Konata and kagami relationship problems

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konata and kagami relationship problems

Konata stretched and ran a hand through Kagami's hair, "I don't .. with a look that said triumph, "Just some relationship issues nothing that big. Kagami sees her simple-mindedness as something desirable Throughout Lucky Star, it is a running gag that the sisters both envy the others. I was just wondering about Kagami Yoshimizu's character/relationship creation in the Anime Lucky Star Did she intend for some of the.

Challenge… facing down the usual problems of many high school girls. But between keeping her grades up, helping at Takanomiya Shrine, and acting as class president, Kagami still manages to find time to hang out with her friends. Personality… responsible and headstrong, but far less prickly than she often acts.

Intelligent and serious, Kagami can come off as cold to those who don't know her well — and admittedly, she often does act pretty aloof, even around her friends. But her icy exterior ultimately fools no one. Deep down, like most high school girls, Kagami just wants to be loved, too. See our top-ranked characters and read their profiles.

Gambler stars in this uproarious comedy as a professional Stephen Chow impersonator who dreams of becoming the next big comedy superstar.

konata and kagami relationship problems

However, he discovers the harsh reality of the entertainment world when he realizes that investors only want him for his impersonation skills instead of his talent. Related Characters Fans of her like these other characters in entertainment. She glanced at Yutaka, who was now completely lost.

Kagami-senpai has that aggressive edge that would make anyone, boy or girl, be receptive to their demands! Semes and ukes operate independently of the dere ratio! Look, picture it this way: Are they having a sleepover? They're on the bottom, but they have the control!

Konata x Kagami Evidence

My cousin isn't a machine…. Her eyes pleaded at Hiyori to end this argument as soon as possible. You gals look like you're talking about something intense! Misao Kusakibe and Ayano Minegishi. Misao-senpai, you'd probably agree. Is Konata a power bottom?

This couldn't keep going, but at least being literal would save Yutaka's innocence. A power bottom generates the power, and clearly, that can't be from Izumi.

Kagami Completes Konata

I think she has a Haruhi Suzumiya figurine on her shelf! Not quite what we're talking about, squirt. Hiiragi is the power bottom, while Izumi is the submissive top.

konata and kagami relationship problems

How can you top and be submissive? Y'know, because of her weight problems. Dere Ratio times Romantic Nature divided by Height.

konata and kagami relationship problems

Is a tsundere a seme, Patricia-san? It is scientific proof that the tsundere is always the seme!

konata and kagami relationship problems

They have the moments of being abrasive, but they have the moments of being insecure or tender! Yutaka gasped in understanding, but Minami's headache was only getting worse.

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You don't have to be female to be a tsundere," Ayano countered. She smiled at all of the familiar faces. I'm not interrupting anything, am I? Konata or your sister? That'd be my sister, I guess….

konata and kagami relationship problems

Who is more confident in…. Kona-chan would probably stall Kuroi-sensei as hard as she could, but my sister would solve it in a minute or so! Looks like that proves it, Martin! You know, they kiss, one of them takes their shirt off, and then-" "What Misao is trying to say," Ayano began, face flushed and angry at her short friend, "is that yaoi is a male topic, so we don't need to talk about it here.

You might be biased because she's your sister….

Konata x Kagami Evidence

Oh please don't tell me you're going to ask her Minami thought, now fearful. I think w-we've had enough…" "Kuroi-sensei! Hiyori was still drawing, now blocking out everything else around her, and Yutaka was just following along as best she could.

Which wasn't a lot. Stupid janitors can't even do their jobs…. Izumi, Hiiragi, top, bottom, go!