Kanade and otonashi relationship tips

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kanade and otonashi relationship tips

~Tachibana Kanade "Tenshi" (Angel Beats!) The source of Anime quotes & Manga quotes . Angel Beats: Kanade Tachibana x Yuzuru Otonashi (WR) .. onodera because (for me)i felt like onodera brake raku and chitoge RELATIONSHIP. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. Theoretically, no. It's true that Kanade arrived before Otonashi and Otonashi died in the real world before Kanade (because Otonashi's heart.

She agrees, and eventually, she becomes a big help to the group, taking down the biggest and most-feared fish in the river; she also stays to assist the SSS in sharing the catch with the rest of the school. Although she does not seem to be particularly appreciative of Otonashi's efforts due to her emotionless demeanor and personality, she does agree to become friends with him and allow him to call her by her first name.

Soon after, Tenshi is forced to face an enemy who looks completely identical to herself and has the same exact powers, which causes them both to kill each other.

Later, they discover that it is one of Kanade's clones who developed an independent conscience after being summoned. Kanade is then captured by another of the clones and was contained in Guild's underground ruins. The SSS, push through to rescue her from the clones, which unattended would be a bigger threat than Kanade herself, and they succeeded in saving her, though most of the battlefront is lost in the process and she is forced to fight a more difficult battle: Her "role" in the world of the afterlife is to help young people who lost their lives that feel life or God was unfair to them, find comfort with themselves and relieve themselves of regrets so they may reincarnate or pass on or disappear.

Despite what the SSS made her seem to be: Kanade is later seen resuming her position as the Student Council President and the SSS members have to retake their exams for tampering with her test paper. She continues helping people in the afterlife pass on, but this time, with the assistance of Otonashi as her ally and companion.

NPC means non playable character, they are pretty much soulless. She acts as the primary defense of the newly-formed alliance as the SSS gathers the remaining members to assist. Since most of the SSS members already have passed on already, Kanade, Otonashi, Naoi, Hinata and Yuri are the only ones left to experience the graduation ceremony. Naoi, Yuri and Hinata soon move on and disappeared, leaving Otonashi and Kanade. Otonashi then invites her to walk outside with him saying that he wants to feel the wind on his face.

While outside Otonashi confesses to her that he loves her and he finds out that Kanade has his heart, which he donated in his final moments. Kanade soon reveals that the true reason that she was in the afterlife was because she was looking to thank the person who had given her the gift of life through the heart as it turns out, it was Otonashi's heart beating in Kanade's chest at the last moments of her life hence the name of the anime angel beats.

Kanade Tachibana

After thanking him for giving her an extended life, she disappears leaving Otonashi in tears. Though cold at first, Kanade did eventually open up to Yuzuru Otanashi. Yuzuru confessed that he loves her in the very last episode and she replied with a shy thank you. There is a scene that shows Her and Otanashi reunited in the real world. In an angel beats drama CD she also said that she loved Yuzuru as well.

Hand Sonic Brings out either a single blade or a pair of blades for each of her hands. Her hand sonic guard skill is extremely powerful, the blades can cut through things like steel to things like shadows.

kanade and otonashi relationship tips

A variation which is shaped like a lotus flower with no edges other than, perhaps, its petals. Apparently more of a bludgeoning weapon than a slicing one. Kanade admits to have created it in her attempt to make her weapon "cuter". It is basically a pair of pincers secured on the arm by a violet gauntlet-like accessory that resembles a demon's head, horns and shape.

kanade and otonashi relationship tips

She created this version due to Otonashi's advice that she should give herself a more ruthless image. She also used this version as a makeshift slingshot and for dispatching the Shadows or hitting certain targets from afar. Hand Sonic [Version Twenty-Eight]: This is Kanade's latest version of Hand Sonic.

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However, this variation is only known to have been used in the 3rd Drama CD. Otonashi and Hinata has stated that it excels in bringing pain and that one would merely know just by looking at it Distortion: Allows her to deflects bullets and other projectiles away using an invisible shield in front of her.

The drawback of this skill is that she has to take it down should she want to switch from defense to offense. This skill does not deflect physical attacks as she is show to dodge physical attacks Delay: Creates a sort of after-image for close range.

It is effective in dodging melee attacks by confusing the enemy into attacking elsewhere. Makes a clone of herself which is identical to her, except it has blood-red eyes.

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Clones created through this ability have their own consciousness, as well as all the abilities of the original - including Harmonics itself. The copy are forms of whatever she is feeling at the moment of their creation.

Kanade x Otonashi 💘 Elastic Heart 🎶 ~[amv]~

A "hidden ability" which acts as the reverse of Harmonics. It allows the reintegration of clones created through Harmonics into her body. This, however, poses some risks as Harmonics clones also possess their own consciousness. This ability is connected to Harmonics using a command called timewait, which is simply a wait command which delays the execution of this ability.

This ability was created by Yuri as method of dealing with the Harmonics clones. A passive ability that gives her superhuman strength. The word "Passive" is supposed to refer to a fact that, unlike other guard skills, this skill can be used without an explicit invocation.

Overdrive's passive effect is strong enough to lift both the Master of the River and nearly all of the SSS members combined into the air by jumping. Emits powerful high-frequency, high-amplitude sound-waves from crossed Hand Sonic blades, meant to make an enemy faint. Created by one of the Harmonics clones. Sprouts wings from her back that, while they don't enable her to fly, can be used to slow her descent.

kanade and otonashi relationship tips

They also allow her survive long drops, such as jumping from the roof of a building. This technique when activated, produces a blue aura when used.

Otonashi and Angel, they are the number 1 fan supported couple. And there is strong evidence for their case. It almost goes without saying; the anime is full of light moments between those two. As for Yuri herself, whom does she like? Well, if you read the light novel and the manga, you'd know that they are the prequel to the anime. And it's obvious that there is something going on between them there. Hinata gives Yuri the nickname "Yurippe" because his mother's name was Yuri, and you can see how much that has stuck since.

They just get along so perfectly. In one scene, Hinata tries to test Angel to see if she has feelings by giving a fake confession to her. Yuri gets extremely angry and kicks him off of the roof. Then they even joke about falling in love with each other at one point. In the anime, there is much much less interaction between the characters though. But the latest episode 11at the end where Yuri tells him and Otonashi to leave her behind, Hinata refuses and doesn't want to leave her alone.

Yuri then comments about how she has appreciated the nickname.

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Point is, there was something between those two. However in the anime, Hinata gets together with Yui instead. The novel and manga are not fully complete. Maybe they do have romance but then split up?