Love and hate relationship movies

Movies We Love to Hate-Watch

love and hate relationship movies

5 days ago Because romance deserves it, damn it. Virtually every song ever written is a love song but poor romance can't get a fair shake at the movies. Learn to love the romantic comedy genre, even if you think you hate it. minute movies featuring a Katherine Heigl or a Jennifer Aniston Can a romance blossom out of an awkward turn of events that lead to an abortion?. Gnash's song (“I hate you / I love you / I hate that I love you”) could find a . A slow burn, must-read romance paired with a clever mystery.

20 great movies about complicated relationships

All the jokes — and there are a lot of them — are so unfunny that we actually feel second-hand embarrassment for everyone involved. This recent superhero movie was a complete disaster from start to finish.

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But hate-watching this one is actually not the worst experience in the world. The David Ayer movie feels haphazardly produced, especially in the opening act, which rushes through a ridiculous amount of information by having a character just sit at a table and explain it. For some reason, audiences keep turning out to see these movies in theaters, despite not really liking them. Yet those same people continue to return for the next one. There is perhaps no better example of a series that a huge percentage of the audience is actively hate-watching.

This movie lost a tremendous amount of money and earned horrible reviews but was kind of worth seeing in theaters. Probably the strangest decision is to use digital effects to make all of the gods a lot bigger than the humans.

Sure, none of the drama really works. This recent comic book movie is among the worst ever made. To be fair, Josh Trank did seem to have an interesting concept for a more horror-leaning superhero film.

love and hate relationship movies

A horror franchise that hardcore fans have a love-hate relationship with. There was just enough good there to keep fans tuned in, but enough bad to keep them complaining. Another highly disappointing sequel in a very popular movie franchise. This movie brought us out to the theater despite how terrible it looked. There are so many issues, the most prominent being the franchise building. Most movies like this will include a few subtle references to a larger world.

The tone is also a disaster.

love and hate relationship movies

It tries to go for Marvel-style comedy, but every joke bombs and the transition from comedy back into serious horror is jarring. It could be more easily dismissed if it did not carry the name of such an iconic horror property. But that name lured an unfortunate number of people into the theater to hate-watch.

The creature behaves even less like a shark this time, letting out a roar at one point. And the ending involves the shark blowing up out of absolutely nowhere. Because of how it tarnishes the name of one of the great movies, viewing it becomes a hate-watch.

This horror franchise will keep us turning out to the theater to hate-watch it.

10 Romantic comedies about love/hate relationships - Reader's Digest

It's what people who are passionate about movies do. Try mentioning The Fountain in a crowd full of cinephiles a very small crowd, mind you, since only around people in existence ever saw the damn movie. People will quickly separate in to two camps and start chucking spears at one another: What's profound to one person is boring to another.

There Will Be Blood: Blistering Daniel Day performance and a ferocious, meticulously crafted look at the dark side of the American dream. I don't get it.

Hate to Love Movies

A beautifully scripted, witty and acerbic portrait of Mark Zuckerberg written with typical Sorkin bite. Unlikable characters, caustic, pretentious overrated hipster catnip.

Visually daring, furiously over-the-top, hilarious heartfelt ode to geekery. Blurry, noisy, slick and empty film made for the ADD generation.

love and hate relationship movies

Fun, entertaining, cheerful, and irresistibly charming. Redundant, agonizing, cloying, manipulative, and too sugary.

A sweet, quirky, hilarious, heartbreaking and wise coming of age story. Thinks it's smarter than it is. Offbeat, sweet and ultimately moving, with moments of painfully funny slapstick. An annoying, one-joke movie stretched out into 90 minutes, incredibly unfunny and mind-numbing Wes Anderson wannabe crap.

Stylishly awesome, spectacularly violent revenge flick. You gotta see it. Hilariously awful, ridiculous, overblown, style over substance, Tarantino wannabe garbage.

love and hate relationship movies