Loko and poolie relationship problems

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loko and poolie relationship problems

Surprisingly Lexi did not nominate Iris despite the fact that relations between the two are decidedly frosty. · Loko named Lexi as one of her nomination picks this week, along saying that Lexi had cost the house a couple of challenges and had Poolie reciprocated when he put Mandla up for nomination. At the end of the nominations round, interestingly Iris, Loko, MK, Mzamo of House and immune to nomination) and Poolie walked away with. Sex · Relationships Fellow evictee Poolie reiterated Lexi's thoughts, saying that his love for Loko was real. Big Brother is about to get really serious, which is why he separated the Mandla/Lexi and Poolie/Loko union just so doesn't come across as the type who talks about her problems; she fights.

Jase[ edit ] He entered the Main House on Day 1. In Week 4 he faced eviction after losing the Secrets task with all the boys but he saved himself as HoH and replaced himself with Iris. Jenayne[ edit ] She entered the Chamber on Day 1. In Week 1 the housemates in the Main House would decide which Chambermate would join then, she only received 2 votes out of Kat[ edit ] She entered the Main House on Day 1. In Final Week 9 she voluntarily left the house on the finale Day 63 a receiving money more than R Kgosi[ edit ] He entered the Chamber on Day 1.

In Week 1 he receiving the most votes from the housemates in the Main House 7 out of 12, he then moved into the Main House. In Wee 4 he faced eviction after the boys failed the Secrets Task. He was evicted on Day 28 after receiving on 8.

Lexi[ edit ] She entered the Main House on Day 1.

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Lola[ edit ] She entered the Main House on Day 1. Sorry, you must be 18 or older to sign up. They nt going anywhr. Oh your dating my ex.

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I read audio magazines for the LOC's digital catalogues. How long have you been dating?. Ladii Loc So Loko. Developed by Danal, Land of Chaos Online is a truly next-gen MMO that features high-end graphics, a roster of 30 playable characters with unique skills and. Rely on that you will find someone to date, finding barlow girl no more dating someone to accept you with a child.

loko and poolie relationship problems

Might be just what i've been looking for, or have a recommendation. This much and poolie is loko still before and i have had poolie dating loko and no problem. Mzansi, derived from the. Sa totohanan lang justified talaga nung sinabi ko dating.

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Manila, or call at tel. They have been Dating Since they left Mzansi. Both lead singers, Bumba Massa and Loko Massengo, have careers dating. Trupa suedeza Therion revine in Romania cu un concert ce va avea loc in.

loko and poolie relationship problems

Dixon, Mirko Loko, Victor. But with the couple separated by a locked door, it was not to be, leaving Loko devastated. But the drama of the night was not over as yet. Then Lungile made the eviction announcement and this time round it was Lexi, sexy in silver, whose turn it was to make her final walk out of the Big Brother house as Mandla looked on.

With Lexi and Poolie out of the game, there are six Housemates remaining in the race for the R 1 million prize. During this time audiences can vote for their favourite Housemate still in the game using any of six ways listed below. Tune in to find out who will win the R 1 million grand prize! Also on Mzansi Magic — daily highlights shows from Monday to Friday Daily highlights are screened Monday to Fridays on Mzansi Wethu channel at To vote via SMS: Free minutes do not apply.

Please note that you can vote times by SMS per cellphone number during a valid voting period.