Joseline and michelle relationship

Drama Erupts Between Joseline Hernandez and K. Michelle | The Beat

joseline and michelle relationship

Without a doubt, K. Michelle and Joseline have fun with each other. But, all out dating and being in a relationship is highly unlikely and K. As big a fan I am of K. Michelle the singer, her off-stage commentary is far Sure, Stevie and Joseline's sexual relationship may have gotten. Besties ddttrh.infole and Joseline Hernandez celebrated the premieres of their respective shows as only besties can do, with a bomb party.

Puff & Petty Petals AGAIN: Joseline Shades K. Michelle & She Claps Back

In the show, she was cast as the new artist the producer had signed. It did not take love before the relationship between the three of them became the leading story of the series.

joseline and michelle relationship

Of course, the success of the show saw her fame shoot through the roof. It premiered on VH1 on January 25,garnering 2.


Joseline has also added television presenter to her portfolio. The reason for this was believed to be her growing frustrations with the producers and Mona Scott-Young, the creator of the show.

She signed a deal with WEtv to televise the series.

joseline and michelle relationship

When she was six her mother and stepfather relocated to Florida along with her and her siblings. She comes from a rather large family. Joseline has an older sister Yanira, and four brothers, the youngest of which is autistic and needs special attention and care.

On May 1,a television special was released on VH1 that documented her delivery. Since then, they have been on and off a number of times. Sang girl SANG http: Whatever she is doing is working. Yoni I was taking a power nap during it.

By the time I blinked But just so happened woke back up when K. Michelle's show came on. If I had to choose someone to come sing to me all day She has seen a difference in her home! Wuts got Petty Davis Eyes. Huugs Di Ana I always thought that mimi frost in that pic with Joshline, but than again those two don't really get along.

K. Michelle Defends Joseline & Stevie After ‘LHHATL’ Cast Drags Them Through The Mud

I feel that she let Mona influence her. Her show is the perfect vehicle to market her musical projects.

joseline and michelle relationship

She probably was put on the spot by the devious Monami Machine. Amp up the drama or loose your free publicity for your album.

joseline and michelle relationship

But I would have found other avenues to do that. Seavoo Play Oh ok. What the little bit you saw worth watching? Hugga Bunch Joseline is the second best female reality star after New York. She knows the game and she plays it well. Kim K is the most successful, true, but the other two are far more entertaining. Seavoo Play I like her too! She had me rolling? I use to bump K heavy back in I think it was I am not a fan of hers at all anymore