Kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship questions

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship questions

Super Junior members towards Sungmin since his marriage announcement Leeteuk and Heechul on 12 Dec the night before the wedding. .. And I wouldn't be surprised if half the members have issues with sungmin. Once Ryeowook and Donghae were eating strawberries in a room. Donghae wanted to ask Yesung to join them but Ryeowook said “it would be fine if only 2 of . With all the problems that Kyuhyun had faced and was still facing, Hankyung wondered if that Ryeowook hoped that this flu would not harm Kyuhyun's lungs . It really made Kibum think about his relationship with Kyuhyun.

After Shindong left the room, Heechul finally calmed down, causing Donghae to look around at the sudden lack of complaints. Soft pats were all he got, however, and Donghae looked up in confusion, expecting a playful smack to the head. Then he realized Donghae was staring at him curiously. He blushed lightly and withdrew his hand. Whenever Hannie and I have a fight, we scream it out until it's all resolved…" "You scream it all out at me. Hankyung, knowing that it was already hard enough for Heechul to have a talk like this with his dongsaeng, finally decided that it was time to intervene.

Leeteuk studied his magnae's face carefully. It was bored to death.

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It's almost Christmas, and our next big concert is coming up. We need to get everyone back together again.

So I'm asking you, are you really okay with Sungmin's-" "No, obviously no-" "So then why don't you do anyt-" "You think I haven't tri-" "I think you've given u-" "I think you don't understand. Kyuhyun wondered why Leeteuk was suddenly all up in his business. But then he reminded himself that Leeteuk was the leader of the group and was only trying to help.

He sighed and broke off eye contact. Sensing submission, Leeteuk took the opportunity to present his idea. Do you want to make use of those skills?

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship questions

I have an idea that you might like. Kibum was standing there, holding onto a few sheets of paper and a pen. Don't you have schedules today? Kibum was probably one of the most understanding members, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad to finally let someone hear him out.

Kibum wondered why the members always had to ask him questions like that. Usually you two are pretty close, right? He kept trying to persuade me, and eventually I got a little upset. So I thought maybe it would be better to leave things hanging without a goodbye so that when he comes back, it'd just be like the end of a really long day… I mean, I don't say goodbye to him when he leaves for schedules…" "Hyung, does that even make sense?

And Kibum's face never oozed anything unless the filming required it. Then it hit him. But it's because you have feelings for him right? It was too easy. You probably upset him, and you're upset that you upset him, so go apologize and everything will be okay.

Yesung, taken aback, paused for a moment. When Kibum showed no signs of continuing his sentence, Yesung hesitantly went on. I should give him space…" It was too predictable. No matter who it was, every member who came to Kibum with relationship problems had these sentiments. You'll be giving him the space you think he needs.

Then he looked up at Kibum and opened his mouth to say something.

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Just before his voice came out, however, he stopped. But writing lyrics is really hard…" "Can I help? Only one section is unfinished. It's a love song, a ballad — probably not too slow. I need a three to four line verse. But Yesung didn't seem to notice the out-of-place "probably.

His pen started to move, and soon, three fluid lines had been written out. He handed them over to Kibum. Waving the paper up in the air, he paused and turned back. That didn't seem like the normal Kibum… It seemed like he was up to something.

Eunhyuk looked around nervously. If Donghae found him in Siwon's room again, it'd probably be the end of his world. Siwon noticed his fidgeting. Just give him some time to cool down, and then we'll go and explain everything to him.

The chance that you'll run into Donghae will be a lot lower. If that'll put you at ease… Because I really need you to concentrate for this. By the way, what did you call me here for?

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship questions

If we go out, would that be a problem? Following suit, Eunhyuk pulled on a large sweater and scarf.

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On his way past Hankyung and Heechul's room, he noticed Donghae at Hankyung's desk, with Heechul on one side of him and Hankyung on the other, arms drapped over him in a protective hug. Highfives and "I'm confident!!!!!!!!!!!! This might come as a surprise, but Kangin I think stated that Ryeowook is his favorite dongsaeng. Fact is, they are very close. In one video, they shared a hotel room.

Leeteuk comes in and sees them wrestling with each other XD And Kanging did this absolute sweet phone call suprise on Sukira for his solo debut. Not close at all in the past. Very awkward if you've seen Intimate Note. It's gotten better though, and I think they are close now. Eunhyuk even cried when Heechul went to the army.

That's what I'd describe their relationship. It's become more comfortable though ever since Kyuhyun's accident as he visited Kyuhyun a lot in the hospital they literally had accidents back to back. Also, don't forget that Kyuhyun will always be thankful towards Heechul for not returning to Radio Star.

Kyuhyun takes good care of Henry. Thanks to him, Henry got some main exposure in Happy Together watch it, I laughed my ass of at Henry's dorkiness and is now popular.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship questions

Even if he doesn't call Kyuhyun that often anymore, Henry still cares about Kyuhyun as seen recently in Kyuhyun's birthday surpise. No idea if anything has changed. Yesung doesn't seem to realize it, but the two don't talk to each other as shown on Shinhwa Broadcast.

kyuhyun and ryeowook relationship questions

I think Sungmin thinks Yesung is too weird for him XD Even the other members think they aren't friends. Shindong said one time that he can't imagine eating dinner just with him, lol. Again, respect is how I would describe their relationship.

Who is close with whom in Super Junior?

He firmly believes that he will become the next Nation's host some big words there, Kyuhyun. In the beginning, it felt more like Yesung had to look after the maknaes though XD I'd say Yesung is a bit closer to Ryeowook though.

Very close back then. Dude, Heechul was always so sad when his best friend left off for China. But he hates to be his translator.

I actually believe they are the closest with each other in the group. They are same-age after all and after hold onto each other when they burst out in laughter. Siwon is so strangely attached to this maknae, lol. To Siwon, the best day as a Super Junior member was when Kyuhyun was released from the hospital in Gosh, this became way too long.