Maxwell caulfield and juliet mills relationship

How the charming Maxwell Caulfield slipped up on Grease 2 - Yorkshire Post

maxwell caulfield and juliet mills relationship

Ask nearly any non-hetero man who came of age during the s about Maxwell Caulfield, and you'll likely see his eyes light up with. Help us build our profile of Maxwell Caulfield and Juliet Mills! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your . Maxwell Caulfield and Juliet Mills Michelle Phillips, Maxwell Maxwell Caulfield, Juliet Mills, Family Relations, Milling, Ms, Legends, Musicals.

What was it like for you, coming from humble beginnings to suddenly find yourself in the midst of British theater and film royalty? And did your father-in-law give you any career advice?

My father-in-law, the late, great Sir John Mills, chose to let me make my errors.

maxwell caulfield and juliet mills relationship

He did counsel me on occasion but I really should have towed the line a bit more. I was very enamored of the antics of James Dean and similar rebel heroes of the mid to late fifties who kind of got away with murder on the basis of their talent and their indispensability. Since then the business has become more corporate as it transitioned into the eighties and nineties.

There was no room for antics or acting out. You were barely out of your teens yourself. We did a prestigious winter tour of Florida in I was playing the title role and she was playing the Victorian actress, Mrs. Kendal, and frankly, it really, truly was love at first sight.

Maxwell Caulfield

Kind of a beauty and the beast story. Were you aware of her work? I was a fan of hers back in England. We quickly blew through that, by the way—but she was a spectacular woman, and she has made big sacrifices in her own career in support of mine.

So what have been some of your favorite on stage experiences? A gift for an actor. You spend the show sliding around in a tuxedo with six-foot tall beauties in black lingerie cooing over you, so that was a fantastic role. I got to do it in London and then a very brief run on Broadway. Did that for 6 months.

It was definitely a smaller industry then. You saw the tail end of the star system. Yeah, I really did. He was from that school of producers who believed that you cultivate an actor. That must do something to your ego.

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So for a younger actor, you not only have to have tremendous faith in your abilities but you also have to hone your craft.

Maybe bring it to New York. A guy called Laurence Mark who I had a very funny early encounter with at Paramount. There are so many.

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March 4, at 3: The English-born actor had few peers during the Reagan era as a heartthrob to gay men. His performance in this farce attracted a lot of attention, including the eye of renowned movie producer Allan Carr, who soon cast the sexy young performer as Michael Carrington in Grease 2, the hotly-anticipated follow-up to the mega-musical.

I mean this character is a legendary neurotic. In many ways the part presaged self-analysis and all these terms that are now in the current parlance. He certainly knows how to milk a situation and make it all about him. I thought Am I really right for Felix?

His self-absorption and all of his various ailments and hypochondria and obsession with cleanliness. In your real life are you more like Felix or Oscar?

REVIEW: Legends!

The state of my desk would indicate Oscar. They say that once a man hits 50 your overall personality is pretty much set in stone.

maxwell caulfield and juliet mills relationship

The roles in the theater have provided my better opportunities. I can genuinely say that this is my first true character part. It may be the start of a new phase in my career in terms of not trading on looks. The reality is that we all age. Well, some people are ageless. Somehow that boy refuses to get past 38, it seems. What was your first job when you came to New York? I bragged my way into the production that was set in a gay resort in Florida and was about a mix up of Louis Vuitton bags.

I came out at the end of the show as the new lifeguard. I brought the curtain down. That was the gag of the show.

maxwell caulfield and juliet mills relationship

These two hoteliers had finally gotten their rambunctious guests off the property after a lot of mayhem and their compensation was a new lifeguard so yours truly came out in a pair of white Speedos. You must have been very popular. What do you remember about those early days in New York?

My cast members took me to gay discos after the show and after hours and it was pretty eye-opening.