Louis and lestat relationship help

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louis and lestat relationship help

Louis de Pointe du Lac is a fictional character in Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series. Lestat makes Louis into a vampire, his immortal companion in , and lives with Louis for nearly 70 years. Interview with the Vampire details an ersatz familial relationship between Louis, Lestat and a third vampire, Claudia. Could you try and explain his relationships with Louis, Marius, that would support a Lestat/Daniel BROTP, possibly an actual ship, I likes it. Fanpop original article: A mini review on Louis and Lestat's relationship. to Paris, he may have gone to Paris to ask Armand for blood to help him recover) and.

Lestat and Louis: A Relationship

Yes, Lestat is the sun, the glorious, adventurous one but Louis is the moon, the gentle and wise one. And what is the sun without the moon? True, the moon cannot shine without the sun but at the same time, the moon reflects the light of the sun and makes it gentler, easier to bear, makes it magical and mysterious. Romantics worship the moon, not the sun.

Many ask where the magic between them has gone. Well, I believe by now there is nothing left between them. They are so close, they share such a profound bond that their love is the foundation on which everything else is built. By now their differences and quarrels will never last too long. They cannot escape each other anymore.

Louis & Lestat - Flesh.

There is no Louis without Lestat and there is no Lestat without Louis. They are the perfect soul split in two forever drawn to each other. Lestat contrives to make her into a vampire to, in his own words, "bind Louis to [him]. Louis accepts his "family", taking the "maternal" role with Claudia and finding contentment in their townhouse at Rue Royale.

Claudia however, matures psychologically but remains in her child form. After decades of being trapped in the form of a small child, she comes to hate both of her "parents" for giving her immortality.

She rebels against Lestat, poisoning him and setting their home ablaze with Lestat inside in She escapes with Louis to eastern Europe to look for other vampires.

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After years of searching and becoming disillusioned, they travel to Paris. However, in the eyes of this coven of vampires, Louis and Claudia are criminals. The coven finds out that both attempted to kill their maker Lestat, and believe they ought to pay for their crime with their lives since killing fellow vampires is against the rules of the vampiric lifestyle. Louis escapes death after Lestat pleads for his life. Claudia is exposed to the sun and destroyed.

louis and lestat relationship help

They separate in the s in New Orleans. I did originally give him a shot because I was such a fan of his mothers' and because I was a young gay reader.

So to me it was fun to read a light work of fiction with gay male leads and a bit of homoeroticism thrown in. Not everything has to be War and Peace.

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Turns out it's her house. And she was there. And she invited me and my bf in. You could just show up.

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I've enjoyed most of his books, and after the first, it never occurred to me that his mother might be ghostwriting them for him. And he's kind of cute, yeah, which probably helps.

louis and lestat relationship help

Back when there were gay bookstores, the second thing I'd look at were the authors' photos.