Lexi and stefan relationship

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lexi and stefan relationship

The series finale ended on a shot of Damon finding Stefan in the afterlife, back to the place their relationship was when they were human teenagers. high school to find Lexi waiting for him against his favorite vintage car. Stefan & Lexi @Kat Ellis winegarden you were right. They have been setting up this relationship!. “Lexi and Stefan will never hook up,” Arielle insisted after clarifying that Instead , their platonic relationship is much stronger than any fleeting.

He, being reserved as always, declines. Elena gives up on him, but then Stefan surprises her by spinning her around and showing her just how well he can dance. This moment was so poignant in the context of an episode fraught with danger, that these two could find joy in each other in the midst of that situation; that Stefan couldn't bear to see her disappointed and put aside his natural reserve to make her smile and laugh; the unfettered happiness and sense of ease between the two of them was beautiful.

This is reflective of so much of their relationship: Stefan and Elena can find magic in the mundane, as long as they're together, it's a sort of alchemy, to take the dross that life gives you and spin it into treasured moments. This is why the relationship will persevere above all others. If you can weather the tough times together, if you can laugh and be joyful when life is at its bleakest, then everything else is cakewalk.

See also the Ferris wheel scene or the dance in Miss Mystic Falls to name a few examples. It's exciting to see a relationship in which both parties have the opportunity to be strong; to lift the other up when they fall; to support wherever needed; to break down when it all becomes too much without shame.

Would Stefan and Lexi Ever Hook Up on Vampire Diaries?

We saw Elena fight for Stefan in "Blood Brothers," she saw the ugliest side of him, and she still didn't walk away. And again in "Kill or Be Killed. Stefan gave her space as she asked, but still came to surprise her, and showed her he's there for her.

That sort of honesty and support is amazing. That final scene of 2. One day, Lexi was changed into a vampire by a man she met who asked her if she wanted to live forever so she could take care of her brother.

They set her cottage on fire, trying to kill Lexi but she escaped. Her brother, however, didn't; he was only 16 years old. Lexi in the s InLexi arrived in Mystic Falls and met a newly turned vampire named Stefan Salvatorewho tried to attack her, not realizing that she was also a vampire.

After discovering that Stefan was a ripperLexi took it upon herself to help Stefan recover his humanity and keep his addiction in check, and they became close friends. Lexi found Stefan again in April ofagain he was off the rails terrorizing and killing innocent people.

She got him on the mend, spending over a decade rehabilitating him before he was finally off of human blood around They maintained their friendship and would spend his birthday together every year, once attending a Bon Jovi concert.

Stefan Salvatore

At that particular concert, unbeknownst to either of them, Katherine Pierce observed them from afar. She knew that Damon was also in New Orleans, and told Stefan that it was time for him to make peace with his brother. She argued that once Stefan found out that Damon had murdered twelve innocent people without guilt or remorse, Stefan would turn to Damon for guidance about how to live that way.

Damon reluctantly agreed and walked away from Stefan and the war. Lexi and Damon in Lexi tracks down Damon because his reckless behavior was getting him noticed. Damon on the other hand, does feed on humans.

lexi and stefan relationship

Wesley "adores" Somerhalder, who he said he has "natural chemistry" with. Wesley described Damon and Stefan as having a "silent understanding of the fact that they both are in love with the same girl", and "that was Stefan's girl, and now Damon is suddenly a real factor, he's really in the picture". Wesley said "he's terrified, and he hates himself for it. He runs from that part of himself, but she turns him around and tells him not to be afraid.

She touches his face, and she thinks he's beautiful. It's so intimate, that moment, because she accepts the darkest part of him. When the original vampire Klaus Mikaelson Joseph Morgan is feared dead, it is revealed that everyone in his bloodline will die, including Stefan and Damon.

In what International Business Times called "the moment Vampire Diaries fans have been waiting for", Elena had to pick to say goodbye to Stefan or Damon. She ended up choosing Stefan. Stefan became heartbroken, feeling angry and betrayed, and lashed out at Damon and Elena.

Of his blood addiction, Wesley said: He's a drug addict. I get to play a drug addict, which I love. I'm going back to his days of usage, heavy usage. When I'm in my lustful state, it's so much fun. I felt like I got to play a role that I'd never played before.

I felt like I was doing something different. I just love it, and I hope it comes out the way that I envisioned. Wesley said "everybody has a dark side, especially a vampire, and it'd be unrealistic not to explore that".

lexi and stefan relationship

His humanity was taken away by Klaus, and the audience met "The Ripper", his "bloodthirsty, ruthless alter-ego who had previously only been legend" according to Zap2itwho found "this sociopath version of our hero far more compelling than his usual compassionate martyr self".

He said "Good Stefan doesn't feel as natural in terms of what I want to be doing on screen, and what I want to be saying. I feel a little stifled, myself, whenever he's resisting the urge to do vampiresque things. Stefan is the younger brother of Damon.

When Stefan and Damon were human, they were very close and were best friends in life.

lexi and stefan relationship

Damon always confided and trusted in Stefan and they always defended each other, especially to their father, and was fiercely loyal to him. However, this all seemed to change when Stefan and Damon fell in love with the same girl, Katherine Pierce, who turned out to be a vampire.

Stefan fell deeply in love with Katherine before finding out she was a vampire. Katherine, however, compelled Stefan to not be afraid, also to keep her secret and go on as they were. It was also revealed that Katherine compelled Stefan to drink her vampire blood against his will.

Damon, on the other hand, drank Katherine's blood willingly, wanting and desiring the immortal life in order to spend an eternity with Katherine.

InStefan was turned into a vampire after being shot by his father, Giuseppe, along with his brother, Damon with Katherine's blood in his system, before accidentally killing his father during a visit to tell him that he was going to let himself die. Damon, who turned into a vampire as well, promised Stefan an eternity of misery as he was angry that Stefan had forced him to turn and jealous that Katherine had also turned Stefan.

A newborn vampire with uncontrollable blood lust, Stefan was unable to resist the temptations of human blood and became severely out of control and addicted later on known as the Ripper to the blood, killing many people because of his lack of control and extreme bloodlust.

However, Stefan learned to change his ways when he was taught to control it by a vampire named Alexia "Lexi" Branson, who later on became Stefan's best friend and companion. After decades of absence from the town he called home, Stefan returned to Mystic Falls to visit his home and Zach. It was then and there that Stefan fatefully encountered Elena Gilbert for the first time.

After only being able to save Elena, Stefan noticed that she looked exactly like Katherine. Season [ edit ] Stefan and Elena begin a relationship and he revealed to her that he is a vampire. However, Damon returns to Mystic Falls, too, and also falls in love with Elena.

Further on in the series, Damon and Stefan start to bond as brothers again and it becomes apparent that they do love each other. Because of his addiction to human blood, Stefan only drank animal blood in the beginning of the series, which made him weaker than other vampires.

In season two, Stefan starts to take small amounts of Elena's blood each day to mitigate its effect on him and to increase his strength. When Katherine returns it is discovered that she had always loved Stefan and not Damon; however, Stefan is in love with Elena and not interested in Katherine. Stefan starts to build a friendship with Caroline Forbes after she is turned into a vampire.