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Armand is a fictional character in The Vampire Chronicles novels written by Anne Rice. At the In the late 19th century, Lestat's fledglings Claudia and Louis happen upon the theater. Armand sees Louis as a new Daniel provides a link for Armand to the new time, and they form a relationship. However, Daniel grows more. I feel his reason for not helping Claudia was so that he could have Louis to himself. Claudia had attempted to make a new family for Louis. Also, the way Louis and Armand say they are in love with each other, do you think fatally in love" with Louis. in many ways because he reminded him of Nikki.

Fictional biography[ edit ] As a human[ edit ] Armand is born in in the former Kiev Rus to the acclaimed hunter Ivan.

Armand's original name is Andrei. His astonished parents eventually reveal his gift to the monks in the Monastery of the Caves, who live an ascetic life buried beneath earth, sustained only by water and small amounts of food. Both the monks and Andrei believe he is destined to live such a life, while his father is appalled by the idea. When their ruler, Prince Michael, orders Andrei to paint an icon and bring it to the castle of his brother, the supposedly dead Prince Feodor, Andrei is captured by Tartars and brought as a slave to Constantinople and subsequently sold to a Venetian brothel.

There, he is subjected to horrific sexual abuse and develops amnesia.

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Marius renames him Amadeo. Marius is in love with a courtesan named Bianca Solderini, yet cannot bring himself to turn her into a vampire. Instead, he chooses Amadeo for his beauty, youth and painting skills apparently lost, along with his memories to educate 'in the way of the blood', so as to eventually make him a vampire.

Amadeo loves Marius single-mindedly and is eager to become a vampire. He does not understand Marius' hesitation to turn him, and in an act of rebellion and anger he seduces an English Lord, whom he eventually abandons after a few nights. However, the English Lord becomes obsessed with Amadeo and enraged by his betrayal, wounds him with a poisoned blade. In doing this, he forces Marius to turn Amadeo into a vampire to save his life.

Amadeo is 17 years old at the time of his transformation. They set Marius on fire and kidnap Amadeo and the other children at the Palazzo and take them to Rome. Santino tortures Amadeo by burning his friends to death right in front of him and starving him in a cellar until he is forced to feed on his best friend and innocent children.

Unaware that he is still alive, soliciting the assistance of Antoine, his soon-to-be fledgling, Claudia and Louis make preparations to leave New Orleans on a boat for Europe, in search of other vampires as well as answers to the purpose of their immortal existence.

Believing that this second attempt at killing him must have been successful, they flee to the boat in time to depart for Europe. Louis and Claudia travel across the world for many years. They find some vampires, but they are revenants—mindless and ravenous for blood, incapable of answering any of their questions.

Lestat and Louis: A Relationship

Shortly thereafter, Louis and Claudia meet the leader of the coven, Armand, who invites them to see how the coven has survived in the modern age.

Meanwhile, Lestat has also come to Paris, seeking Armand, whose ancient and powerful blood can more quickly help restore him to his former strength.

Claudia becomes aware of this and realizes that Louis is going to leave her for Armand. So she finds a new companion and guardian for herself, Madeleine, a doll maker by trade, whose daughter has died and who has been re-creating the image of her lost child in her dolls. At first Louis is reluctant to turn Mad- eleine into a vampire, but through persuasive arguments and guilt, Claudia convinces Louis to give Madeleine the Dark Gift because she herself does not have the strength.

Armand promises Lestat that he will give him some of his blood if he testifies against Claudia, but because Lestat wants Louis to be with him and because of the bitterness that Armand holds against Lestat for ruining his former coven over a century earlier, Armand does not keep his agreement and pushes Lestat out a window once Claudia is found guilty. As punishment for their crime, the coven locks Louis in a coffin with large iron locks and buries him for all eternity.

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Then they lock Claudia and Madeleine in a prison without a roof, where they wait for the dawn. Claudia and Madeleine hold on to each other as the sun rises. All that remains of the vampire who looks no older than a little girl is ashes. Excerpt from Alphabettery, C. Leave A Comment Uh-oh! You seem to be logged out. Refresh your page, login and try again.