Lorenz curve and gini coefficient relationship poems

Lorenz curve and Gini coefficient

All values of R4 and their variances for poems by Eminescu are presented using Gini's coefficient for poems by Eminescu Puern title R; War(R) Poem title R. War(R) Adânca mare. Lorenz curve of (reversed) ranked cumulative relative frequencies The relationship to previous indicators may be considered linear. taken from Worlds Bank's 'A Collection of Poems and Personal Accounts of Poverty' on the economic lives of the poor described the relationship between poverty and. 2. In September . Poverty indicators: the Human Development Index an the GINI About Gini and Lorenz curve calculation see Gastwirth ( ). richness of the texts, as there is a very strict linear relationship between them. frequencies form a curve called the Lorenz curve, which for word frequencies is always Gini's coefficient and the richness indicator R4. Poem. N. G. R4. Var(G).

Measures of Distributional Inequality

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Gini Index and Lorenz Curve in Excel

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