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depended primarily on “heroic poems” which, to Bannerjee's mind, were no better kingdom formation and Rajput-Charan relations in Marwar, that is, the . Mewar or Mewāḍ is a region of south-central Rajasthan state in western India. It includes the present-day districts of Bhilwara, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand, Udaipur. Mewar and Marwar are pretty much similar on the basic level, but ➤Was struck by lightning just before his daughter's marriage and died on.

After the death of Rao Chandrasen Rathore inMarwar was brought under direct Mughal administration and remained so tillwhen Udai Singh ascended to the throne.

Battle of Haldighati

One died and the other survived to secure the throne of Marwar and to stir up the sentiments of his co-religionists against the Muslim Monarch. The family of the late Raja had left Jamrud without the permission of the emperor and killed an officer at Attock when asked to produce a passport.

This was a sufficient ground for incorporating Marwar in the Mughal Empire, or reducing it to a state of dependency under a capable ruler. So the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb invaded Marwar in It backfired as all the Rajput clans united. A triple alliance was formed by the states of JodhpurUdaipur Mewar and Jaipur to throw off the Mughal yoke. One of the conditions of this alliance was that the rulers of Jodhpur and Jaipur should regain the privilege of marriage with the ruling Sesodia dynasty of Mewarwhich they had forfeited by contracting alliances with the Mughal emperorson the understanding that the offspring of Sesodia princesses should succeed to the state in preference to all other children.

The quarrels arising from this stipulation lasted through many generations. It led to the invitation of Maratha help from the rival aspirants to power and, finally, to the subjection of all the Rajput states to the Marathas. Jodhpur was conquered by Sindhiawho levied a tribute of 60, rupees, and took from it the fort and town of Ajmer. The Dodia clan leader, Bhim Singh, did get to take on the Mughal commander atop his elephant and was killed.

Man Singh's riposte was to send in Gajmukta "pearl among elephants" to confront Lona head-on. The men on the field were thrown around as the two mountain-like animals clashed against each other. Lona appeared to have the upper hand when its mahout was wounded by a bullet and he had to turn back.

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Another elephant by the name of Ram Prasad, the head of the stable and an animal much praised in Akbar's court, was pushed in to replace Lona. Two imperial elephants, Gajraj and Ran-madar, were sent in to relieve the wounded Gajmukta, and they charged at Ram Prasad.

The driver of Ram Prasad was also wounded, this time by an arrow, and he fell off his mount. Husain Khan, a Mughal faujdarleapt from his own elephant onto Ram Prasad and made the enemy animal a Mughal prize.

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The tide of the battle had shifted, and Rana Pratap soon found himself wounded by arrow and spear. Realising that the day was lost, Bida Jhala seized the royal umbrella from his commander and charged at the Mughals, claiming to be the Rana himself.

His sacrifice, and that of other soldiers who stayed behind and fought to buy time, allowed their Rana and half of their army to escape. Only of the Mughals met their end, with another wounded. At one stage in the fierce struggle, Badayuni asked Asaf Khan how to distinguish between the friendly and enemy Rajputs. Asaf Khan replied, "Shoot at whomsoever you like, on whichever side they may be killed, it will be a gain to Islam.

Lal cited this example to estimate that Hindus died in large numbers as soldiers for their Muslim masters in medieval India.

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Subsequently, Akbar led a sustained campaign against the Rana, and soon, GogandaUdaipurand Kumbhal garh were all under his control. Pressure was exerted by the Mughals upon the Rana's allies and other Rajput chiefs, and he was slowly but surely both geographically and politically isolated. The Mughals' focus shifted to other parts of the empire afterwhich allowed Rana Pratap to recover much of the lost territory in the western parts of his kingdom.

But shortly after Humayun was defeated in the battles of Chaunsa and Kannouj by the Afghan emperor. Humayun upon losing most of his territories turned to Maldev for help and was called to Marwar for refuge by the Rao.

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According to Rajput sources, Mughals killed several cows on the way to Marwar, this made the local Rajputs hostile towards Humayun as cows were sacred to the Hindus. Humayun was thus forced to flee from Marwar. The Mughal sources however blame Maldev for betrayal and say that Maldev breached the alliance because he was given more favourable terms by Sher Shah. Relations between Marwar and Bikaner had been bitter since the time of Bikaners foundation by Rao Bika.

Rao Maldev used a minor border dispute as a pretext for war and fought a battle with Rao Jaitsi in at the battle of Sohaba, Rao Jaitsi was killed in battle and Rao Maldev took advantage of this situation to annex the entire kingdom of Bikaner.

He thus forged letters and deceived Maldev into abandoning his commanders to their fate. However Maldev reoccupied his lost territories in