Lexie and sloan relationship test

Only The Most Hardcore Grey's Anatomy Fans Will Pass This Quiz

lexie and sloan relationship test

Can you name the Grey's Anatomy Relationships Test your knowledge on this Television Quiz / Grey's Anatomy Relationship Betrayals. Random Lexie Grey. Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd's relationship is one of the best Lexie Grey was introduced to the audience back in Season 4 and it came. Melt my heart Lexie And Mark, Mark Sloan, Grey Mark Sloan about Lexie Grey .. Quiz: Only 1 in 50 Grey's Fan Can Pass This Grey's Relationship Test.

We sure do hope so! Here's another one for Olivia Who else did she hook up with? She gave him syphilis There was a teeny tiny squabble among the boys as well, once they finally figured out that Olivia was hooking up with just about everyone in the hospital.

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This is a reminder to always be selective with who you take to bed Question 7 Did Alex go all the way with April? No I don't remeber Who is April? This may be slightly tricky if you weren't paying attention Yes, April started out as a quiet and very spiritual individual who had everything in tact including her virginity.

When April joined Grey's Anatomy she was part of the merger. Do you remember her little notebook that used to go with her everywhere she went? Can you remember what was in that little notebook? Let's put you out of your misery - it was a book filled with uplifting phrases! Question 8 Who did Meredith cry with while doing the deed? Alex Deluca George There was a young male intern who fell head over heels for the magnificent Meredith Grey the very first night they met.

He will tell you that she was wearing a full length black dress with a slit up the side Can you remember what your crush was wearing the first time that you laid eyes on them?

Once they eventually hook up Meredith ends up in tears - while they are in bed together! How devastating to any man's ego! Question 9 True or False: Leah dated Arizona True False Leah was an intern who we met later on in the series. Here's a fun fact you may not know: Leah's mother actually dated Mark Sloan for a short period.


Leah seemed to have a nasty habit of becoming obsessed with whom ever she dated or slept with A crush is one thing, but this was on a completely different level Did she date Arizona? Question 10 Who is the father of Callie and Arizona's daughter?

Every time she seemed to have a hiccup in her relationships she defaulted back to sleeping with one particular doctor. He didn't mind that she was bisexual, in fact he seemed to enjoy it to some degree.

When they found out that they were pregnant he manned up and claimed his place as the father. This lucky baby girl was born with two moms and a dad to love her. Question 11 Who did Richard have an affair with?

Arizona Jo Ellis Richard is one of the greatest chiefs this series has ever seen. He is like the papa bear of the hospital. He takes no nonsense - except for when it comes to the ladies Richard was married more than once, believe it or not! As an intern he also perused relationships which were best left alone. Of course, like all young doctors in this series, he get's involved with another young doctor too.

Later we meet their beautiful love child Question 12 Did Alex and Addison date? Not at all Yes, briefly I can't remember So we know that Alex dated just about every lady in the hospital even ladies who were not doctors! He swiftly moved from nurses, to patients and doctors without skipping a beat.

lexie and sloan relationship test

Of course, all of this eventually caught up with him. Lexie, after recovering and being cleared for surgery, confronts Alex at Cristina and Owen's wedding and knocks him down a peg by telling him that the reason he is alive is because of her.

Mark comforts Lexie and the doctors ultimately manage to save all the victims of the shooting, after which Lexie tells Mark that she loves him. Lexie reveals to Jackson that she is frustrated with the people she cares about, specifically Mark and her father, making major life-changing decisions without considering her feelings.

Mark then agrees to let her go, giving her and Jackson his blessing. Grey's Anatomy season 8 Although initially happy in her relationship with Jackson, Lexie grows increasingly distraught and frustrated when she discovers that Mark has started dating an ophthalmologist named Julia.

Though Derek had instructed them to merely reduce the patient's brain tumor, Meredith allows Lexie to remove it completely, despite not being authorized by either the patient or Derek to do so. The sisters celebrate the successful surgery but Lexie is devastated when she discovers that the patient suffered severe brain damage, thus losing the ability to speak.

Alex, Jackson and April move out of Meredith's house without inviting Lexie to join them, and with Derek and Meredith settling down with baby Zola, Lexie begins to feel lonely and isolated. After being left babysitting Zola on Valentine's Day, she contemplates confessing her true feelings to Mark. However, after plucking up the courage to visit his apartment, she finds Mark studying with Jackson and loses her nerve, instead claiming that she wanted to set up a play date for Zola and Sofia.

When Mark confides in Derek that he and Julia have been discussing moving in together, Derek warns Lexie not to miss her chance again, resulting in her professing her love to a shell-shocked Mark, who merely thanks her for her candor.

Mark later confesses to Derek that he feels the same way about Lexie, but is unsure of how to go about things. Days later, Lexie is named as part of a team of surgeons that will be sent to Boise to separate conjoined twins, along with Mark, Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Arizona Robbins Jessica Capshaw.

However, while flying to their destination, the doctors' plane crashes in the wilderness and Lexie is crushed under debris from the aircraft but manages to alert Mark and Cristina to help her.

The pair try in vain to free Lexie, who realizes that she is suffering from a hemothorax and is unlikely to survive. While Cristina tries to find an oxygen tank and water to save Lexie, Mark holds Lexie's hand and professes his love for her, telling her that they will get married, have kids and live the best life together, as they are "meant to be".

While fantasizing about the future that she and Mark could have had together, Lexie succumbs to her injuries and dies moments before Meredith arrives. The remaining doctors are left stranded in the woods waiting for rescue, with a devastated Meredith crying profusely and Mark refusing to let go of Lexie's hand. Season 9 onwards[ edit ] In season 9the remaining surgeons are rescued from the wilderness days later, and Lexie's body is returned to Seattle.

lexie and sloan relationship test

Mark subsequently makes a clean break with Julia, stating that he had always only truly loved Lexie. Mark is soon placed on life support due to the extensive internal injuries he sustained during the plane crash and, as determined by his will, the machines keeping him alive are eventually turned off as he showed no signs of waking after 30 days.

After Mark's death, flashbacks of several moments in his life showed him being videotaped at Callie and Arizona's wedding; at the end of his congratulations speech, Mark declares that Lexie was the partner he wanted to grow old and dance with at their granddaughter's wedding. When the remaining survivors of the plane crash pool their compensation money to purchase the hospital, they agree to rename it "Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital" in tribute to Lexie and Mark.

Following Lexie and Mark's deaths, series producer Shonda Rhimes mused regarding the pair's relationship: Their love remains true. But I have had such a great time. Following Isaiah Washington 's departure who portrayed Preston Burkeit was reported that show's executives were planning on adding new cast members, such as Lexie. It felt like she could be Meredith's sister, but she had a depth that was very interesting. This was granted by Rhimes, though the actress returned in mid-October. In MayRhimes revealed why she decided to have Lexie die: She was an important member of my Grey's family.

This was not an easy decision. But it was a decision that Chyler and I came to together. We had a lot of thoughtful discussion about it and ultimately we both decided this was the right time for her character's journey to end. As far as I'm concerned, Chyler will always remain a part of the Shondaland family and I can't wait to work with her again in the future. I met with Shonda [Rhimes] and we worked together to give Lexie's story appropriate closure.

I am very lucky to have worked with this amazing cast and crew for five seasons. My experience on Grey's Anatomy is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

I want to take this time to say thank you to the fans. Your unconditional love and support have made these last five years very special for me. Who could forget that? Anyway, they ended up having a second child when Meredith got pregnant with their son.

Who did Meredith name her first son after? It was totally devastating for fans who were obsessed with Meredith and Cristina together, but Meredith was able to fill that hole in her heart with another close friend.

It just took us all completely by surprise! He was about to go off and join the military as a doctor before he suddenly passed away. It was all just so incredibly tragic! Sadly, Lexie died in Season 8 — which was incredibly heartbreaking, by the way — but a new sister entered the picture shortly afterwards!

lexie and sloan relationship test

Question 27 Where did Meredith go to school? Harvard Boston College Dartmouth Alright, think really hard people! You can do it. We know all of these doctors came from all over the country to move to Seattle to work at this specific hospital.

Only Hardcore Grey's Anatomy Fans Can Pass This Meredith Quiz. Can You?

We know you can get the question right if you think hard enough. Where did Meredith go to school? Question 28 Where did Meredith meet Derek? Meredith and Derek had an unbelievable love story while on the show and fell in love so quickly, but do you remember where they first met? Alright people, time to answer the question — Where did Meredith and Derek first meet? Question 29 Where did Meredith move to Seattle from?

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Boston Philadelphia Washington D. Just think really hard and we believe the answer will come to you. Meredith obviously grew up in Seattle — her mother worked at the same hospital, remember! However, she decided to return to Seattle to not only work at the hospital, but to take care of her ailing mother. Where did Meredith move to Seattle from? Question 30 What doctor did Meredith know before she worked at Seattle Grace?

But, we think you can get this question right if you think really hard and rack your brain.