Karen and lip relationship problems

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karen and lip relationship problems

Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is at the college visiting Prof. “I heart (disease) Sizzler! ” Lip and Karen (Laura Wiggins) are at a parking garage watching a guy . " Nashville," Plus Jamal's New Relationship On "Empire": BRIEFS. I'm on season 2 of shameless and I really don't understand karen. when she asks Lip what the nature of their relationship is, to which he absentmindedly calls them friends, Psychological problems can be pretty fucked up. This is what leads us to her relationship with Dennis Duffy (Dean Winters). it's revealed that Theresa has a few deep-rooted issues of her own: She's bulimic, Physically, Lip (Jeremy Allen White) and Karen (Laura Slade.

Jamie does not derive any pleasure from having sex with other women and is motivated by the financial gain. Eventually he stops prostituting himself when Paddy discovers what Jamie has been up to and tries to be happy with Karen. As much as Karen is repulsed by the sordid nature of her affair with Joe, she is also drawn to it, and is disappointed when Joe briefly stops seeing her.

When he begins going to anger management meetings, Karen repeatedly tries to taunt him, throwing cereal around his shop and offering to resume their fling, but he refuses. Karen, pretending to be Joe's wife, drops into one of his meetings and listens to him as he talks about his attempts to control himself and how much he cares about her and their son. The uneasy distance between Joe and Karen continues until Joe's father dies. Joe wants to start a new life with Karen and Connor and pushes Karen repeatedly to take Connor and leave Jamie.

She also stops taking her medication, with her more erratic personality being closer to Joe than to Jamie. Joe eventually takes matters into his own hands, telling Jamie that he's sleeping with his wife, and he wants her and "their" son.

karen and lip relationship problems

Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what she wants, she leaves with Joe, warning him that Jamie will kill them. In retaliation, Jamie digs up Joe's dead father, and confronts them outside the store, telling Karen it is her last chance to come home with him, and leaving the body at the side of the building.

She stays with Joe, but soon begins to question her choice as she starts taking her bipolar meds again. After some close scrapes, Joe and Karen manage to sneak Connor away from Jamie, and Joe announces they're leaving the Chatsworth estate, although Karen is becoming increasingly unsettled at both the idea of a future with Joe and the feeling that Joe's decided what will happen without giving her a choice. She confides her worries to Ian Gallagher Gerard Kearnswho sneaks into the trunk of the car right before they leave the estate, worried for Karen and Connor.

As Karen's doubts rattle Joe, she is subjected to verbal and finally physical abuse finally realizing Joe has been manipulating her the whole time.

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When Karen attempts to call Jamie, telling Joe this was all a mistake and she had to go home and fix things, Joe begins strangling her. Ian gets out of the trunk, and repeatedly hits Joe in the back of the head while in an act of self defense until he releases her and falls to the ground.

Telling Karen to take Connor back and do whatever it takes to make it work with Jamie, he drags Joe's body to the trunk and then drives the car away leaving Karen to decide to continue on to her planned destination and start a new life with Connor or finally stop running from her problems and take Ian's advice and going back to Chatsworth so Connor could live a normal life with both his parents raising him.

karen and lip relationship problems

After several rough sessions in which he makes it clear that he finds it difficult to forgive her, Jamie tells her that he wants her and Connor back home, and that they will have to see if it can work out. At the beginning of her voiceover for episode four, he lets her out of the cab, and she walks through the Chatsworth estate, with jeers of "slag" and "slapper" being yelled by others, and egg thrown at her. She meets back up with Jamie at the Jockey, where he gives everyone 30 seconds for people to say whatever they like to her, before they accept that she's his wife and he won't allow it to continue.

He then headbutts one man who passed the allotted time before walking out of the room, leaving Karen standing alone.

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Still feeling like an outcast and wanting badly to make her marriage work again, it's only after she runs into Frank at the hospital that she realizes she's tired of being judged for her past mistakes. Jamie used his power of attorney while Karen was Ill to put The Jockey solely in his name, and at first he is very cold towards her after her return, ignoring her suggestions and making it clear that the pub was no longer hers, but his and run with Mimi, leaving Karen feeling very left out.

She explains to him that she knows she has to earn his trust back, and just wants him to give her a chance. After Jamie is overwhelmed by the chaos of trying to organize Libby's wedding party, he asks Karen to help them, finally acknowledging that he does need her, and does appreciate her.

Later, he takes her back into their bed and things begin to return to normal for the couple. Karen briefly tries to run a clown business before several male customers attempt to assault her, during which she shoots one in the thigh with one of the Maguire's stolen guns. In a later episode, we see her standing in front of The Jockey, scowling up at the "Jamie Maguire, proprietor" sign.

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Karen seems bored with life and only finds interest in sleeping around. Karen takes care of her mom and tries to protect her from her dad and the outside world. In the next two seasons, Karen's personality changes for the worst.

karen and lip relationship problems

She becomes more bitter and resentful. She starts to use people, lie, and take advantage of them to get what she wants. However, these shifts were to mask her vulnerabilities as she was devastated when her own father called her a whore, being guilty at sleeping with Lip after just sleeping with his father, and being sad when Lip decided to end things with her permanently.

It is suggested that she truly loved Lip as he was the only person besides her mother to accept her. Karen is considered a sociopath, so much so that Lip even thought she was possibly faking part of her brain damage after her accident and thought the "real Karen" was still in there. But she said she isn't able to feel anymore and didn't know who hit her after she was told. It is possible that it will wear off or it might be permanent.

Apparently, "science just turns her on" and she was happy to repay Lip's tutoring with sexual favors. Karen's father leaves after catching her giving oral sex to Ianwhich she was only doing for Lip to see if Ian was actually gay. Karen and Lip develop a sexual relationship, with Lip clearly falling in love with her, but she refuses to be his girlfriend.

Karen couldn't find who she wanted to be through Lip. Eddie ends up taking Karen to his church's purity ball, in hopes of getting her to stop having sex. She agrees to go in exchange for a car, they have fun together but she ends up getting called a whore by her own father when she admits her sexual history at the ball a required part of the purity ball's program. After this, Karen comes home and vandalizes her dad's room.

Sheila forces him out of their house, and Karen begins to breakdown.

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The next day, Lip finds Karen in the basement spray painting the words, "Fucking Asshole," on the wall. Lip confronts her, and calls her a 'whore,' as well causing her to kick him out. That same night, Karen starts a video blog confronting her dad. She then cries before she is found by a drunken Frank. He tries to comfort her but she shoos him away until calming down and taking his pills before she rapes an unwilling Frank.

She sends the video of the act to Eddie and, he ends up killing himself, as he feels he's failed as a father. Karen is later visited by Lip who apologizes for his earlier words and she forgives him by having sex with him, though is guilty for her act. She tells him to leave after saying they should be friends and he reluctantly complies, though kisses her. Very soon, he learns of her and Frank becoming angry at her while nearly hurting his father though forgives him after he lets him urinate on him.

Karen catches up to Lip and tells him of what really occurred while apologizing for what she did. Season Two She is told of her father's death but does not feel bad about what happened to her father.

To get even with him, she urinates on her father's grave.

karen and lip relationship problems

She is given a party by her mother, being shocked Lip attended and where Frank's mother Peggy Gallagher crashes and she is worried when the latter nearly shoots her mother. Nigel and Delia Gallagher are her half-brother and sister.

Her family life was torn apart when she was caught by her father Eddie giving fellatio to Lip's brother Ian Gallagher in an experiment of Ian's sexuality. After much drama and smashing of windows, Eddie left the household and his family and never had contact with his daughter again, setting the stage for Frank Gallagher 's relationship with Sheila. After Frank moved in with SheilaKaren experienced sexual tension with him, which blossomed into a full-blown secret relationship of which neither Sheila nor Lip were aware of.

Karen became infatuated with Frank, even going so far as to dump Lip for him. However, Steve McBride overheard them having sex in the toilets at parents' evening and confronted Frank in disgust. Frank became scared and cut Karen off completely, leaving her distraught and emotional.

karen and lip relationship problems

Not long afterwards, Lip found out about Frank's affair with Karen and proceeded to violently beat him to a pulp outside of Karen's house. Karen suffered a breakdown from the chaos and left the Chatsworth Estate in disgrace to stay with her grandmother. Barmaid She eventually returned at Christmas and applied for a job at The Jockey. She pretended to be a lesbian in her job interview, which went down well with lesbian landlady Jezwho gave her the job and free accommodation instantly.

Veronica was furious after finding out, as she stood to lose out on all the tips that her boyfriend Kev usually brought in. She also suspected Karen of flirting with Kev and proceeded to headbutt and punch her several times, getting herself repeatedly banned from The Jockey. However, Karen, wanting an end to the violence, proposed a plan which involved Jez walking into the toilets and catching Karen and Veronica kissing passionately.

Not only did Karen and Veronica become friends again, but a shocked Jez unbanned Veronica from the pub due to her belief that she was a secret lesbian, but also warned Veronica to keep her hands off Karen in the future. This also cemented Karen's identity as a lesbian in Jez's eyes. During her life at the pub, Karen became a close friend to fellow bartender Kev and regularly helped him with his illiteracy.

She also became very distanced and alienated from her mother Sheilathrough general lack of interest. She also treated her regular customer and old flame Frank with total contempt. Upon witnessing him about to cheat on Sheila with a brewery official, she threatened to wreck his life forever if he went ahead. Series 5 saw her becoming increasingly, albeit grudgingly more integrated with the Maguire Family and their somewhat violent way of life.