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Love isn't about the money or the label, it's about the degree of trust and .. In Janie's first marriage she was set to marry Logan Killicks to. Everything you ever wanted to know about Logan Killicks in Their Eyes Were and Janie goes into the marriage with skepticism veiled only by her naïve, young . After a while, Janie realized that not all relationships, or marriages, produced love. She realizes that she does not love Killicks and, therefore.

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Jody and Janie begin to argue more frequently, and she accuses him of being no fun; Jody replies that he is just responsible. He begins to belittle her and eventually, after seven years of marriage, Jody slaps her. The love and spark disappear from their marriage, but Janie holds her anger and resentment inside; instead of fighting back, she keeps an air of tranquility.

She begins to accept and live a life she hates by keeping her emotions locked away. Janie notices one day that Jody has aged dramatically; she sees that he feels old and ugly. When he knows that she sees the change, he begins to pester her about her appearance and age to take her focus off him.

Janie recognizes his ploy, and calls him on it. He ridicules her incompetence one day in the store, and she vents all her built-up anger. She tells him that he looks like the change of life when he is naked. The insult makes him feel that he has lost his power and influence in the community, and he ferociously hits her and runs her out of the store.

After this confrontation, Jody moves out of their bedroom and spends the rest of his days alone. As his health gradually regresses, he refuses to speak to Janie; he also rebukes her cooking, since there is a rumor in town that Janie is trying to poison him as a means of revenge.

Jody nears death, and Janie wants to see him one last time. Their last conversation quickly dissipates into an argument, and Janie vents her years of frustration and anger. Jody dies, and although Janie feels liberated, she realizes she must appear to be in mourning.

There is a flamboyant funeral held for Jody, and Janie begins her six months of mourning. She shows all the signs of sadness, but she burns her head rags and begins to wear her hair down, personifying her new freedom. When her six months of mourning has passed, Janie begins to wear white again as a sign of availability to possible lovers. She engages in brief flirtations but does not find a man worth dating.

One night as she is about to lock up the store, a stranger comes in and starts flirting with her. They make small talk, and he challenges her to a game of checkers; Janie is thrilled at this opportunity, because no man has ever respected her enough to play a game against her. She finally asks his name, and he introduces himself as Tea Cake.

They sit together and talk until people show up at the store after the baseball game, and Tea Cake walks her home at the end of the night.

Over the next few weeks, Janie and Tea Cake spend a lot of time together; however, they conceal their relationship from the townspeople in fear of their opinions. Tea Cake keeps Janie on the edge, always in and out of her life, until one day he shows up at her house in a beat up old car; he bought the car so that he could take her to the big picnic in town and make their relationship public.

People all over town warn Janie not to fall for her young lover, that he may swindle her and leave with all her money. She notices one day that it is missing, and Tea Cake returns home having spent it all; he bought supper for his coworkers and threw a party. Eventually, Janie comes to trust Tea Cake. He tells her that he will provide for her, and they move to the Everglades where he can find work.

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Janie falls deeply in love with Tea Cake and the atmosphere of the Everglades. Their house becomes a pulsating gathering place for their friends, and Janie cooks elaborate meals and entertains their guests. Tea Cake misses Janie more often and begins leaving work to see her, so she takes up working in the fields alongside him.

Turner believes that white people are superior to blacks, and even goes so far as to tell Janie that black people are lazy. Janie allows her to stay around though. Tea Cake and Janie stay in the Everglades for another season, and Mrs. Turner comes back with her brother.

Tea Cake gets jealous and beats Janie to show that he controls her; after he beats her, he treats her like a queen. Lake Okechobee overflows and flood waters chase them out of their home.

They retreat to higher ground, but the flood waters follow; Motor Boat stays behind, but Janie and Tea Cake have to swim for their lives. Janie sees a cow with a dog on its back floating by, and tries to hold onto the cow for safety.

The dog tries to attack Janie, and Tea Cake comes to her rescue. She is almost useless as a wife, especially since she does not love him. When he walked down the road, anything seemed better than staying with Logan and she was immediately infatuated with him, as he was with her.

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Jody arrived at the perfect time. Janie was ready to run away with him and leave Logan. This man really loved her and would treat her right. After some time, Janie realized that now Joe was neglecting her as well. Ah reckon Ah looks mah age too.

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Janie took action and stood up for herself and certainly was not afraid to do so. She needed to put Jody in his place for treating her so poorly. Janie had struck out with love yet again.

Janie fell in love with his personality and charm, he made her laugh. Seemed as if she had known him all her life.

Look how she had been able to talk with him right off! Despite all of the bad rumors about him, Janie loved Tea Cake, and there was not a doubt about it. Their relationship came naturally and with ease.