Mamoru and usagi relationship

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mamoru and usagi relationship

In the anime, he had a brief relationship with Rei Hino, though In the manga and live-action series, Usagi and Mamoru seemed. Usagi and Mamoru do not seem very attracted towards before the revelation of their past and so fans often ridicule their relationship as being full of loopholes. Sailor Moon shows that bisexuality isn't a phase and simply entering into a relationship isn't “choosing a side.” Usagi is in love with Mamoru.

mamoru and usagi relationship

Even Sailor Moon Crystal did this scene but I mean if we keep telling children or other teens the same troupe over and over then how would they feel if a certain girl or guy that they happen to like or that are in a relationship with starts seeing other people like friends instead of them?

Why are you talking to that other girl???!!!??!! Giving the sign that she wants him to pay attention to her and ONLY her and let me just say you can't just order your boyfriend or girlfriend around!

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Usako" or when he's in pain or actually getting hurt like in the original besides the fact he does get kidnapped and hypnotized twice in both Season 1 and 2 of Crystal and Mamoru never shows signs of wanting to defend himself against being controlled by "Said Villain" and he never tries to fight them back or resist the erge of getting hypnotized witch is a very weak move from his part and as for Usagi she not only gets hypnotized but she also gets Undressed and redressed while becoming a victim of being Kidnapped and kissed by a freaking Stranger!

But that's all she ever goes through as pain besides crying constantly while remembering her past life and feeling scared and hopeless in wanting to save Mamoru from any of the Villains and you do feel bad for her but here's the thing, she gives up the act waay. What I mean is Usagi and Mamoru hardly ever experience hardships in the original whether it's being separated by a Villain or just feeling sorry for themselves because they couldn't protect each other is literally the only thing they face as hardships while in their relationship with each other but in Crystal however, they NEVER experienced any hardships besides again being separated by a Villain because in Crystal that's all there is it is just Usagi and Mamoru's relationship being developed more and more as the series goes on.

I mean how would you like it if your favorite show only developed through only Romance or a genere that you didn't like? Annoyed properly bored that you'll stop watching the series all together what I mean is that for a relationship to work out you need to accept the bad with the good, accept your partners flaws or immaturity while also being with them because if you don't take the bad with the good then the romance in the relationship will become bland and "too Perfect" witch can piss some people off thinking that your just there to show off, resulting them hating you For some reason and in Crystal their relationship is exactly that a bland and perfect relationship.

That's because Usagi is too young and her innocent nature blocks those topics leaving her confuse or angry because of it. Hell, she even fights with Chibiusa over him even though Chibiusa is Usagi's child Chibiusa often makes remarks that Mamoru would be hers and says that Usagi is a clumsy, lazy Crybaby behind her mother's back but in Crystal Usagi's jealously towards Chibiusa spending time with Mamoru portrays it like it's an actual problem Why the hell would Usagi be jealous of a freaking child?

In her studio Serena discovers a picture and shows it to Darien, who realizes that it is a scene from his own dreams.

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Him, giving the Moon Princess the Locket from so long ago. In this episode the Moon Princess is reveled and the two lost lovers from long ago are freed. He is finally totally brainwashed by Beryl.

mamoru and usagi relationship

It warns him to keep away from her or she will die. The next day, he breaks up with her and she is heart broken. Being the felling sharing girl she is, she tells Darien Mamoru about the dream she had. They talk and realize it was all a trick and get back together.

"Usagi's Birthday Present" Sailor Moon Comic Dub

In Sailor Moon R the Movie the romance is once again threatened, this time by one of Mamoru's old friends, one he had met as a young child when he was in hospital, Fiole.

Fiole will not let anyone stand in his way to repay the humans for having left Mamoru alone for so many years. He does not realize the important element that Usagi plays in his life now. Eventually Mamoru comes to Usagi's rescue by attacking Fiole. Fiole does not understand why he would want to protect such a deceiving girl and Mamoru explains to his friend what Usagi means to him.

Usagi uses the power of the Silver Crystal to break the spell cast over Fiole, and to save her friends.

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The use of the crystal would normally kill her as it did her mother but Fiole, a true friends helps her by giving Mamoru the nectar of the flower of life and his kiss revives her.

The two are simply going out the way it was meant to be. They see each other and love each other, as a couple should. In Sailor Moon S the Movie, Usagi and Mamoru's relationship is put back into the light when Luna asks Usagi about love, how love works and what the feelings mean.

mamoru and usagi relationship

Usagi explains with Mamoru as her example. Throughout the rest of the series the relationship between Usagi and Mamoru comes up briefly but never more then is needed. It is known that they date and love each other very much and that is how it remains.