Lex and lana relationship

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lex and lana relationship

Lana Lang is a fictional supporting character appearing in American comic books published by .. Lana's relationship with Lex Luthor breaks off after she tries to pass information on to Clark about Luthor's plots. She later appears in " Obsession". These fanfics are a collection of LexLana stories. This community contains Lex visits Lana in Paris and their relationship takes a different turn. Lexana, post. The Majority of fans stopped watching Smallville once Lana and Lex left . Even in superman 3 Clark start dating Lana over lois,why couldn't.

Supergirl is soon captured and awakens bound and gagged at the feet of Lana, whom the Insect Queen now possesses. The Queen reveals to Supergirl that during her last encounter with Lana, she injected her with a portion of her DNA and has been slowly taking control of her body for the past year, with the ultimate goal of capturing a Kryptonian to use as a template for an army of hybird insects.

Supergirl breaks free and is able to expel the Queen from Lana's body with help from Kryptonian technology, and Lana returns to her normal state. While Lana is recovering, Supergirl visits her. Supergirl tells Lana she can no longer be a part of her family because of her lies about her condition. In this new timeline, Lana is a childhood friend of Clark and has been privy to Clark's unusual abilities from an early age.

It is hinted that adult Clark still harbors romantic feelings for Lana. Futures EndLang was among the countless Earth 2 refugees who escaped Darkseid and his Parademon army's destruction of their home world and relocated to Prime Earth.

Ending up working in the Cadmus Island sub-basement under King FaradayLana was able to conceal her meta-human biology from everyone, except Cole Cash.

Lex and Lana should never have gotten together. : Smallville

Lana and Cole eventually escaped the island together but were then forced to visit the Earth Registration Authority, where it was reported that Cole Cash had died nine years prior, forcing him to re-register under the legal name "Cole Lang"- Lana's husband and an Earth-2 native. Shortly afterwards, Lana adopted Susan Lang, formerly Fifty Sue, a super-powered little girl she had met on Cadmus island. A pre-Flashpoint Clark Kent discovered Lana under a memorial for Superman, where she revealed that she had made a promise to move Clark's remains next to his family's in Smallville, Kansas.

The Pre-Flashpoint Clark had her take him to the Fortress of Solitude to see if he could revive Superman as he had assumed but realized that he couldn't. He then took Lana to Smallville and helped her to re-bury Superman's remains. It is subsequently revealed that, apparently due to their presence at the death of the New 52 Clark Kent, Lana and Lois have acquired powers, each calling themselves 'Superwoman', with Lois demonstrating Superman's traditional powers while Lana manifests a form similar to the more recent 'Superman Red', able to absorb and generate multiple forms of energy.

Although Lana initially plans to operate in secret, after Lois is killed, she begins taking on a more active role as Superwoman. She continues to function as Superwoman but is ultimately de-powered and returns to normal life. Other versions[ edit ] Batman: Over the course of the story, she becomes Batman 's most outspoken supporter, appearing in a series of TV debates in which she and others argue over his methods and influence.

Generations' Lana has become immortal, gained metahuman abilities, and lived hundreds of years into the future, due to her constant exposure to magics and biochemicals. She has joined Superman in space as his wife, after searching for him for centuries and agrees to work with him and Batman to police the far, wild corners of known space. The NailLana is a doctor at a research facility dedicated to studying metahumans in the belief that they are alien invaders, although she secretly helps smuggle various heroes out of the facility to hide with the Kents who in this reality never found Kal-El's ship.

Lana appears as Lena in the story, on an alternate Earth where Kal-L's rocket landed in Sudetenlandin Nazi Germany 's pre-war empire in On this Earth the United States falls in AprilSixty years later, Lena is Overman's consort, but their relationship is cold and loveless.

She is concerned and angered about the loss of her acquired youth and chides him for mourning Overgirl, dismissing her as a mere clone, and is nervous about Freedom Fighters terrorism.

Red Son[ edit ] In Superman: Lana grew up in the Ukraine along with the young Superman after his escape vessel landed there while he was an infant. She becomes a tour guide in a Superman museum and occasionally accompanies Superman to public events in the sixties.

Lana Lazarenko's ultimate fate is uncertain, as she does not appear in the final segment of that graphic novel, set in Janet Waldo voiced her in all three seasons. Lana also appeared in the Superman animated. Lana Lang, as she appeared in Superman: The pilot episode of Superman: The Animated Series followed the " post-Crisis " comics, with Lana being the first person Clark confided in about his superpowers.

Kelley Schmidt voiced the young Lana, and Joely Fisher voiced the adult version of her. She mentioned that she had a crush on Clark since the age of three.


Lana, as an adult, first appears in "My Girl", as a famous fashion designer who already knows Superman's secret identity. Lana's relationship with Lex Luthor breaks off after she tries to pass information on to Clark about Luthor's plots. She later appears in "Obsession" and makes a cameo in the ending of the episode "The Late Mr. Kent", providing a cover story for Clark's reappearance after he was presumed dead after an attempt on his life. Lana appears in a cameo in Justice League the episode "Hereafter.

In this dream world, Superman is living on Krypton with a wife. The physical appearance of Superman's wife suggests a combination of Lois and Lana, as the character has the voice and appearance of Lois but with red hair, and she is listed as Loana. Superman and his wife have a son named Van-El. Superman's father, Jor-Elis also living with them.

Dana Delanywho voices Lois Lane in Superman: Lana makes a non-speaking cameo appearance in the Batman: In a scene that directly homages the cover to Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane 26, Lana and a Red Kryptonite -infected Superman are shown relaxing together on a beach while a stunned Lois watches them in horror.

The New Adventures of Superman. Kristin Kreuk portrays Lana Lang in Smallville. In the late s-early s Superboy television series, Stacy Haiduk played Lana. In this version, she was a life-long friend of Clark, who accompanied him to Shuster University named after Superman's co-creator and later the Bureau for Extra-Normal Matters, where she and Clark investigated all of the unusual incidents that took place in Capitol City, Florida.

The Season 3 episode, "Tempus, Anyone?

lex and lana relationship

Wellstheir words suggesting that they intend to rescue the alternate Lois. In this reality, a blonde Lana is engaged to Clark, and she encourages him to keep his abilities secret, warning him that he'll be locked up and sent to a government laboratory if people find out about his superpowers. Lana ends the relationship after the mainstream universe Lois persuades this world's Clark to become Superman and battle the villain Tempus. Though the mainstream universe's Lana never appeared, dialogue between Lois and Clark suggests that the latter broke up with Lana during high school on good terms, although they remain in touch as friends.

It's also implied that Lana, like her parallel universe counterpart, knew of Clark's secrets. In a marked contrast to the red-headed Lana Lang who appears in the Superman comic books, Kreuk is a brunette. Lana is said to be descended on her mother's side from a French witchCountess Marguerite Isobel Theroux, whose vengeful spirit returns to possess her in a story line taking up much of season 4, and also a great niece of Louise McCallum, the first love of Clark's biological father, Jor-El.

lex and lana relationship

This initial scenario also incorporated elements of the and Superman movies by introducing the character of Whitney FordmanLana's quarterback boyfriend and Clark's antagonist, at the beginning of the series.

Following Whitney's departure at the end of the first season, their relationship varied over the next few years, Clark occasionally attempting to date Lana before his fears over her reaction to his secret caused him to retreat, these fears made even worse since he blames himself for the death of Lana's parents in the same meteor shower that brought him to Smallville. Although the two begin dating at the end of Season Four after Jor-El takes Clark's powers as punishment for disobeying him, Clark begins to draw back after he regains his abilities because he is afraid of hurting her if they are intimate.

Although he reveals his secret in the mid-season finale of Season Five, he turns back time and erases this confession after Lana is killed in an accident, subsequently breaking up with her after his father's death. Lana goes on to date and marry Lex Luthor after discovering that she is supposedly pregnant. The two divorce when Lana learns that Lex faked her pregnancy to get her to marry him.

Lana once again starts to date Clark after he admits his secret to her. Although they are involved for most of Season Seven, Lana's attempts to take down Lex while spying on him without Clark's knowledge, along with such factors as her spending a few weeks involved with Clark's Phantom Zone duplicate without realizing the difference and Brainiac attacking her and sending her into a coma, culminate in Lana leaving Clark at the end of the season.

Lana returns to Smallville her character only appeared in five episodes in Season Eight to attend Chloe Sullivan and Jimmy Olsen 's wedding, and also to acquire a special nanotechnology suit Lex Luthor has developed, giving her superpowers matching Clark's. Unfortunately, one of Lana's new powers gives her the ability to drain energy from kryptoniteresulting in her suit constantly giving out its deadly radiation after she absorbs some of it.

lex and lana relationship

Clark is thus weakened when he gets close to her. Lex Luthor, in a last attempt at revenge, threatens to blow up the entire Daily Planet building with kryptonite explosives. Lana and Clark share a kiss before they decide that she has to absorb the kryptonite from the bomb, leaving the nanites embedded on her skin supposedly permanently irradiated. Later at the barn, Clark attempts to kiss Lana again and as he does, green veins crawl up his face, showing that he is dying from the close exposure to kryptonite.

Lana breaks off the kiss, not being able to stand the pain she is causing him. She runs off in tears and Clark is left on the floor. In the series finale, when a dying Tess Mercer erases a resurrected Lex Luthor's memories, Lana is seen in flashbacks as one of the many people Lex will never remember.

However, Lex got Jason fired after he discovered his relationship with Lana. It is not known if this was an act of jealousy or morality. Towards the end of this season Clark and Lana became closer after her relationship with Jason broke down. Clark and Lana declare their love for each other before the second meteor shower. However, she still has a close relationship with Lex, who is very protective of her.

He threatens his father after he sends Genevieve Teague after Lana to get one of the Stones of Power, as he is deeply concerned for her safety. He then helps Lana cover up Genevieve's murder. Season Five Finally, Clark and Lana were able to have a proper relationship this season, which even resulted in a marriage proposalbefore Clark changed time.

They consummated their relationshiphowever, everything did not run smoothly in their relationship, as Clark was still keeping his powers secret from her. Lana initially felt that she could disregard this even when Clark was resurrected after he was shot.

She even defended him against Lex, who tried to investigate Clark's miraculous recovery by asking his doctors for his medical files. Lana was furious with Lex and tried to prove that Clark's test results were normal, but Lex remained suspicious. As Lex's investigation into Clark had cost him their friendship, when Clark discovered that Lex was responsible for releasing three meteor freak criminals to test Clark's abilities, Lex could see the same would happen with Lana if he pursued the investigation, so Lex put it to the back of his mind and focused on researching the second meteor shower.

Lex requested Lana's help with this and they became partners to discover the truth, although this was kept secret from Clark. As they spent more time together, Lex's feelings for Lana grew and, as his relationship with Clark had broken down completely, he had no loyalty left for Clark and so began to act on his feelings for Lana. Their secret investigation put Lana in harms way when two police officers threatened to kill Lana if Lex did not reveal where the Black Ship was.

Lex remained protective of her and risked his life to save her, getting shot in the process. While he laid in his panic room bleeding to death with Lana, he confided in her that he wished he was more like Clark, even admiring Clark's hair.

Lex and Lana's relationship continued to grow from then on, which concerned Clark. When Clark saw them hugging in the hospital, he was shocked how close they were and left without speaking. Initially, Lana rejected Lex's advances. However, Lex hired a hypnotist to split Clark and Lana up and discover Clark's secret. Although this did not expose Clark's secret, the plan was successful in splitting Clark and Lana up.

Despite separating, Clark still loved Lana and claimed that the separation was to protect Lana from the pain of being lied to. Once they had separated, it didn't take Lex long to make his move. On the rebound, Lana started a relationship with Lex, as he had shown that he was more dependable than Clark throughout the season. This is something that had worried Clark, as seen in one of his paranoid delusions after exposure to Silver kryptonite.

Despite Lana's previous claim that she could never love Lex, their relationship progressed at an alarming rate. Lana was drawn closer to Lex when she believed that he had saved her life after Graham Garrett attacked them.

However, in actual fact it was Clark that had saved both of them, despite being angry with them for not telling him about their relationship. Lex had encouraged Lana to tell Clark, but Clark had already seen them kissing, which he found difficult to deal with.

After Clark finally discovered that Lex and Lana were in a relationship, he regretted letting her go, but he saw no way back for them from that point. Nevertheless, Clark was still concerned for Lex when he discovered his involvement with Milton Fine. Lana arrived at her dorm room to find Clark rifling through her things, which made her extremely angry, but he insisted that he was doing this to help Lex and urged her to reveal where his lab was.

When she did, Clark arrived there after Fine had attacked Lex. Seeing that he was alive, although injured, Clark decided not to help, indicating a shift in their relationship. Although Clark didn't want Lex to be killed, he did not necessarily want to spare him pain.

Lex and Lana's relationship progressed quickly and she was very protective of him. She went out of her way to show her commitment by managing to get to the rooftop of LuthorCorp where she and Lex had agreed to meet, despite the riots of Dark Thursday.

However, Lex had been possessed by General Zod. Despite Clark and Lex's friendship being obliterated, when Lex was possessed by General ZodClark went out of his way to do anything that wouldn't kill him, even though Jor-El insisted it was the only way. This was more to do with Clark valuing all human life, rather than a sign that he still likes Lex. Oddly, Lana was more amenable to the idea of sacrificing Lex to kill Zod. Nevertheless, Clark was able to save Lex and defeat Zod.

After the riots ended, Lana moved into the Luthor Mansion. Lex was later kidnapped and Lionel begged Clark to rescue him, though Clark said they didn't have much to do with each other anymore. Nevertheless, when Lana was also kidnapped, Clark made an effort to rescue them. Lex and Lana consummated their relationship and Lana soon discovered that she was pregnant. This led to Lex proposing to Lana, but she didn't reply immediately and admitted to Chloe that she still loved Clark.

Lex and Lana

Linda Lake overheard this and printed it in the Daily Planetwhich gave Clark hope that their relationship could still be salvaged.

This made Lex very defensive of Lana and, when Clark tried to see her, Lex lied and said she wasn't there. Lex was clearly jealous of the feelings that he knew Lana still had for Clark and was keen to push her into making a decision. When Clark discovered that Lana was pregnant, he gave up all hope of a reconciliation, which led Lana to accepting Lex's proposal. Clark was deeply troubled by Lex and Lana's relationship, as he knew how dangerous Lex was and didn't want Lana to get hurt.

His deeper feelings were exposed when Red kryptonite infected Clark and he went on a jealous rampage, crashing Lex and Lana's engagement dinner. He told Lana not to marry Lex but marry him instead. He suggested that to Lex she is just a trophy, and that Lex is nothing more than her consolation prize for not being with him.

Lana was angry that Clark had only decided to act on his feelings now rather than using all the other opportunities that Lana had given him. Lex came to save Lana from Clark and stabbed him with a chisel, which Lana later found bent on the floor. Despite kidnapping Lana, Clark and Lana's relationship was quickly repaired when he saved her from an obessessed security guard. Lana's closeness to Clark was mainly due to her heightened intrigue over Clark's secret, but she also claimed to feel safer at the Kent Farm.

Lex found this hard to believe, considering recent events, but nevertheless invited Clark to the wedding to let him see what he lost. Considering Lex had once been so kind and generous to Clark this is a very cruel act, signifying a deep change in their relationship.

On the day of the weddingClark tried to convince Lana not to marry Lex, which she was already having second thoughts about after discovering Clark's secret. However, Lionel threatened to kill Clark if she didn't honor the promise she made to Lex. Out of love for Clark she went through with the wedding.

Shortly afterwards, she had a miscarriagemaking her regret her decision even more. A week laterClark rushed Lana to the hospital after she was attacked by a meteor-freak controlled by Moira Sullivan to kill Lex.