Kabuto and hatsue relationship quotes

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kabuto and hatsue relationship quotes

And their role relationship will also occasionally be pigeonholed. Take note that the examples below may or may not list all the shows in which two actors have. Fujiko angrily confronts Hatsue about the letter, ordering her never to write or speak to Ishmael again. Hatsue admits that the relationship was wrong. A page for describing RelationshipVoiceActor: Japanese. Kaori Nazuka and Yuko Sanpei: In Daa! Daa! Daa!, Nazuka as Miyu and Sanpei as Kanata. In Eureka.

And then how later on in Hatsue's life, her husband, also of Japanese decent, is put on trial for speculation and theory of a murder.

They have history together and Ishmael still has feeling of love for her up to the trial day. To me it seems as if because Ishmael is still in love with her, he might have framed her husband for it. Though what could have happened is that Carl Heines death was an accident, and Ishmael could have planted evidence to make Kabuo guilty of the crime. As a result, Kabuo is put on trial because he is Japanese. While that was going on Hatsue felt so uncomfortable due to her history with Ishmale.

Their past romantic heavily influenced what occurrences in the court room. Because every time Ishmael catches a glace at Hatsue he gets flashbacks of what once was their love life together. That causes a lot of tension in the court room not just for them two everyone else feels it as well. I believe Ismael framed Kabuo because of the way he's acting. It seems like Hatsue is Ismael's "American Dream" similar to Gatsby he wants a woman,but may never be with her.

This is because now that Kabuo's in jail now they can continue with their love. But it's also mysterious because it definitely seems like Ishmael framed Kabuo. Ishmael is white and Hatsue is Japanese. The story is also right after world war ll with the Japanese getting bomb and the father of Hatsue meet be mad with all white people for that.

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They are living through these times and experiencing the after effects on what the war has caused everybody. Ishmael and Hatsue both have a thing for each other and because of Hatsue's ethnicity it might be hard to be together. Yet I feel that they should not let war and the environment around them to affect there relationship. This intertwines with how he is now. He's obsessed over and can't bare to look away from her in the courtroom because of their history when they were younger.

Thinking that Kabuo is innocent and that Ishmael is the one who killed him. They have known each other for so long that Ishmael is crazy enough to do anything for her.

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He took the chance to frame her husband so that he can be with her. In the trail, evidence was presented of Carl's autopsy. Whaley served in the war, while inspecting the head wound he made a connection which stated " the Japanese field soldier, trained in the art of kendo, or stick fighting, was exceptionally proficient at killing in his manner" Guterson, It is clearly that this man who fought at war are constantly reminded by either image or sound of the war they went through.

This man have a great impact on the trial in which a Japanese is accused of. As we read about Hatsue's younger life, we read about how she is told to act and how to look at others, particularly white men.

Her teacher trains her with a mentality of " The way she was taught and her upbringing by people who were greatly influence by the war has impacted Hatsune in this. In most chapters, you see the continuous progress of their love. Nevertheless, there are differences between each other's ethnicity which can most likely become a future dilemma as Hastue comes to terms with her ethnicity. In chapter eight, Hatsue begins to question her bonding time with Ishmael as something "wrong.

And I'm alone with you" Guterson Hatsue and Ishmael both know that either parents coming from both sides, will be really mad. With both of us, for doing this. Still, said Hatsue, you're not Japanese. According to this quote both know that they cant be together because their ethnicity doesn't get along.

The story is right after WWll with the Japanese getting bomb and the father of Hatsue might hate all the white people because of pearl harbor. But kabuto is in jail so I think the reporter is going to try and steal his girl but she isn't about that so she stays loyal.

A girl might get tired of waiting for someone to love so this will force her to find a new love. Ishmael is still in love with her. Now that Kabou is in trial, Ihsmael is going to try to get his love of his life back.

kabuto and hatsue relationship quotes

During the trail Hatsue feels uncomfortable because Ishmael is there and her husband is also there. Another interesting note in Kaori Shimizu's relationship is with Yumi Kakazu. There are two shows that makes a different parallel to their roles: Super Robot Wars and Godannar. Thing is, these 'senior' ladies will appear to get killed in the middle of the show, only to be brought back later. Shizuru is killed off in the end of Godannar Season 1, and Season 2's first episode deals with her resurrection.

In a more recent times, Kaori Shimizu has also developed a relationship another guest cameo of Hell Girlnamely They like to play as allies, or sometimes closer than that.

kabuto and hatsue relationship quotes

No, not Yaoi stuffs. Orochi is voiced by Okiayu, whereas one of his allies, Lu Bu, is voiced by Inada.

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AlucardInada is Julius Belmont. And they play as the Obi Wan of the hero Soma Cruz They're apparently good friends in real life, and happen to like Super Robot Wars together. Speaking of Super Robot WarsHikaru is Masaki, Okiayu is Rai, they're not much related, but at least they fight under the same banner. There's no yaoi except in fanfictionbut they're also Crawford and Schuldig.

Then again, there's Clannadwhere they barely interact with each other's characters Okiayu is Akio, Hikaru is Yusuke. Eternal BlueHikaru is Hiro and Okiayu is Ronfar, the only two men in the party for a large portion of the game. In a dubbing-related one: Hikaru Midorikawa and with a girl, finally!

Yukari Tamura has also worked together in several occasions: Masashi Ebara also appears from time to time as a father figure to her, for example as Hohenheim in Fullmetal Alchemist and Alastor in Shakugan no Shana. Kugimiya and Hino's roles are subverted as, respectively, Kagura and her homicidal brotherKamui in Gintama And then they have a weird one when both of them voice the male and female forms of Phantasos.

Masakazu Morita and Fumiko Orikasa often play as friends or even love interests. Speaking of Morita, he is also often cast with Junichi Suwabe.

This doesn't stop fans from pairing their SEED Destiny characters, though, despite the fact they never even met on screen.

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Also noted that Fukuyama's side is usually backed by a character played by Hikaru Midorikawa Li Xingke and Judas, respectively. A case of working together between Fukuyama and Midorikawa minus Wakamoto can also be seen in Gravionwhereas Fukuyama is Touga, while Midorikawa is Raven.

While we're on the subject of Wakamoto Norio, expect George Nakata not to be too far behind.

kabuto and hatsue relationship quotes

And back to Midorikawa and Fukuyama: Marth and Royanyone?