Mikasa and levi relationship advice

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mikasa and levi relationship advice

One-sided Jean x Mikasa, Mikasa x Levi. Rated: Fiction "I need your advice." " Is it that .. You can't tell anyone about our relationship. People. Thanks to Eren setting up a dating profile for Mikasa, she hits it off with an unbelievable Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - [Mikasa A., Levi A.] [Eren Y., Jean K.] .. She disregarded his advice with little thought. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

He seems right up her alley in that respect, but that doesn't exactly work her favor right now. No offense to you. Either that or he can't find a girl that will put up with that impressive dislike-list of his. She knew she didn't have much of a chance and it certainly isn't smart for her to get her hopes up. She tried to lie to herself with this thought: Reading his profile is way more entertaining than whatever is on television right now and she's definitely not interested in some faceless man on the internet.

That only convinced her briefly, though, than the reality that she is interested in him to some extent came wiggling back in her mind. Trying to swallow the insecurities, she distracted herself with asking something else she wanted to know about him.

But he has a guilty pleasure for dubstep and hip-hop when he works-out, but generally he listens to grunge and indie rock. How can he hate pop? It's too catchy, everyone secretly hates to love pop. You have shit taste, Mikasa. That sounds like an awesome time. Is that compatible with Aquarius? Not only does Eren believe in zodiacs, but he believes Google is a good source for information regarding love and compatibility.

Okay, maybe Mikasa is guilty of asking Google some love questions too at one point, but had since learned how pointless that is. When she made it to the end of the paragraph, she rolled her eyes at the negativity pointed at the match. Usually these things are pretty accurate. I checked it when you were dating Jean. Both of you are Aquarius and it said the relationship wouldn't last and you'd have a terrible sex life.

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On a scale to one-to-ten how accurate is that? I still say that site it full of shit though. I haven't even spoken to the guy yet. How is it that a guy she has so much in common with and has a personality to her liking live so close and she never knew it? It really is a small world, or more realistically speaking there's probably a catch to all this.

But maybe talking to him will help her feel him out for herself and know if there's a catch or if he's a catch. But I'm not expecting this to actually go anywhere. You need to capitalize and use proper grammar. Someone in his thirties probably wouldn't even understand half the text-slang Eren used.

He pushed himself back up on the couch cushion and Mikasa felt his eyes right over her shoulder, staring at the blank white message box and the blinking line that intimidated her train of thought. Her hands hovered over the keys, immobile, trying to think of something to say.

She couldn't ask that—that's too vague and boring. The more she kept thinking about it—the more she came up blank, like every common greeting and introductory word vanished clean from her mind.

There's a high possible chance she will make an ass out of herself or make a bad first impression. With all these things considered, she backed out like a coward. I literally don't know what to say. Of course she doesn't know what to say.

But that's to be expected from someone who hasn't logged into their Facebook account for two years. This is why I offered to do it for you," he cracked his knuckles.

Little to Eren's knowledge she did in fact have social networking profiles online he didn't know about, like her blog she actively updates. But it's much easier to talk to people on there where it's mostly anonymous. It's also effortless to find people she has common interest with through the tags, but everyone she met there lives scattered around the world and no where near her.

Usually she could type out a message to one of her online friends with no added brain effort. But now is different. There's something very daunting about not only putting her personal info out for display to be judged, but talking to a real guy that lived ten minutes away from her.

mikasa and levi relationship advice

She tried her best to read the harmless, yet cheesy message without cringing. Hello I just read your profile and I think we have a lot in common. I hope we can chat soon. Heaven forbid you trick him into thinking you smile.

That's the best they could come up with right now, though. After re-reading and cringing a second time, she clicked send. In the meantime of waiting for a reply, Eren clicked on the television and channel surfed until he committed to the late night line-up on Toonami.

The sound of a generic shonen sword battle became the apartments soundtrack. Mikasa went over to the kitchen to grab herself another bottle of water from the fridge. She idled around the island counter for a while and let her head fall back as she swigged down a mouthful. Not only is she surprised at how fast he replied, but she's surprised he wrote back to her at all. Before Mikasa even returned to the living room with some added pep in her stepEren was already reading out the reply.

The flirtatious tone he put on made her want to strangle him. Hello Hi, I'm Levi.

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I just took a look at your profile. It seems we do have some things in common. We live pretty close. What gym do you go to? But she concealed it well and rolled her eyes at his obnoxious reaction as she flopped down on the couch, but really, her irritation was just a show to hide the fact that she's a little excited herself. So his name is Levi. That's one mystery solved.

mikasa and levi relationship advice

She said the name a few times in her head so she wouldn't forget it a minute later. Looks like you have someone to talk to about your boring exercise routine now. His temper skyrocketed to the ceiling. She's sure the neighbors above them will leave another complaint on their door if he keeps this up. Mikasa didn't have the strength to remind Eren again that they weren't in a relationship and instead used that effort into typing a decent reply.

She lightly kicked Eren away with the tip of her sock to grant herself privacy. Hello Until I find a better one, I workout at the campus gym near my apartment. I'm trying to find a place that has Krav Maga classes, but I'm having no luck finding any.

Where do you go? Hello Stohess Fitness, it's near Mall Maria. It has Krav Maga, if you were wondering. Not a bad choice; that's one of my favorite combat techniques. The instructor there is brutal, just a heads up. Have you been in Sina City long? Mikasa works a block down from that mall, but she never knew there was a gym near by. That would be convenient for her daily workout before she clocks in for her shift. She made a mental note to check the gym out, then wrote out a reply, thanking him for his information.

She explained how she recently came from the suburbs and moved to Sina City to live on campus.

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Levi spoke briefly about his time in the military and how he moved to Sina City after his discharge. Being doused in conversation for a decent about of time, Mikasa asked if he had an IM client for easier conversing. Shortly after exchanging usernames, they moved their conversation over to Skype.

The sound of notification beeps and keys tapping became the new ambiance in the space. Your profile wasn't really detailed.

Mind if I ask a few things? What do you want to know?

mikasa and levi relationship advice

You said you're attending college. What are you studying? I'm aiming for a career in the criminal justice field. I'm studying Liberal Arts and minoring in Health and Fitness. That's an honorable career to pursue. Levi and Mikasa talking about their past and their Ackerman connection. It was a very intimate scene that made the other characters feel out of place at that time, and despite the Ackerman reveal, it fueled the flames of our ship again!

As you can imagine, the fandom went nuts both sides of it. Romantic Rivamika was back in the game and stronger than ever.

mikasa and levi relationship advice

Now, every Rivamika shipper or not! The serumbowl was the match that lit that fire. It was the worst case scenario. Levi had made Mikasa cry.

What if I killed her? Don't let it get you down.

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There will be more opportunities to ask her. You still have a week, you know. Even if it's in a hall full of crowded people, I'll still ask! The halls were full of people trying to get to their lockers. Jean had to push his way through several people, probably earning the ire of more than a few. Now, ask her before you let this opportunity pass you by. If you wait too long, she's going to be asked by someone she actually might like and you're going to get all mopey again.

I don't want to have to stage another 'let's stop Jean from dying his hair black' intervention. She didn't turn around.

Jean's voice had gotten lost in the rushing crowd of students. Everyone stopped, turning to look at Jean who flushed red all the way to the tips of his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. Jean shook his head lightly. Will you go to the Spring Fling with me? Some of them snickered behind hands, wondering which fool had fallen for the infamous Mikasa Ackerman, yet again. Some gave Mikasa jealous looks, envious of the fact that she had so many suitors.

Some were even starting to take bets, wondering if this one boy would be the one to snag the ice queen. Mikasa blinked, exchanging slightly confused glances with Eren. Armin, who stood next to the two, silently slapped a hand over his face. Once again, Mikasa had proven that she was completely unattainable.

Most of the students had already gone home and due to the fact that it was a Friday, no practices or games were taking place, leaving the bleachers empty, just the way Jean liked it.