Keke and nico rosberg relationship

‘Nico knows what it means to me,’ says Keke after Rosberg family F1 double | Sport | The Guardian

keke and nico rosberg relationship

Dec 2, Nico Rosberg opened up on the secrets of his title-winning season and the difficulties of his relationship with Lewis Hamilton in a and revealed: "The first thing I did really was to look where my dad [ champion Keke] is. Nov 28, Nico Rosberg's Formula One championship makes him only the second son of a champion to take the title since Here's a look at the. Keijo Erik Rosberg known as "Keke", is a Finnish former racing driver and winner of the Formula One World Championship. He was the first Finnish driver to compete regularly in the series. He is the father of retired Formula One driver and Formula One world champion Nico Rosberg.

Lewis Hamilton claims Nico Rosberg is 'not really German' ahead of his home race | F1 News

Rosberg's first memorable season came in a year where no driver won more than two races. With Ferrari 's season marred by the death of Gilles Villeneuve at Zolderthe career-ending injuries to Didier Pironi at Hockenheim and the turbocharged Brabham - BMW and Renault cars suffering from poor reliability and not helped by Brabham continually changing between the Ford V8 and the BMW turboconsistency won Rosberg the Drivers' Championshipdespite his Williams FW07C using the normally aspirated Ford DFY V8 engine which was considered outdated and out-matched against the vastly more powerful turbo cars.

keke and nico rosberg relationship

Rosberg won the championship with a five-point gap to Didier Pironi, with the latter missing the last four races of the championship due to injuries sustained at the German Grand Prix. Rosberg driving for Williams at the German Grand Prix.

Rosberg's post-championship years would be hamstrung by both uncompetitive chassis from Williams, and the powerful but unreliable Honda turbo engine. However, by this time, Ferrari, Renault and BMW had got their act together and the reliability of their turbo engines was starting to match their speed and power output.

Rosberg still put his Williams FW08 on pole for the opening race of the season in Brazil where he was disqualified from 2nd place because he was push started in the pits after he was forced to abandon his car in his pit bay due to a fuel vapor fireand then won both the non-championship Race of Champions at Brands Hatch and in Monaco thanks to a clever choice of slicks at the start when all others started on wets, but it was increasingly obvious that without a turbo charged engine, results would be scarce.

To that end, Frank Williams concluded a deal to run the Honda V6 turbo engine in his cars. Honda had come back into Formula One that year with the Spirit team and results had been slow with unreliability, but they were enthusiastic about joining Williams who had a reputation as a Championship-winning team.

Rosberg finished in 5th place to give him 5th place in the championship. During the year, Rosberg earned the title "King of the atmospherics". The Finn managed to tame both the car and engine long enough to win the Dallas Grand Prixbut his only other podium for the year was a second at the season opener in Brazil the 3rd time in succession he finished second in Brazil, but the only one from which he was not disqualified. After a frustrating year he finished the championship in eighth place with Rosberg managed to qualify 4th in his Ralt RT4 Ford despite spending most of the day with fellow aviation enthusiast Lauda his teammate for the race attending an air show at the nearby Essendon Airport.

After an early race dice with Lauda and a clash with Terry Ryan while lapping the young Australian which put him off the short 1. For the first few races the team used the engines until Honda introduced an upgraded version which improved power delivery, fuel economy and most importantly, reliability. Rosberg's pole-winning lap at Silverstone created history when he lapped the 4. As it was the final race of the season, it was also Rosberg's final race for Williams.

keke and nico rosberg relationship

Keke gave the winners trophy to his race engineer, Frank Dernie. The win enhanced Rosberg's reputation as a "street fighter" as four of his five championship Grand Prix wins Monaco, Dallas, Detroit and Adelaide had all come on street circuits.

keke and nico rosberg relationship

Just as the Honda engine began producing regular results, Rosberg decided to leave Williams at the end of and signed for McLarenwinners of the and Drivers' and Constructors' championships. The Williams-Honda team would go on to dominate Grand Prix racing in and through The final year — McLaren: It wasn't until it became known Barnard was leaving for Ferrari that the designer allowed Rosberg to fundamentally change his cars set up to suit his style.

keke and nico rosberg relationship

Ironically this coincided with Rosberg's only pole position of the season in Germany. On top of that, the fatal crash of Rosberg's close friend Elio de Angelis while testing a Brabham at the Paul Ricard circuit in France in May deeply affected him and he retired at the end of the season.

So any time I changed the kart during the free practice, they could see that it was the same for both. Maybe because Lewis was winning and that's how he was sure the kart was good.

Anthony, of course, couldn't say much to Lewis cause he was never a driver himself - but when Keke said something, the boys couldn't say no because he was an F1 world champion. XPB Images The relationship between Hamilton and Rosberg has become famously strained during the two seasons of Mercedes dominance, with points of contention ranging from the decisive Spa collision in to the passive-aggressive cap throwing last year in Austin.

But their former karting boss finds it hard to believe that the duo no longer get on. You know better than I do, probably. It sure looks like they aren't anymore — but I think they still are.

Keke Rosberg

They can't be enemies. They nearly destroyed their room, they put the mattress out of the window.

keke and nico rosberg relationship

The reception guys called me in the middle of the night and I had to hide that fact from their dads, cause they'd kill me if they knew. That is why I think they're still friends - if you stay for two years together in the same room when you are younger, you will never forget that.

It's kind of like that when you serve in the army and you don't forget your friends from the army.

The Fastest Lap In F1 - Keke Rosberg's Silverstone Flier

XPB Images Hamilton's dominant campaign raised some serious doubts over whether Rosberg could ever reliably match his teammate — and while the German quelled some of those fears with a three-race winning streak in the end, it's still up for debate whether he is capable of beating Hamilton to the title. And this is a query Chiesa himself has no definite answer to. If we go back to karting, where they did around 30 races, I believe that Nico, in qualifying, beat Lewis 20 to He's more aggressive, more all-or-nothing.

Nico is the kind of driver who's okay with finishing second to score points for the championship — but Lewis doesn't really care about the championship, he cares about every single race.

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