Luck and logic ending a relationship

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luck and logic ending a relationship

Welcome to the human world, Septpia, a world where logic and luck meet His petty jealousy is what permeates the relationship they appear to begin the end of the series when he tries to return one of Lucifer's lost 'logic'. Luck and Logic Comprehensive Rule Book Ver. .. At the end of each game, each player cards in a vertical relationship. You fought to hold on to the relationship to the point of being all-consumed. You don't want to believe it's actually ending. You can't believe it. Even if the.

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Surprisingly enough it's not bad. The animation is nothing outstanding, no scenes that will blow you out of the water, but it's decent and nothing to sneeze at.

The character designs are nice and pretty for the most part and I particularly like the use of 3D animation.

I know a lot of people get upset when they use 3D models in anime but I personally didn't have anything against it, especially when it's for dancing or fighting sequences.

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The models are nicely made, fit well into the style of the show and the animation itself has enough energy to work well. Say what you will about 3D animation but animating a model to move in a way that feels like there's some real tension and energy in it is hard and I applaud the team for pulling it off so well.

Sure, the fights themselves are not exciting in any way but hey, good animation is good animation and I take what I get. The soundtrack fits the story, for whatever it's worth, well and is good enough to stand on it's own. It's a mix of ochestral and electronic tracks that give the show an epic and futuristic flair even if the show itself is not. I even found myself listening to the ending and opening a lot to get myself pumped up and motivated for tasks.

So much potential which was wasted. I personally really like the cast. You got Yukine the hardworking leader, Chloe the hotheaded fighter, Mana the quiet mysterious one, Yukari the clumsy newbie, Veronica the strict commander and Olga who is They all sound like cookie cutter anime stereotypes and to be fair, they kind of are, but each of them get decent enough development in their own character focused episode that I forgive them for that.

They each get their motivations and back story explained and while there isn't really any character development going on it works well enough for a short series that I allow it. It all starts to fall apart with our main protagonist Yoshi and how all the other characters relate to him. Or more like revolve around him because that's really all that's happening.

Without taking too much away, almost every character focused episode ends with Yoshi swooping in and solving all their problems by doing or saying something inspirational. Which in itself is bad enough but then there's the fact that Yoshi is so boringly bland. His motivations don't go beyond "save everyone", his personality is written inconsistent and he doesn't really do much besides react to situations the way it requires him to.

Yoshichika Tsurugi

Take any male protagonist from any slice of life or harem show and you would have yourself a more interesting main character than Yoshi. The first episode sets him up okay as a worrywart who wants nothing more than to protect the people around him even at the cost of his own life but by the next episode he is suddenly acting cold and hostile? Maybe it's change of circumstances but he keeps switching between different personality traits so fast I doubt he was written with a clear character in mind.

And the Godesses I said I would get into? God, what's there to get into when they are side lined so hard you wonder if they are even still on the team. Valkyrie probably gets the worst of it, being introduced as Chloe's calm and rational partner to balance out her spunky recklessness and never being allowed to develop beyond that.

Venus and Artemis are not much better, one acting as a supporting friend and the other as a mother figure to their partners Yukine and Mana but never allowed to have their own arcs or feelings explored. The only one who gets to develop at all is Athena and even she gets the short end of the stick. She gets a decent amount of screen time and actually gets to interact with others without her partner but she is still only defined by her kind heart and love for Yoshi.

Which is not bad if Yoshi was a good character and their relationship was actually explored but as you can guess it's not. The high point of the characters is really Olga Breakchild who is by far my favorite character.

Without spoiling, he's the only one who doesn't seem to worship the floor Yoshi walks on and actually stands up to him from time to time and it's wonderful. His arc, in contrast to the others, actually gets a set up and decent pay off which doesn't save the show in the character department but at least helps it a bit. Side characters are given one note personality traits but I found them alright, especially Yoshi's family which were entertaining enough in their own right to actually make me interested in them.

All in all, nice supporting cast, sidelining of supposed main characters, Olga Breakchild and an incredibly bland main protagonist. Afterwards, Yoshichika and Shiori head out to buy a present for their father for Father's Day, where they witness Yukari Nanahoshi being taken away from her women's soccer team to meet with ALCA.

At a mall, while picking out underwear for their father, another alert is issued, this time with a much higher Paradox Level of 7. A large monster, Belialcrashes from the ceiling, causing the mallgoers to evacuate.

Yoshichika stops to help a boy who fell, telling Shiori to escape with the boy while he distracts the monster until ALCA arrives.

When the beast attacks, Yoshichika is pulled out of the way by Athenaand they promptly escape. When Yoshichika arrives at the evacuation spot, he meets Athena again, who reveals that she already knows who he is.

Athena asks Yoshichika to fight with her to protect the world, and returns the logic he had lost long ago in the form of a Logic Card. Shiori and their father appear. Shiori, fearing for her brother's safety, tries to convince Yoshichika to not return to battle, but Yoshichika agrees to go with Athena, as the Foreigner which had escaped from the mall had reappeared. While being transported to the location, Yoshichika asks Athena why she chose him.

luck and logic ending a relationship

She reminds him of the incident two years ago, and that she chose him because, in her words, Yoshichika would never forsake a life, no matter what, even if it was a Foreigner. Yoshichika proposes that they contract, and they do, initiating Trance.

Luck & Logic Episode 12 Discussion

Meanwhile, TamakiChloeand Mana are having a hard time fending off Belial's attacks. As their trance limits run out, Yoshichika jumps in, blocks the monster's attacks, and sends a powerful blast at it. As the monster is disoriented, Chloe finishes the monster off. The ALCA members then begin to ask Athena, who they recognize, about the boy she chose to contract with, but Yoshichika walks home.

Yoshichika convinces a worried Shiori that he'll be all right, and departs. Before they can do proper introductions, however, Yoshichika tells them he needs to head to sleep, as he hasn't slept since yesterday. He finds Athena in his room and is shocked, but Veronica only reminds him that living with his contractor is mandatory.

Edit While sleeping, Yoshichika dreams of Athenaasking him to Trance with her even though there are no Foreigners around. She then leans in, moving her face towards his. Yoshichika bolts from his bed in shock.

luck and logic ending a relationship

Athena knows instantly that he was dreaming about her, but when Yoshichika asks what Athena was dreaming about, she coyly keeps it a secret.

Yoshichika and Athena then meet with the ALCA director Utsutsuno Jarnowho apologizes to Yoshichika for sending him through the trial period undergone by new Logicalists.