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Shippou was standing beside her, an amused expression on his face as well. Rolling his eyes, Miroku knelt down beside where Inuyasha was standing and got his daughters' attentions. It's Market Day, remember?

We're just going to the market, not an extermination job. I'll be back home this evening, in time for dinner. Miroku nodded, his face serious. The twins ran back to their mother, at Miroku's instruction, and then Sango and Shippou both gave the trio their well-wishes for a safe journey before ducking back inside with the children.

The first few minutes of their walk through town was silent, the trio bowing their heads to the various villagers who greeted them along their way, and then finally passing the last house, officially leaving the village behind them, Kagome spoke up first. Almost like back during the quest, except Sango-chan's not with us.

I prefer it when he's there, although sometimes he's off training. Turning, they continued on their way. He noticed her expression, and quirked a brow at her. To hear you talk about having to go help people in need. She waved that comment off as well. I'm proud of you, that's all.

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Hear about people in trouble and then just let 'em die? Can't go running all over Nihon 'n' back looking for people who might randomly need help, that'd leave my own villagers vulnerable for way too long, but if somebody comes asking for help and it'll only take a few days or so then yeah I'll help.

In a way it was like the old quest days, indeed, the three of them walking together on the road, but in a very big way it was nothing like the old quest days. For one thing, Kagome and Inuyasha hadn't gotten into a fight yet, and he didn't imagine they would any time soon, either. Kagome, who'd been fully aware of Miroku's presence the entire time and didn't care one way or the other, picked up where her husband left off.

Miroku chuckled, and Inuyasha shot him a glare, but the hanyou should have known better because staring right at the monk only caused Miroku to make a comment of his own, as if Inuyasha had verbally addressed him with his silent look, bringing the houshi into the conversation he had previously been content to merely listen to. But sighing in that moment, the hanyou could reluctantly admit that this was not one of those times.

He'd had a very mature conversation with Kagome two days prior, so surely he could endure his friend's playful teasing. Miroku really was a genuine friend, he knew; his only real 'guy' friend, and acknowledging this in his mind, Inuyasha figured it wouldn't hurt anything to actually answer the man's question.

Inuyasha was still spluttering in embarrassment from Miroku's latest words when she spoke up again. I was wondering, Inuyasha, if while we were there today you wanted to, ya know Perhaps I-" "Perhaps you should shut it, bouzu!

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Kagome deserves her own bed, in her own house, not a room that's been used by who knows how many people. I won't do that to her. Miroku wasn't so quick to let it go. Hands flung in the air, Inuyasha turned away from his traveling companions, walking a few paces ahead of them while muttering stuff under his breath that neither human could quite make out.

He couldn't be that worried about wanting to do right by her in regard to their first time being in their own bed in their own bedroom. If so, the look in his eyes when their gazes had met would've been more steadfast and determined, not terrified.

Maybe he really was afraid of an angry mob chasing them out if they pushed that forbidden boundary. Though on the other hand, she still remembered the look of fear that had been mixed with desire in his eyes that very morning when she'd offered to help him 'fish' Shaking her head, Kagome knew that it didn't really matter what Inuyasha was afraid of, whether it was an angry mob or just wedding night jitters.

The bottom line was that she wouldn't try to force him if he wasn't ready yet. Not if it was just going to make him freak out on her. How was that productive? Especially if they traveled to a different inn, not using the one at the market town. But she would let him think she agreed if it would spare his feelings. It took a month, maybe even longer, to build a decent house like the kind in Kaede's village.

He really wanted to wait that long? On the other hand, though, perhaps he was merely thinking that since they'd already waited three years to be reunited, what was one more month to do it right?

She supposed she could understand that train of thought, and she certainly didn't want to come off as some kind of a wanton hussy that wasn't patient enough to wait any longer, herself.

But despite not being able to do anything yet, by not waiting on the actual marriage, by getting that recorded with the headman right away, that at least gave them the right, in Inuyasha's mind, to cuddle like they'd done last night, and she would most definitely take cuddling over no cuddling, especially if cuddling was all she was going to get from him for the next month or so.

So even though it was more like they were engaged rather than actually married she definitely did not regret marrying him right away, even if they couldn't consummate their marriage for a while yet. Still, just because he didn't want to 'take her like an animal' out in the forest, or get a room at an inn, apparently, that didn't mean she would so readily concede to waiting an entire month before being with her husband.

There had to be another option. She just had to find a way to persuade him without forcing him. For one thing, his desire to not do anything in the forest didn't mean they couldn't still go out into the forest again between now and their house being finished, just to 'talk'.

She would see just how far she could get him without forcing him to do anything he didn't want to do. She would see if she could get him to want it just as badly as she did. The 21st century teenager in her, fresh out of high school, knew that there were plenty of things they could do together before going 'all the way', which in and of itself would certainly help take the edge off, if nothing else, and besides that, all of her previous silent vows of not doing anything to seduce him were null and void as far as she was concerned, now that they were actually married.

She had originally only thought that she wouldn't try to seduce him before they'd gotten things worked out, when they were still technically 'just friends' and it might've made things complicated if he'd given into his carnal desires and then regretted it afterwards. That was before she'd even known he had issue with the forest; she'd hypothesized that he might've just regretted it for the fact that he'd taken advantage of a friend. There was nothing to regret now as far as she was concerned, nothing to feel guilty over, now that they were married.

She was his wife, so if he ended up saying 'screw it', screwing her on the forest floor, Kagome would definitely not complain, but she hadn't forgotten that just last night she'd promised herself she'd try to persuade him with words, instead of her body.

Blind seduction would be a nasty trick, and if he really did still regret it afterwards she knew she'd feel guilty for putting him into that situation.

Still, she had a plan. He might be able to hold out and keep telling her no, her attempts at loosening him up might be fruitless, but she wouldn't know unless she tried, right?

She wouldn't be too aggressive. She wouldn't ignore his murmurs to stop and basically molest him. But if she promised him they wouldn't 'go all the way' if he didn't want to and got him to agree to do a few of those other things they could do instead, then maybe, just maybe, he'd wind up changing his mind once they were doing them.

And even if he didn't, doing those 'other things' was still better than remaining completely celibate until their house was finished. That was the plan, but she'd have to worry about putting it into motion another day. Today, they had some shopping to do. Unaware of the precise direction her thoughts had traveled, Inuyasha observed his wife through a side glance as they continued walking in silence. He'd been able to tell from her tone as well as scent that she was disappointed in him, but that she was doing her best to go along with his wishes.

Miroku was uncustomarily silent after his one comment, as well, probably sensing the delicacy of the situation, which was definitely a bad sign as far as the hanyou was concerned because Miroku always teased unless he really did know that feelings would be hurt.

His silence reminded Inuyasha of all the times the monk had refrained from saying anything about Kikyou after one of his notorious fuck-ups regarding the undead miko back during their early quest days. Now he felt like a total ass. The truth was, he was moderately worried about how well them trying to get a room at an inn would go over with the innkeepers, although that wasn't his only reason for not wanting to try it, and neither was what he'd said about Kagome deserving better, although he definitely thought she did.

But his main reason was that he'd planned on using the next month or so while their house was being built to psych himself up and hopefully work through his nerves and insecurities. Having her suddenly ask him if he'd like to get a room that night, he'd felt like a boy becoming a man before he was ready, a young warrior entering his first time in battle, if he'd had it dumped on him a month sooner than he'd thought and with no real time to prepare. Perhaps he was over thinking things.

Perhaps he was worrying about nothing. Perhaps he should just go for it since ultimately, eventually, he'd be out of excuses and unable to stall even a minute longer, anyway. Perhaps he'd find the courage to actually explain his insecurities to Kagome, too, so that she'd understand and help him work through his nervousness sooner rather than later, but not while Miroku was right fucking there. A half-truth would have to do for now.

It was Kagome who laughed that time, and said honestly, "I'm sorry, I never knew. If I would've tried to say that I didn't want to stay at the inn 'cause it smelled of sex and the sounds of people goin' at it were annoying you would've Crap, he hadn't meant to bring it up again like that.

It's just true is all, but it ain't like I was tryin' to throw it in your face. I didn't say it before, so here goes I forgive you, okay? I forgive you for each and every time you said 'it'. I'm not angry with you about it, okay?

Remember, you wanted to take the beads off, and I'm the one who said I wanted to keep them, so obviously it's not that sore of an issue with me. Don't worry 'bout it. He was also being completely honest, she knew. It wasn't exactly as if she could deny his accusation.

She probably would have 'osuwari'd him if he'd said such things against staying at an inn back during the shard hunt. And considering what had now been brought to her attention, she realized that staying at an inn, at least for their first time, was definitely out of the question. He was clearly afraid in his own right, probably bridegroom jitters since he was a one-hundred-fifty-year-old virgin, and a hotel with literally paper-thin walls that smelled of other people's sex was definitely not the most romantic or comforting of environments, especially when the innkeepers might well give them nasty looks on top of it all, whispering hateful words he'd be able to hear on top of the other guests' moaning and grunting.

If I had his heightened senses, I probably wouldn't want to go near an inn, either Deciding to reassure him then that while she didn't object to the notion of not waiting until their house was done, she most certainly wasn't a total hentai who thought that sex was the most important thing hands down, she spoke back up in that moment with, "Honestly, about the inn, I also wasn't actually sure if you'd even want to spend the money.

Especially since it's an unpleasant environment for you, anyway, and plus you're nervous about the innkeepers, then I guess it'd be a stupid waste of money to get a room for a night since we could certainly use the cost of a room to buy a bunch of different things for the house, instead. While he valued sex higher up on the importance scale, even he could understand the logic in holding off on renting a room if you honestly needed to spend the money on other things instead.

After all, even he had only sprung for a night at the inn his and Sango's wedding night, because it had been important enough to him to spend the money for that first night together, but then after that they too had waited until their house was built to fully enjoy being newlyweds. Sure, they'd snuck off into the woods plenty of times for this and that, which he knew Inuyasha couldn't possibly be unaware of, but he would not rehash the argument of what Kagome 'deserved' in that regard.

That was between the hanyou and miko. Miroku could completely understand why Inuyasha would be hesitant to make use of an inn, though, for various reasons. He chose to focus on the financial one Kagome had just voiced. Under the circumstances, I agree that you should spend your money wisely. In reality he was mostly relieved. Unaware of the hanyou's true feelings, Miroku would have made another joke about the couple camping out in the forest overnight, since, of course, that would be completely free of charge, but after what the hanyou had already said about Kagome deserving her own home and bed, he chose to let the subject go.

He didn't want to push his friend too far. At the end of the day, believe it or not, the monk could admit to himself that it was really none of his business, and more importantly than that, he also knew that the more he teased and tried to push Inuyasha into Kagome's arms, the more resistant the hanyou would likely become, which would of course be counterproductive for the poor miko. So for her sake, he would refrain from teasing her husband beyond the breaking point.

Perhaps she had her own plans that involved camping out in the woods at some point, and any jokes on his part about the subject could very well ruin those plans, he realized.

Kagome, realizing in turn that Miroku wasn't going to chime back in with anything else perverted, decided to be the next one to speak up in that moment, effectively changing the subject. The rest of their morning's walk towards the market village was filled with amusing tales of Miroku's various adventures in parenthood.

At one point they passed a couple of men from their village along the road, the farmers having gotten an earlier start than our trio, their pace limited by the ox pulling a large cart of wares beside them.

Goods from their village, to be sold to the various vendors for resale. The farmers bowed humbly and murdered morning greetings to the houshi, hanyou and miko as they passed, and after saying back a few pleasant greetings of their own our trio continued on their way, leaving the farmers further and further behind them on the highway.

For once, he didn't mind Miroku listening in to what he had to say. I haven't had a home for three years, but now, I do. I could live with you in the forest and be at home. Still, you're human, and you deserve a real house, and even I must admit it'll be nice having an actual house to call home, now that I've got a reason for one. Now that I've got somebody to share it with. My home, too, is by your side.

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But a real house will be nice. I'm glad things worked out the way they did. Miroku, smiling, remained silent. They dropped the subject as the first of many vendors who'd parked their carts along the side of the road came within reach, and seeing a multitude of things they didn't need they kept right on walking, the vendors who recognized Miroku and Inuyasha and who had no qualms with Inuyasha's youkai blood trying their best to get the group's attention as they passed.

It was quite the experience for Kagome, as she glanced around at everything with barely restrained wonder and excitement. After knocking twice with no answer, she quietly pushed his door open. He was still fast asleep and to wake him up, she took a pillow from the floor and threw it at him, hitting him square in the nose.

Anyway, I'm going to pick up Sango, I'll be back in a little bit. But she won't tell me who it was this time. I'll just go and get her and then I'll be back. She really has no where else to go. Plus, I already told her that she could always stay here if she needed to. Kagome grabbed the hard pillow with feathers and hit him.

Feathers fell went flying around the room. Inuyasha, knowing that he'll never be able to go back to sleep now, started to chase Kagome with the pillow.

She screamed and ran out of the room and into the living area. She tripped over the couch and Inuyasha caught her, pinning her to the couch underneath him and started tickling her. He didn't want to get injured further so he finally let her up; she hit him with the pillow again, giving him a bloody nose. He wrinkled his nose, sneezing blood. He tackled her again, this time to the floor and losing his pillow.

He started to tickle her sides again. She shrieked and hit him HARD with the pillow. He rolled onto his back, gasping for breath. Kagome was panting, her face red as she sat up and started coughing as she breathed out. But I promise you, we will finish this when I get back. She tried to leave but Inuyasha grabbed hold of her arm and wouldn't let go. It was a disaster. But if you want, I could pick up something. And you can at least give me a good-bye kiss before you go. Sango was already on the front porch waiting for Kagome when she pulled up.

I just want to thank you again for letting me stay with you. You're always welcome to stay with us. Remember what I told you in high school and college, I'm always here for you. Even if he says you are. Even Inuyasha thinks I'm a nuisance. I mean, I haven't been in one relationship that worked since college. I actually thought that Koga was going to change after that one time.

Maybe I should just give up on men. You just haven't found the right guy yet. I lost count of how many failed relationships I've had until I met Inuyasha. Not to mention Koga's a wolf demon. Don't say I didn't warn you about them. Besides, it's not like he has beads around his neck that allow me to sit him every time he is like that like you do.

The same bitch as last time. I just had to put that. I really don't have anything against Koga or wolves. It's just that I had to put that to go along with the plot of this story… "Well, now you don't have to worry about him…you're with me and Inuyasha now.

She was well known for being a Matchmaker. I know that look, Kagome, what are you planning now? You remember Miroku right? That pervert is always groping me every time we see each other.

Trust me, we talk all the time. He groped me every five minutes at prom. Anyway, we're at the apartment and if I'm correct Inuyasha should be making breakfast for us. That was NOT nice. Maybe I should just take you back to Koga's and you can figure out what to do without my help. What do you think about that? Face it, your cooking's terrible. That's why I have Inuyasha.