Lion and gazelle relationship

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lion and gazelle relationship

Relationships between species can make or break any organisms chance at survival. For example, the gazelle is a primary food source for the lion. A lion will. The gazelle wakes up each morning with the realization that it has to keep But the primary metaphor of our relationship with God is not of. Lion - zebra relationship. Picture. Lions have evolved camouflaging patterns, stealth-based hunting techniques and vocal Cheetah - gazelle relationship.

The lion can only catch one gazelle for his dinner and let the rest of the herd go. The gazelles know this and they base their survival strategy around this fact.

As an investor or entrepreneur, which would you rather be? The Lion or the Gazelle? Would you rather have the illusion of safety and move with the herd as a gazelle?

Predator-prey relationships in the African savannah

Or would you rather have the freedom of the lion to hunt and kill on your own terms? Whatever the average person does — do the opposite of it and you will succeed. Most people are not successful at all, so if you do the opposite of the average person, logically you will be a success. If the average person wants to buy, then sell. If the average person has a PC, get a mac. The formula is quite simple and it works more often than not. People are pack animals, much like gazelles.

As mammals, we flock and freeze when we are scared. We form packs to feel safe and we want to belong to a group.

lion and gazelle relationship

Decisions and ideas come from an individual and never a collective. A committee of professionals built the titanic while one man built the Ark.

lion and gazelle relationship

No matter which subset of the world or the market you look at, there is always a majority and a minority. This relationship applies to markets and people as well. In the case of the lion and the gazelle, it would be more skewed.

This is exactly the same concept as the lions and the gazelles. The question is, why would anyone want to be a gazelle when you could be a lion? The gazelles have safety in numbers; they do not have to be fast just faster than the competitionthey can feed on grass, which is plentiful and at the end of the day they can go to sleep with a belly full of grass.

Lion and Gazelle like you have never seen before

Gazelles know that tomorrow will be the same easy routine and find security in the herd. Lions on the other hand hunt alone or in very small groups. They have to be much faster than the slowest gazelle or they starve to death.

Lions cannot eat grass like the gazelle and require meat survive. Every day the lion must be tracking and hunting for his next kill. I liked that movie because it wasn't all fairytales and rainbows.

It was some real ish. Scar was a bad mofo! Definitely a gangbanger of the animal kingdom. Scar straight up killed his brother, then shamed his nephew into exile and tried to get with his sister in law.

I saw it come on TV a few nights ago, and it got me thinking about how nature is a nasty business sometimes. They have all those really cool slightly gruesome slow-mo scenes of powerful lions chasing terrified gazelles to their deaths.

I'm almost bored watching it Unassuming gazelle is just frolicking on the plains, looking for something to nibble on; hungry, patient lioness is waiting in the bushes.

Where are all the lions? Study shakes concept of predator-prey ratios.

She seems calm, but on the inside, she's raging. She's been hunting all day, and finally she's set her sights on her next meal. She can't afford to blow it. She takes a careful survey to find the slowest, weakest of the gazelles and makes chase -- eventually tackling it in a burst of speed and ferocity. And you know what happens next I'm pretty sure that's an antelope, but you get the idea I can hear the Lion King theme music playing "it's the circle of liiiiiiiiife.

I don't feel bad for the gazelle. Not one damn bit.

lion and gazelle relationship

Because these two creatures are motivated by completely different forces. And their attitudes determine their outcomes.

lion and gazelle relationship

The gazelle is reactionary. It grazes the land, going about it's day with no particular plan. There's an abundance of grass, so it's not particularly desperate for food. There's no motivation to do anything.

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The gazelle has no "why. NOW it's time to be alert. NOW it's time to run. NOW it's time to get motivated. It finally has a "why," if only temporarily.

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But by then, it's too late. It's too late because unlike the gazelle, the lion is proactive.

lion and gazelle relationship