage for me to realize that I had friends to protect me, just as I had always tried to protect my sister. That day, Mai was shocked by the strength I had within myself to overcome my weaknesses.

Maybe it was luck, but I'd like to think that my heart won that duel. I hope she realized she had the strength within herself too and didn't need her gimmicky tactics to win anymore.

MAI I invented the aroma technique after the little magician Kora from my childhood storybooks. Kora was just like me, an orphan whose parents left this world too soon. The car accident that shattered my once-happy home weakened my sense of purpose in this world, but reading about that little girl's magic powers gave me life.

I wanted to be just like her. Something special that the others envied and admired — not the orphan girl that the other kids avoided and pitied. So, I took her mind-reading ability and made it my own. I knew I could never read the duel monster cards without looking at them, but maybe I could create the illusion that I could.

But how would I do it? I wished and prayed that my mother would give me guidance to live my fairytale dream, but whenever I closed my eyes to remember her, the only thing I could see were the memories of my mother showing me all of her "treasures", as she called them.

In her bedroom stood the cream-colored vanity, her ruby red lipstick, the fair pink blush and what seemed like a lifetime supply of makeup to get her ready for the day. But my favorite thing was always her perfume. They were so beautiful - all those pink and purple bottles lining the top of her dresser.

They sparkled when the sun shined through her bedroom curtains and filled the room with a scent that I could only describe as "home". The lilac-laced fragrance filled the room and the sparkling raspberry sweetness stayed with me all day… almost like magic.

I would spray the cards with my favorite scents and detect which card was which without even looking! I could finally be Kora! Maybe someone would look up to me the way that I looked up to the girl from my fairytales. Maybe I could finally be someone special. I was on the ground completely defeated when she came to me. The tears had started filling my eyes as the realization sunk in that all hope for paying for my sister's operation was over.

And quit all your crying already. You look like a big baby", came a familiar voice. I got something in my eye. Stupid thing won't come out! And instead of ridiculing me like I expected, she comforted me. Just don't go blowing your nose in it", she calmly said as she handed me a handkerchief. I was stunned to open the handkerchief and find her entry card inside. I thought it was a mistake, but I realized that Mai was there for me when I needed her. Despite all the insults tossed my way, she was the only reason I had another fighting chance in this tournament!

I knew underneath that tough exterior was a good heart and a true friend. I was so grateful to have another opportunity to win the money for Serenity's eye operation. Serenity was the light at the end of the tunnel for me as a kid and I was so proud to be her big brother. I remember when we were younger and we went to the beach.

We were lost in the sound of the waves and the sand between our toes so I knew I had to take her back one day. She was my best friend and I always wanted to protect her. But I couldn't stop our parents from divorcing then and I couldn't stop her vision from creeping into darkness now.

At least I had another chance to save her sight. I'll never forget how Yugi and Mai and all my friends were supporting me at that tournament. They are the reason that I could save my sister and they are the reason that I fight for the people that I love. But it's so obvious now…they have the same heart.

As if his fight to save her eyesight at Duelist Kingdom wasn't enough proof, he blamed himself for not being the best role model for her when under Marik's control. He was the kindest person I knew and I had to remind him of that.

Thinking about Serenity leaving her eye bandages on until she could finally see Joey in real life, I continued, "What she did today, she did because of you.

You're her idol… ding dong"! Joey hadn't let anyone down. His love for his sister and friends was something I had never known.

I always thought that having your guard down made you weak. But these people in his life were what made him strong. I just hoped that one day I could be that strength for him too. Mai had won the duel, but the movie star zero just wouldn't give up.

He trapped her in his ninja net and was going to make a getaway in his fancy limousine. I wouldn't let that happen and ran after her as she was able to finally break free. But breaking out of that net wasn't the only problem. Now she was barely clinging on to a building ledge three stories up. In a moment of panic, I did the only thing I could think of — try to catch her.

Come on, let go! I swear I'll catch you! She must have trusted me because she let go and the next thing I know, she's fallen on top of me. I nearly blacked out, but her blonde curls fell on my face and her sweet strawberry scent filled my nose, giving me the strength to stay awake. My vision was blurred, but I could still see Mai's silhouette hovering over me, staring into my eyes with a dreamy look I've never seen from her. I would always protect her and in that moment, I think she knew it too.

MAI Who was that voice? Why did it sound so familiar? I could feel my heart welcoming it, but something was preventing me from seeing him. It was like trying to patch together the fuzzy details of a dream. And I'm not gonna let anything happen to you Mai because we're friends…. My face lit up as the blurred silhouette came into focus, and I could see my best friend standing in front of me. He was unsuccessfully trying to untie the chains that bound me in this crazy shadow game, and eventually resigned to the fact that it was impossible.

The next thing I knew, his arms surrounded me attempting to block Ra's incoming blast that would certainly take my last ounce of energy. As he held me to his chest, tears filled my eyes. I had never been protected like this. I had never felt loved like this. If Joey was willing to sacrifice everything for me, then maybe I wasn't as alone as I thought.

But that feeling of warmth quickly vanished. The sound of Marik's footsteps grew closer and the shadow of the Millennium rod rose over my head.

My eyes were blinded by a quick flash of light, and then there was only darkness. I felt responsible for not saving her. I promised her I wouldn't let anything happen to her, but it did. Mai was just an empty shell and when I grabbed her hand, it felt cold.

Despite everything, I still had hope that I could fulfill my promise to her and I would do anything to bring her back. But doing these "anythings" wouldn't necessarily bring her back and Marik's ruthless attacks left a feeling of defeat. I had tried everything to bring her back and it still wasn't enough. That feeling of hopelessness was all too familiar.

I suddenly felt the flashbacks of my father yelling at me after mom drove away with Serenity.

joey wheeler and mai valentine relationship

The old man was upset that our family had fallen apart, and he turned to drinking to drown the pain. At first, it didn't change much. He still ignored me, and I just tried my best to hold on to the memories of Serenity and I when our home was whole. But over time, things became different. He got so angry and blamed me for our broken family. When the punches started coming, I started to think that maybe it was my fault.

No matter how many times I tried to make my father stop, it didn't matter. He was obsessed with having power over me and his anger consumed him. I could see it in his eyes then, and I could see it in Marik's eyes now. Yugi saved me from that anger. His kindness showed me that our friendship was more powerful than the bullies at school. They were more powerful than my demons at home.

And they would be more powerful than Marik's evil spirit. Together, our will would defeat Marik and bring Mai back. When her violet eyes finally opened and I could see the sparkle in them again, I didn't even care that she had played a trick on me. I was just relieved to see her back. I wanted to hold her again and let her know that she could always trust me. She had touched my heart in ways that I couldn't explain, and I never wanted to lose her again. MAI I had to leave. As much as Joey and the others had helped me grow as a duelist and a person, I couldn't stay with them.

I had been a wanderer my entire life. This wasn't going to change just because I was starting to catch feelings for a certain knucklehead. Mai Valentine never stayed in one place and a boy certainly wouldn't dictate where my life was going next. To be honest, when Joey ran out from the pier to catch me before leaving, I thought that maybe he would confess his feelings too.

Then maybe I would stay to show him how much his sacrifices meant to me. And the only thing I could manage to say was that my favorite part of the tournament was meeting him.

When you live with protective walls around you, it's difficult to knock them down. I built them up for twenty-two years and even though Joey made a crack in them, those walls weren't destroyed. But I had a feeling that he wasn't done breaking them.

He had come into my life for a reason and this wouldn't be the end. We would meet again, I just knew it. But I thought that things would change after Battle City and everything that we had been through. I thought that she would realize I would always protect her.

It had been two years since I last saw her at the pier and I hadn't heard from her since our goodbye. I gave her space because I knew she had always preferred to be on her own, but I missed her. When she saved us from those bikers and I picked up her Harpie Lady card, I felt so much relief that she was safe. But why did she just drive off without saying anything to us? On the way to Industrial IIllusions, my mind was overflowed with thoughts of Mai.

Maybe she was mad at me all this time for not asking her to stay two years ago. I wanted her to stay with me then, but she could be so distant that I didn't want to push her away. I regret never telling her how I wanted her in my life for good. How I didn't want to just randomly bump into her from time to time. Since she was in town, I desperately hoped that I would see her again. When I hoped to see her again, I didn't want to see her like that. She was possessed by the power of the orichalcos and initiated a duel that would sap the loser's soul.

I hated being on opposite sides — I wanted the old Mai back! I knew she was in there somewhere, and I couldn't just let the seal take her from me. There had to be a way to set her free and I wanted to be the one to find it. MAI I had reached my lowest point. I had nobody to save me, and I left the one person that ever cared. God, I missed him. But I was the one that left him on that pier two years ago.

I always wanted to do things on my own. When I felt we were getting closer, it scared me, and I had to run. Kora didn't save the world by relying on her friends. She drew power from herself and I wanted to do the same. But I was feeling so alone, and it was like no matter what, this creeping sadness was taking over. Then the nightmares started to haunt me. I would wake up screaming, covered in sweat, with the memory of Marik taunting me…telling me that I was worthless, and nobody would care if I were gone.

I had visions of my dearest friends leaving me behind, and that reminded me why I never bothered to make friends in the first place. It was that same feeling of emptiness when my parents died and left me searching for something to stop the pain. Valon came to me when I was feeling hopeless. He convinced me that the pain would stop if I had power and I believed him.

My mind wasn't right and when I stood before Dartz, he saw that too. He prayed on my weaknesses and poisoned my mind even further. When I saw Joey in that dark alley, I didn't have full control of my mind and I was obsessed with defeating him in a duel.

Looking back, every move we made felt like a blur until the very end. I knew he was a great duelist, but he was holding back. After everything I had done to him, he was still protecting me.

Then, in a flash my mind blinked to the recurring nightmare of Marik walking towards me, sending my soul to the Shadow Realm. But instead of being trapped in that hourglass that was slowing filling with sand, Joey ran in front of me to stop Marik's curse.

joey wheeler and mai valentine relationship

My automatic recoil from the darkness was blocked by the light that was standing in front of me. I couldn't do it.

He wasn't my enemy, he was my best friend. I remembered the time that he gave me back my star chips at Duelist Kingdom, the time that he caught me from falling off that building, and the time that he protected me from Ra.

I couldn't lose him. Never finishing my attack, I looked up and saw the last light extinguish from his eyes. He was too exhausted from his previous duel and was falling to his knees.

The green circle was closing in on his soul as I desperately clung on to him hoping it would take me instead. But he pushed me to safety and I watched my best friend lose his last remaining spirit. I wasn't under the control of the orichalcos anymore because he had saved me again. Tears streaming down my eyes, I knew that everything was my fault. Joey had the biggest heart of anyone I had ever known, and my own insecurities blinded me from that truth.

It took his last breath to make me realize that my feelings for him were not that of vengeance. I wondered where she would go and how long it would be until we saw each other again.

Would she want to see me? It gave me peace of mind to know that I had finally broken through to her. In our last moments, she remembered me for who I was, and I saw the old Mai come back to life.

Things probably wouldn't be the same between us. I needed time to sort out my feelings. I knew she was dealing with her own issues, so she probably needed time to herself too. It always felt like I had this responsibility to protect her, but then we would never stay together in the end. The timing was never right. But she had entered my life for a reason and I knew that our paths would cross again. For the longest time, it had been my most prized possession…but I needed a change.

These cards reminded me of this twisted idea I'd been holding onto since I was a child that cards gave me power. I learned that simply wasn't true…at least not anymore. I drew power from my friends, especially Joey. I was stronger when he was by my side. I was leaving behind my harpie cards just as I was leaving behind Valon.

I wouldn't pretend like everything with the orichalcos hadn't happened, but I was moving on to a new chapter. I needed to make a change now that I had learned that letting my guard down didn't make me weak. For the longest time, I always felt that Joey was stronger than me and always had to be the one to save me.

I ran off on my own to prove that I could take care of myself, but it always felt like I was cast under his shadow. Now I realized that I drew strength from him. He wasn't my competition…he was my best friend. Joey empowered me to be a better version of myself.

When he was around, that emptiness didn't eat at me. I was stronger because of him. For now, I needed to work on myself. And when I finally felt I deserved another chance, I would see him again.

I had to take a hard look at myself in the mirror and figure out what was next. I hated the girl that I saw and despised how I let my loneliness push away the person I cared for the most. It always felt like I was searching for the part of me that was missing. And when I turned to the Orichalcos to fill that void, it only made me take ten steps backwards.

I knew I needed space, but Duel Monsters was in my blood. If I didn't compete, at least I would watch. This game had given me life and watching the Kaiba Corp tournament satisfied my itch to play. My Harpie monsters had always been by my side when I first started dueling, but they were slowly being replaced by other monsters as I was rediscovering myself. I silently cheered for him from the crowd when he dueled.

I couldn't face him yet, but Joey had meant so much to me and I wanted to support him. I just hoped that one day I could fix everything — fix myself — and face him again.

When they announced the duelists, I just waited and waited for the announcer to say "Mai Valentine! But he never did. Inside, it was explained that every duelist had to wear a mask to conceal their face and keep their participation a secret. That way, nobody would study anyone else's deck and be able to prepare for it. The whole secretive theme of this tournament was something I hadn't seen before, but I could never pass up the opportunity for a good duel.

Tea gave me the idea that we should host a tournament with a fancy masquerade ball at the end. You know how she loves dancing!

Sorry Yuge, but I'll be busy not tripping over my own feet", I replied, half-embarrassed at my clumsiness. Without even thinking, I blurted out "Say no more, I'm in". My stomach was always faster than my brain. I could handle a little dancing in a stuffy suit for one night.

If I won, it would all be worth it. MAI It had been three years since my last official duel, but I was ready. I had spent the last six months practicing and completely changing my deck as part of the process to create an improved Mai. The only exception was my Harpie's feather duster card. I don't why, but I couldn't give this one up.

It always saved me from tight situations by wiping the field of all magic and trap cards…plus it was like putting a little piece of my past self into my deck. It's not like I had changed too much.

Mai Valentine

I just started focusing on my work at the orphanage. I spent time with the kids, tutoring them and even teaching them about Duel Monsters. Just because I wasn't competing in tournaments didn't mean I had given up the game forever. Dueling had been so special to me and it would always be a part of my life. Plus, the kids looked up to me like I was the best duelist in the world.

joey wheeler and mai valentine relationship

I loved working there. At first, I just wanted to see if I could find a little girl to inspire — maybe see if I could find someone that resembled little Mai and help her avoid all the mistakes I had made. I didn't realize that those kids would be the ones helping me.

They were happy and innocent, they weren't hardened by the world, jaded from years of disappointment. And they inspired me to love life again, a feeling that had been buried deep since my mother's passing. My next destination was Domino City. I had heard through the grapevine that this tournament was held by Yugi Muto, and I really hoped it was true.

I missed him and the rest of the gang. I truly hoped I was ready to own up to my mistakes and face them if I saw them again. I need help with this dumb penguin suit you're making me wear! Our sponsors threatened to withdraw from the prize pool if we didn't enforce this dress code. We were leaving in ten minutes anyway, so there was no point in complaining about it now. When we entered the venue, I was amazed.

I hadn't been too interested in the whole idea of a masquerade, but when I stepped inside, my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe my pal Yugi did this. The stadium was huge with hundreds of seats lining all four sides of the room. Ushers escorted the guests to their seats and the duelists to their positions in the middle of the room.

There were twinkling lights everywhere that made the room sparkle. A Hollywood style red carpet led to the main event. The center held the eight dueling booths that were positioned in a circle and each held its own spotlight overhead. There were eight seats there! Was this an eight-man duel or what was going on here? How could Yugi not tell me! Well I guess he didn't even tell me that he was planning this whole event, so I'm not that surprised.

But still, I'm supposed to be his best friend!

joey wheeler and mai valentine relationship

Regardless, I wasn't too nervous. I had been dueling for years, winning smaller tournaments and trying to save up for my Duel Monsters camp. I wanted it to be like a country club, but for kids who wanted to learn about dueling and a place for kids to just get together and play. Once everyone made their way to their seats, the announcer came out to explain the rules.

This was going to be an eight-man duel with everybody playing for themselves. You could help or hurt any of the other seven opponents, but it was difficult to even know who was who with these masks. The spotlights came down on the duelist arena and the match was about to start. I was just glad that I changed my deck, so nobody would target me.

As soon as Weevil's stink bugs were summoned, everyone knew it was him.

Did Joey wheeler from yu-gi-oh ever date mai Valintine?

He must have had a few enemies here since he was immediately targeted and squashed out of the tournament. I couldn't recognize many others here by their decks, but this was certainly a tough competition. Trap cards were activated in every direction and monsters were being summoned without hesitation.

I just focused on my own game and tried to keep a low profile. There's only one duelist I know that has that card! Maybe it's someone else. Nope, that was definitely Joey. He always used those chance cards and had insane luck too. How could I have missed that voice before? I guess I was too focused on my own game.

Well now that I know it's him, I can probably guess that his face down card is Dragon Nails, which boosts his Red Eyes by attack points. He loved that combo. I'm not even sure why, but I felt a sudden uneasiness in my stomach.

Earlier today, I was confident that I could face him if I happened to see him here, but now I wasn't so sure. I hadn't talked to Joey in almost three years. Would he still be mad at me? Of course not, he was the most forgiving person I knew.

But maybe he's changed. He did look taller and his hair wasn't quite as blonde as I remember. But he still did that cute, mischievous laugh when he had a good card combo in his hand. Focus on the duel! Okay, it was down to the final three — I had Life Points left, Joey hadand the third duelist had I just needed to think how I could eliminate one of the two remaining competitors. I had my Amaterasu on the field, which had attack points.

I'm almost positive that I could take out Joey with my Harpie's feather duster. It would eliminate his magic card, destroy his Red Eyes, and leave him with 0 Life Points. The words had left my mouth before my brain had even registered what I had just done. Why didn't I attack Joey? I could have easily taken him out. Destroying the third duelist's trap card was completely pointless. His face down card was revealed to be Imperial Mandate, which could only be activated if his Life Points were or more.

That card was useless to him! The attack destroyed his one monster in defense mode, leaving his life points wide open for Joey's attack. Joey quickly eliminated the third duelist with his Red Eyes and it was just the two of us left. But Harpie's feather duster was the strongest spell card I had in my hand.

Without it, I couldn't take down his Red Eyes and I would be left completely vulnerable if I didn't draw something quick. It was my turn and I drew a monster card that required a sacrifice. But I couldn't sacrifice my only monster on the field for something weaker! This card wouldn't help me at all. I put my monster in defense mode and passed my turn. Joey drew Stop Defense, which switched my monster from defense to attack mode. I knew that previous turn cost me the entire tournament — I could have won!

But why couldn't I attack Joey? I still couldn't believe I had finally won a tournament of this size. My hard work had paid off and I couldn't wait to get started on my Duel Monster club! I already knew where it was going to go. There had been a For Sale sign on an old clothing store for two weeks and I had my eye on it. It was right in Domino, three blocks away from Yugi's game shop.

But I could think about that later. Right now, I wanted to eat! All this winning is making me hungry! This night was amazing. Probably one of the best nights of my life.

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I just won this huge Duel Monsters tournament. Everyone was congratulating me and taking pictures with me. I had the most delicious steak and lobster dinner, with an open bar. And I had my best friends by my side. I'm not sure there was anything that could top this. Until I saw her. Across the room standing in front of the bar was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. I couldn't see her face because of the mask, but she was wearing a long, skin-tight purple dress that had a long slit down the side.

  • Joey Wheeler and Mai Valentine's Duelist Kingdom Duel
  • Mai Kujaku

The V-cut neckline flattered her curves perfectly, while the single slit showed off her long legs. Her long blonde curls sparkled underneath the lights almost as much as her wildly vibrant eyes, which were a stunning shade of violet. I had to talk to her. Maybe it was my sudden popularity tonight or maybe it was the drinks I'd been sipping, but something gave me the confidence to walk right up to this stunning woman and ask her to dance.

And everyone knows that Joey Wheeler cannot dance. She turned to meet my gaze, and she was even more beautiful up close. My eyes opened wide and my cheeks began to turn a deep red.

Luckily, my mask could hide part of my embarrassment. But not for long.

joey wheeler and mai valentine relationship

She lifted off my mask to see my face more clearly and then smiled. She smelled so good. A ripe raspberry scent filled my senses as I wrapped my arms around her. The hug didn't last long enough but she let go and I followed suit.

I couldn't believe it. It had been almost three years since I last saw her, and she was possessed by the Orichalcos' dark power then.

She looked incredible now. Something about her seemed happier — like the old Mai I knew but even more beautiful. Then she wrapped her hands around my neck, came in a bit closer to my chest, and gently swayed us back and forth. MAI I couldn't believe he just walked right up to me and asked me to dance! I had just spent the past twenty minutes eating my dinner, thinking about how exactly I was going to approach him.

He must have recognized me! I knew that Joey wasn't as oblivious as he seemed! I eyed him up and down before he offered a hand, leading me to the dance floor. Joey looked great — I had never seen him dressed up like this. He was wearing a well-fitted, dark grey suit with perfectly shined black shoes. His hair was styled the same as I remembered, but it seemed slightly browner than before.

His eyes were the same shade of milk chocolate that I always loved. They sparkled the same way they did three years ago, and I was just so grateful to see him again. We had been dancing and talking for five hours, with about nine separate snack breaks, for Joey of course, and too many drink refills to count. The bartender had already memorized our orders and was ready for the next Mai Tai, my favorite for obvious reasons, and Manhattan on the rocks, Joey's favorite because of his love for New York.

This felt like a dream. I never thought that things would pick up this quickly between us. I had been worried for months that we would never go back to being friends, but tonight, it felt like I had my best friend back. My taxi had pulled up to the venue entrance to drive me home and I hugged Joey goodbye.

I didn't want to leave, but it was 2am and most of the crowd had fizzled out. I'm never waiting that long again! Without really thinking, I ran back to the entrance where Joey was standing and kissed him on the cheek. I have your number, I'll text you! Have a good night Mai" he blushed, waving goodbye. And this time, I wouldn't wait three years to talk to him again. This had been the best night of my life.

I couldn't wait to talk to Mai again. I couldn't believe how much she had changed. And yet I still felt as close to her as if we never stopped talking. We still teased each other like the old times. I couldn't believe it when she said she was in the duel tournament!

I had no idea and she was standing only a few seats away from me! Of course, she called me a bonehead for that one. She told me she settled down in a house right outside of Domino City.

I couldn't even imagine the old Mai staying in one place. She travelled everywhere and never sat still. And now she worked with kids! It seems like just yesterday she would see a baby and call it an evil slobber monster. I know she felt bad for everything that had happened with the Orichalocos. But I had long forgiven her for that. Still, it didn't stop her from mentioning it every hour and apologizing for succumbing to her insecurities.

She seemed to be in a much better place now and I was happy for her. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and quickly looked to see who would even be texting me this late. I made it home! I didn't even accept an evil green power that threatened to destroy the world this time! Goodnight Joey, I had a great time -Mai I felt a huge grin on my face.

I was so happy to have her back in my life. It seemed like I was walking on air and nothing could go wrong. Woohoo, I get a break this weekend from saving your life! Goodnight Mai, I had a lot of fun too — J I felt another vibrate and quickly grabbed my phone, not wanting to wait even a second to see Mai's message. But it wasn't her. How did the tourney go? Xoxo Viv Oh no. He told me all about his plans to build a Duel Monsters club in Domino.

I thought it was a brilliant idea. Joey had more passion for Duel Monsters than anyone, and building a facility so close to Yugi's game shop would be great for both businesses. Vivian Wong — you might know her. She's a duelist too", Joey replied. I remembered seeing her in a couple tournaments on TV. I didn't really know her though.

Why was Joey telling me this now? He had been with someone for almost a year and was just now telling me? We'd been talking nearly every day for the past three weeks. What, was he going to wait a month before telling me he had a wife and kids? In fact, she's seeing the building with us.

She's just running a little late so she'll catch up with us later", Joey explained. And we'll find out if she's good enough for you", I laughed, trying to lighten the mood. It's one of her parent's restaurants so I guess she liked my appetite. Or maybe she just liked my business", he laughed half-heartedly.

Joey sure acted weird when he talked about Viv. I'm not surprised - he never was good with romance.

Yugioh Legendary Duelists - Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine & Mako Tsunami Box Opening!!!

Still, I couldn't help but feel this uncomfortable tension in the air when he talked about her. She was there so often for work, that it didn't make sense to commute back and forth. I travelled for tournaments anyway, so it wouldn't be that difficult to just settle in with Viv. I had considered it, but never really gave her a clear answer. Now that she was back in town, I knew Viv would ask me to leave with her again. I wasn't even sure what was keeping me in Domino anymore.

Yugi and I weren't as close as we used to be, since he was usually busy running the shop and spending time with Tea. Tristan was never that interested in dueling and worked for his father. And Duke was creating more dice games and ran his own game store. When I met Viv, things were good. She made me feel special and I loved that she was as interested in Duel Monsters as me.

Moving to China to spend more time with her? I could always try to build my gaming club there. So why was it so hard to leave this city? We were seeing this place because when I first saw it was for sale, I thought it was perfect! My vision came to life and I pictured the different arenas in the back, the classes taking place in the front, and tons of kids running around trading their duel monster cards.

It could be an escape for some kids — a getaway that I wish I had when I was younger. I wanted Viv to see my vision too. Just think how close this is to Yugi's shop! Kids could easily buy new cards there and then run over here to test them out! I loved Mai's enthusiasm. She could see my vision too! Her eyes lit up when I pointed to the back, describing how I pictured my dueling arena setups. She thought that the setup was great, but suggested to put them in the front so that it would interest kids walking by the store.

I hoped Viv would be this supportive too. Viv liked my idea and thought that creating a dueling club was great, but she just didn't see anything special with that location.

She tried to convince me that there would be lots just as good as that one in China. She might be right, but now that I finally saw the inside and could picture everything, I wanted this one in Domino. We could talk about it. MAI It was getting late and I wanted to get home to make dinner. Viv was nice enough to invite me over, but I didn't want to be the third wheel anymore. We said our goodbyes, but before I walked away, he put his arm around her and she kissed him.

I know I can't claim Joey, but seeing them together gave me that same queasy feeling I had when I first saw Joey during the Masquerade duel. I had to ignore these crazy feelings. Joey and I were just friends and he was already dating someone else. I tried to hold back my jealousy, but by the time I made it to my car, I noticed a single tear had fallen on my cheek. It had been about a week since I first saw Joey's potential new business. Viv was going back to China today, so they were spending the afternoon together.

I had the Saturday to myself, so I decided to take a walk around Domino. The city was beautiful and maybe, I would look at the empty building again. I stood in front of the sale sign, and I could hear Joey's voice again.

He was so passionate when he rambled on about this place. He even knew where he wanted his trashcans placed. I walked across the street, sat on the bench facing the building, and started sketching his ideas. I think he wanted the Duel Disk Rentals over here and the Trading Card Station over there, I thought as I drew the floorplans of his club in my sketchbook. This place would be perfect for our boutique! Oh no, they're interested in Joey's clubhouse!

I had to tell Joey. He had to hurry if he wanted to make an offer on this place. He just won that Masquerade tournament, so the financing shouldn't be an issue. If he put an offer in the next couple days, he probably wouldn't be too late. JOEY Mai came over to my house for dinner.

Viv had already left about an hour ago, so it was just the two of us. Since Vivian had been here, I had only seen Mai once. So I was glad when she demanded I order us pizza for dinner.

I wasn't so glad when she demanded that I pay for it. I saw this couple walk out of there and they're interested in buying next week!

She shared her food with Yugi, Joey and their friends, saying they could be friends tonight, but enemies tomorrow. That night, she was targeted by Pegasus' eliminator, PaniK. Yugi and his friends heard her scream and rushed to help her, finding that she had lost all her Star Chips to PaniK. Mai and her Harpies In the finals, she is paired against Yugi in the first match.

Yami Yugi was distracted by the prospect of Dueling Pegasus to win back the souls of Yugi's grandfather and the Kaiba brothers, and was not taking Mai seriously as an opponent, forcing Yugi and Mai to help convince him to face Mai out of principle. Mai initially dominates Yugi, but helps him face his own fears, allowing Yami to make a comeback that leaves Mai at a complete disadvantage. With her strongest monster destroyed, Mai chooses to surrender rather than see the rest of her " Harpie " monsters destroyed as well.

With Bandit Keith's disqualification from the tournament, Mai's final placing in the Duelist Kingdom Tournament is 3rd. After her loss, she gives Joey one of her entry cardsto prevent him being disqualified. Legendary Heroes Mai's 2nd outfit for the Legendary Heroes game. YugiJoey and Mokuba searched for Kaiba. On the way, Joey was forced to Duel Mai.

When she finds out her opponent is Joey as they were both maskedshe joins in the search for Kaiba. Mai Summoned her " Harpie's Pet Dragon ". She was later revived by the " Mystical Elf ". Battle City Mai's appearance during Battle City. During Battle CityMai wins enough Duels off-screen to qualify to the quarter finals. She explains how she knows about the Rare Hunters as a group who lie, cheat, and steal rare cards. She also wonders what is going on in the piers. Before proceeding to the quarter finals she meets Jean-Claude Magnum.

She does not recognize him at first, but comes to remember him proposing and her telling him to come back when he became a better Duelist. Magnum holds her to that and Duels her again.

This time if he wins, she marries him. Mai wins and Magnum tries to kidnap her in desperation using a hang glider. Mai nearly falls to her death but is saved by Joey.

When Mai asks if she was in his dream, Joey lies and says that she wasn't. This infuriates Mai and she proceeds to Duel Marik Ishtar in the next round, ignoring any help or support her friends try to give. However, Marik uses the powers of his Millennium Rod to take the Duel to the Shadow Realm or make the Duel a Yami no Game in Japanwhere whenever one of Mai's Monsters is destroyed, she loses the memory of one of her friends.

Toward the end of the Duel, Mai has 3 copies of " Cyber Harpie " and is in a position to win, however she tries to Summon "Ra", only to have it appear in Sphere mode, as she isn't one of the chosen ones with the power to control it. Since she couldn't read the Hieratic text to unlock Ra, Marik does so, using its ability to swap the card back over to his side.

Her feelings of loneliness and emptiness return, despite encouragement from Yugi. Just as she is about to lose, Joey rushes onto the field, trying to stop the Duel. After Joey talks to Mai, he eventually manages to break through to her and her memory of Joey is restored, much to the shock and upset of Marik, who comments in the Japanese version that he is surprised their bond of genuine and strong friendship is actually strong enough to break though his powers.

She then loses to Marik. In the dub, she is sent to the Shadow Realm after she loses to Marik, while in the Japanese version, she is trapped within her own mind, subjected to brutal mental assaults. After Marik's defeat, Yugi saves her. She parts ways with Joey and the others after the tournament, realizing that they indeed were her true and closest friends, she must ultimately move on.

Waking the Dragons Mai in Waking the Dragons. Mai continues her Duel Monsters career by herself and wins several minor tournaments, but is overshadowed by YugiKaibaand Joeyand without her friends to show her the way again, her fear of defeat still persists. She also suffers recurring nightmares of Yami Marik. In the dub, Mai dreams of Yami Marik trapping her permanently in the Shadow Realm, while in the Japanese version she dreams that she's trapped again and Marik is trying to kill her while she helplessly calls on her friends to save her but to no avail.

Afterwards, she meets Valonwho recognizes her as a fellow Duelist who wants nothing more than to always win while in the dub he sees her as a loner.

He wants her to stand by his side and he'll keep on winning, just for her, against anyone she wants. He says that she is "his" reason to keep on winning while in the dub he encourages her to forget about her friends and gain the power of " The Seal of Orichalcos " by joining Dartz 's henchmen. Valon, who has developed feelings for Mai, believes Joey to be the source of Mai's suffering and aims to take out Joey himself, although Mai doesn't agree to this.

Mai saves Joey and his friends from a gang of bikers by throwing cards at them. Although the gang does not get a clear view of their rescuer, Joey gets a glimpse of one of her "Harpie Lady" cards as well as a glimpse of her in her helmet visor and begins to suspect that it is her.

When it becomes apparent that Joey is about to win when he actually is trying to end it in a draw to save them bothValon intervenes, using his fragment of the Orichalcos to break the seal, saving Mai. Joey manages to win and change Valon's attitude. Mai catches the end of the Duel and Valon tries telling her that Joey is a good guy.

Regardless, Mai gets possessed by the powers of the Orichalchos again and faces Joey again. Joey accepts, realizing that he can never truly get through to her until she is freed from Dartz's control. Joey tries to convince Mai that Dartz has deceived her.

Exhausted from both Duels, Joey nearly passes out as Mai is about to win. Mai finally sees through all of the deception and remembers everything that they went through, and as a result, doesn't declare her final attack and rushes over to catch Joey. The Seal, however, proceeds to take Joey's spirit because he no longer has the strength to continue, and therefore, loses the Duel. Devastated, she holds Joey close in her arms and tearfully tells him she won't let the Orichalchos take him away, as the Seal closes in.

Before losing his soul, Joey pushes Mai away and throws her fragment of the Orichalchos in the air. She screams in agony as Joey loses his soul while breaking the fragment, her strong emotions finally freeing her from Dartz's influence. In an attempt to pay back Joey and Valon, she tries to take on Dartz to beat him and win back their souls, but is instead confronted and defeated by Rafael at their headquarters, resulting in the loss of her own soul.