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Doctor Danielle “Dani” Santino, the protagonist of the show, Dr. Dani Santino is a New York Hawks pro-football team and word gets out about her counseling skills. Dani has begun a relationship with the team's athletic trainer, Matt Donnally, but Dr. Dani kisses Nico Careles after Marshall Pittman dies in a plane crash. Dani has a relationship with the team's athletic trainer, Matt Dr. Dani kisses Nico Careles after Marshall. Necessary Roughness is a USA Network drama which premiered on June 29, The series . In the meantime, Dani nears her first anniversary after her divorce, and Nico receives a visit from Marshall Pittman's wife. Nico quickly T.K. , meanwhile, works to begin a real relationship with Vivica (Jaime Lee Kirchner).

And then last night, Dani was too quiet. He was too far away, enough was enough.

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So that night he made a decision, told Pittman that the team was ready to stand on their own and took the red-eye back to NY, arriving at 6AM. It was too early to go to her house, so he went back to his apartment, showered and texted her that he was back in NY.

He hadn't heard from her until he got the text. He called her but got her voice mail, so he left a message asking if he could pick her up. She texted him back the address and said she would meet him there, that she had an appointment with a new client. He watched as her SUV pulled in to the covered parking.

Watched as she sat there for a moment as if she was trying to muster the courage to go inside. He got out and went over to her. Nico gently tapped on the window to get her attention. Dani jumped and rolled down the window. She shut the door and turned straight into Nico. She would have stumbled if he hadn't caught her.

It has been weeks since he held her and it felt like coming home. After hesitating for a second, Dani leaned back in his embrace and looked up at him. Up until 5 seconds ago, she hadn't realized how much she needed this, needed him back with her. The thought scared her and comforted her at the same time. She had gone back and forth whether to have him come to this appt.

But in the end, she knew it was the right thing to do. This was his child too and it would be selfish to keep him away. Nico felt the need as well and without thinking leaned down to kiss her.

What started out as a quick hello turned into a full blown, mind blowing kiss that was quickly getting out of hand when someone clearing their throat caused them to pull apart. The older woman clearly was not amused and muttered something under her breath about "getting a room", which caused Dani to smile back and reply, "well maybe we will do just that, but that's what got us into this mess in the first place!

Whether they knew it or not, the older women had broken the ice. He had been in locker rooms full of football players, when he was a Navy Seal; he had been in places that he could never speak to anyone about, really scary places. He had never seen so many women, pregnant women in his life! He had seen pregnant women before, be must have, just never really paid attention.

One woman in particular caught his attention. She looked like she had swallowed a really large beach ball. She could barely get out of the chair by herself. As she waddled into the exam room, he couldn't stop staring. Watching him, Dani couldn't help herself, "See something you like?

She had to bite her lower lip to keep from laughing; knowing Nico probably wouldn't appreciate it. But boy she was enjoying this. It was as if all the sudden he realized what having a baby was all about. Lowering her voice so he had to lean in, Dani whispered to him. Restlessly flipping through a magazine that he wasn't even looking at, he was about to take a walk when the Nurse called his name and said that the Dr.

Not knowing what to expect, he was surprised when he walked in to see Dani, alone in the room, wearing a blue paper gown and laying on an exam table. Thinking the worst, he went over and took her hand. They said the Dr.

Just thought you might want to hear something. Reaching out his hand to Nico he introduced himself as Dr. He was far too young and good looking for Nico's taste and his eyes narrowed when he turned back to Dani.

Dani could read him like a book. She'd never admit it, but she liked when Nico got jealous, although in this case he was over reacting.

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Kirsky just finished the exam but I wanted him to redo one thing with you in the room. He was so caught up in everything that he didn't notice the Dr, taking an instrument from the table and moving towards Dani.

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If you can just move your gown a little to the right. He was offered a position in Dallas by Mark Cuban, but nothing panned out. Before he left the Hawks, Nico was questioned by federal agents. It's also believed that Nico had a mysterious role in bringing Dani to her new job at V3. However, the details of his involvement on how exactly he got Dani to V3 remains to be seen. Terrence often finds himself doing childish things, mainly spending his money on himself and various women, getting himself into trouble with a rival psychiatrist of Dr.

He is seen trying to deal with it in his own way in the second season opener, [2] T.

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Dani tells him that he needs to acknowledge he'd been shot, T. When approached about it by the team, he denies it, yet surveillance video showed otherwise. Dani and the team stage an intervention for T. After a night of heavy partying and drinking, his friend died in their hotel room.

King, like Owens, is an extremely talented, often publicly maligned wide receiver. Dani Santino is dreaming and working through emotional issues with her own therapist. Some are straight out of the movies. Robinson and Nico in the role of Benjamin asking whether he is being seduced, could not have been hotter. Dani insists that her sex dreams are not really about sex, and that Nico or Matt's appearances merely represent other things or people she is using to find her way through her troubles.

Then there is the dream in which Matt tries to get Dani's attention away from a beckoning Nico. One thing is certain. Fans of the USA drama are happy to believe Dani's fantasies are fabulous and want them to lead somewhere Team Nico is getting a bit concerned.

Dani has already told her shrink that she is torn between the two. Nico she fears giving into and Matt she believes is no longer an option. What's a girl to do?