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Tekken 7 characters' relationship predictions:Asuka Kazama Tekken 7 To me, she could either continue the Lili shenanigans, or get her out. Because Lili says she wants to learn to fight in the Kazama style martial arts, I think in the next game she's going to get some of Jun's more. A/N: So when you put Asuka and Lili back at Tekken you should brace for action. bows down to Lili in their relationship, but what kind of relationship do they really have if she isn't in a serum. Lili couldn't help but giggle.

For all Asuka knows, the girl might do something bad to her. Why do I keep meeting girls like you? Fine if you don't want to stay in a 5 star hotel then don't. I'll just call someone to pick me up. The blonde pushes her forward her. If she won't take the money, she'll be forced to spend the night in the street. With a big shame for herself, Asuka agreed to what the blonde woman said.

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After a few minutes, a red Porsche car appears at the end of the street, driving in high-speed. The blonde girl comes close to Asuka and tries to hold the Japanese hand. This friend of mine is a smart ass.

lili and asuka relationship help

The roof of the car taps down and surprisingly, Asuka immediately let's go of the blonde's hand. Lili stared surprised at Asuka, almost disbelieving that it was her. She then shifted her face to the other blonde woman. Asuka stepped in between the two blonde's and faced Lili. Well, enjoy your hookup life Asuka.

The tough acting woman followed Lili's order like a scared child and sat at the passenger seat. Asuka held on Lili's door, trying to still explain.

Asuka felt an overwhelming happiness overtake her; she embraces Lili through the neck and jumps up and down. Lili was able to take the keys from Asuk's fingers.

Lili smirk before pumping the gas to maximum. The blonde girl beside Lili had been ready for the impact and was bracing in her seatbelt. Asuka on the other hand bumped hard at cushions behind her, she couldn't even open her eyes because of the speed that Lili was using. It didn't even take 2 minutes for them to reach the hotel, Asuka was holding on to her stomach, ready to vomit in the road.

Lili gives the car keys to a valet and tells the other blonde girl to go upstairs first. Slowly Lili, approaches Asuka, she backs away a little after feeling squeamish to hear the sound of vomiting. When the Japanese seems to have recovered, Lili tapped her in the shoulder. Lili couldn't help but sigh from disgust. Now why are you even here? The brown head was able to reach the blonde's arm and hold on to it. Since Lili wasn't trying to pull her hand away, Asuka savored the permission.

The two of them went inside of an empty elevator. Before Asuka could say anything more, other people went inside the elevator and they were never left alone again until they reach the 19th floor. Asuka looked inside the hotel room, trying to see where she would sleep but Lili pulls her to her bedroom. She looked at Asuka preparing her bed on the floor, finally realizing something.

She was steadying herself on the footboard of the bed. How could you even think that I was there? I hardly knew Tekken was starting in three days before yesterday. And my dad wanted to come for the sexy women. Asuka doesn't care though.

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A little warm up for whenever you couldn't have Feng. Nobody ever said that you aren't Asukas Rival anymo. She squirmed back a few inches, putting a hand on her Chest, as if she wanted to make sur her broken heart wasn't falling out. It is true isn't it? Our rivalry doesn't mean anything to you does it? That's not what I me. Asuka was starting to sweat now. Now I understand why. It is… j-just a game for you. It always was right?

lili and asuka relationship help

She wasn't only crying, she was straight out bawling. She had always hoped that this would only be a phase in their relationship, but obviously, this illusion was crushed with just a few words.

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Let it all out. All the while, Asuka was feeling horrible. How did this escalated so quickly? Then, after some minutes, Leo decided to put this conflict to an end, "Look Lili, I know you are hurt but I can see that Asuka doesn't like seeing you hurt.

Maybe she has something like an explanation for her actions. Do you want to hear her out? She couldn't afford to screw up now. I don't know about you but for me the idea of a female Rival is still new to me. Especially if they are as possessive as you. You have to admit that you kinda forced this rivalry on me. I am used to be having fights with entire Gangs behind some shady Club. I never would have thought that someone would actually be able to endure a rivalry with me, let alone try it as strong as you do.

This is still a big change for me and it… it is…" "Please Asuka, say it out loudly. Asuka focused her thoughts and admitted, "It… scares me.

Did I do something wrong? What if you ever lose interest in me?

lili and asuka relationship help

I am just scared of messing things up and I am used to just… have my fun for a while when fighting and then just move on. When then someone like you comes along and wants something more than just ONE fight… I don't know if I can do that for you.

I cannot show weakness and I always thought I sound like a complete nutcase when I say it out loud. I appreciate it and I am sure Lili as well. Lili nodded but there was one more thing that had to be taken out of the way. But… what about Feng?

The things he made me feel? The students there had been beaten severely and her father was so badly hurt that he had to be taken to the hospital.

In the next several days, a detective from Hong KongLei Wulongcame to her and explained that the culprit would likely be entering The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. In order to get her personal revenge and redeem her dojo, Asuka enters the tournament as well. In the tournament, Asuka managed to beat a Monegasque teenager, Lilicausing a bitter rivalry between the two although most of the conflicts mainly start from Lili's side.

However, she was unable to find Feng Wei, and, as the tournament ended, she returned to her calm and normal life. Her life did not stay peaceful for long though, as Asuka discovered that the man responsible for the terrible war going on all over the world, Jin Kazamais a relative.

Prime Edition and Tekken Revolution. Outside of the series, she appears as a playable character in the crossover game Street Fighter X Tekken where her official tag partner is Lili. Though her profile states that she breaks up fights regularly "by knockout", as added in the game's prologueshe seems to enjoy fighting herself.