Ness and lucas relationship

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ness and lucas relationship

A common theory is that Ninten is Ness' father, but other fans. Same thing with lucas, no actual connection in relation (although EB 64 may. Ninten, Ness AND Lucas are all COUSINS! How you might ask? One word and a name: Stripes and George. It's very simple, George and Maria. Could you point to links to websites that may explain more? If Ness did die, it seems to be odd playing him in a Smash game with Lucas at the.

I'm sorry sweetie, but I completely forgot this was an important day for Tracy. Lucas's family went to their farm out of town. They're not back until tomorrow. She put her hand to her cheek, "Oh, what to do…he might just have to come along with us. I mean, Ness would probably be bored with us too.

I support you and all, but not a lot of guys like watching ballet and stuff. Behave yourselves, and avoid trouble.

Lucas and I are smarter than we look. Ness's mother provided enough food and kept it in the refrigerator for them to warm up later, and then tended to helping Tracy get ready for her big day. While Ness watched TV quietly downstairs, Lucas was still in bed, deep asleep.

Just an hour later, Ness witnessed his mother and sister leave the house. He listened to another small lecture on knowing where the food was, being told to call if there was any trouble, and a small reminder about relationship safety before finally seeing them leave in the family car.

He locked the front door and then headed towards the stairs. However, he saw his drowsy boyfriend at the top of the stairs, rubbing his eyes.


He slowly walked down stairs, pausing in the middle to yawn, and then reached the ground floor. They headed to the dining room as Ness explained the situation.

They warmed up their breakfast and sat at the table, eating their food together. Dancing, singing and dancing, and then trying to get a job…" "She's a hardworker," Lucas commented.

Though, being imprisoned to the house, there wasn't much to look forward to. Nevertheless, they didn't care whether the day would be filled with more boredom or leisure, for they only cared more about being bored or having fun together. Ness looked to his closet, and found Lucas's spare clothes lying neatly in a suitcase. He looked to the blonde, "Wanna take another bubble bath together?

He walked over to his belongings and began searching for clothes for the day. When he tugged on a planned piece of his undergarments, he froze. Looking at it, and even feeling it, he recalled a recent dream which bothered him, and believed it wouldn't hurt to ask about an inquiry. After all, he knew he could talk to Ness about anything. Like, I was running around my house in them. Then, he glanced back up. They're comfy to me. Ness put on an irked thinking face, and tried to come up with a good answer.

Instead, he came to propose an agreement. Ness walked to his closet and pulled out a clean pair of blue-white stripes, and then gesturing them to the blonde. He grinned, almost reaching for them. Then, as he handed them to Lucas, he thought of another idea, one that he believed would benefit their bond with each other. We can switch underwear for today, how's that? He reached down into his suitcase and gave Ness a pair of his white-only briefs. Ness stretched it his hands, looking at it in surprise.

Just like in your dream? He had seen it all before in previous bubble baths together, but never thought about seeing most of his skin for an extended time. That, and he was fazed at the idea itself. It was a rather rebellious scheme for his good willed self. With the agreement concluded, they headed into the bathroom together. Ness prepared the bathwater and bubble solution in the large bathtub, and they watched the bubble bath form together. Before even undressing, they even played with the cloud of bubbles for a moment, slapping them in each other's faces and laughing at each other.

When the bath was completely ready, they took their moment in removing their pajamas and then jumping into the bath. Modesty wasn't an issue for two teenagers who confided almost everything in each other after being best friends for so long already.

They knew that it was how they chose to act about it that determined their maturity and wisdom, and both were competent about it.

Although, they failed to be secretive about relishing the curiosities of their wandering eyes and mind towards each other, but they managed to play it off as a part of their growing relationship.

They also agreed to never step too far on each other's boundaries without mutual consent, which was never usually a problem. In fact, sometimes they wished the other overstepped because they occasionally desired to do what they saw and heard older couples do together, at least only when they were alone.

They were, after all, lectured many times about relationship safety, much to their annoyance. Nevertheless, they still managed to include laughter and playfulness in their bathing activity. They had a few water toys—a small water gun and rubber duckies that squirted water—to battle with each other as they sat on opposite sides of the tub. They would then attempt to make building structures out of their bubbles, or make fancy hairdos on each other's heads.

Whether their handicraft resulted in success or failure, they always laughed at each other and together. Taking visual note of their skin which had absorbed too much water as a sign, they decided to finally drain the bath.

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They exited one at a time, and dried off the water on their bodies. Lucas picked up the boxer piece hanging on one of the steel rails, and stretched out the waistline once. Without hesitating any further, he slipped his legs through them and pulled the fabric up. It wasn't anything too special, he noted. The loose air that never ran through his upper legs before rather soothing on his skin.

Although he would have to get used to the feeling of letting those hang freely, boxers overall felt like a nice change of pace. The same was going for Ness on the other side of the room. He had sucked in a breath as he dragged the cotton fabric up his body, almost feeling Lucas's faint scent tickle his skin. Ness did know how Lucas had tried to kill himself multiple times in the past couple of years, and he cared just as much as she did about making sure that Lucas didn't try again.

So, it turned out that there were rooms connected to the grand hall, each one with its own unnecessarily large chandelier, red carpets, and gold-framed paintings on the walls.

And attached to each of those were even more rooms, most of which only contained a couple of visitors from other worlds that Ness didn't recognize. A couple visitors, that was, and in one case a blond-haired boy eating omelets in the corner of the room by himself. As in, sitting down on the floor in the literal corner of the room.

Because screw the party, and screw the steak and caviar.

ness and lucas relationship

No matter how the world changed around him, Lucas was going to keep sitting off to the side eating omelets. Zelda was the first one to widen her eyes and walk towards Lucas, but Peach put a hand on Zelda's shoulder and shook her head. Zelda's body stiffened, like she was going to put up a fight, but then she stepped back and motioned for Ness to go forward.

Time to put on friendly Ness face. We should totally do something fun to start out He looked at Ness with the same curious expression as always, but at least this time he didn't look so tense. I didn't make you worry, did I? You're all open books. You can tell me the truth, Ness. I'm glad to see that you're doing all right.

If you need some time alone, I think we all understand. Just because I'm eating by myself doesn't mean I'm like that right now. You can talk to me like a regular person, Zelda. If you need some alone time, then you need some alone time. So I don't use telepathy anymore.

But I don't need psychic powers to tell that you and food are a match made in heaven. Zelda and Peach seemed to flip-flop every week on whether Lucas was having trouble accepting his past or having trouble letting go.

Ness could see how it was complex for them to deal with a kid who refused to go home and yet painted the walls of his room to look like a sunflower field just because his mother liked them. And if it were complex for them, he didn't want to think about how it must have felt for Lucas himself.

ness and lucas relationship

Ooh, and there's always the basketball court. You've been getting pretty good at free throws recently. I don't know if we could get Zelda and Peach to play, but…" "Hey," Peach said. I bet I could destroy you boys in a pickup game. And besides, having fun with you means more to me than watching some ball land on the ground.

Especially when I'm not even old enough to celebrate the New Year with alcohol. I'll keep a secret. I'm sure Cloud is at the party right now, so he can't ambush us and ask to join our rotation. He had felt too many team combos on him end with Cloud's Finishing Touch to practice doubles on a regular basis. Ever since those Sheik nerfs, you've never been able to keep up. I'll whoop both of your asses any day. If not, I can be the sacrificial cow.

Maybe they didn't have lambs to sacrifice in Hyrule. I don't think it matters too much even if you wipe the floor with us. We're going to wreck their sorry asses and do a victory lap around the Great Cave Offensive afterwards. Besides, I feel a little bad that Ness has to deal with a drunk teammate.

Losing was bad enough, but the prospect of losing to someone who wasn't even trying their hardest had been enough to drive Smash Bros fighters out of the scene before. Ness hoped to see him again in Smash 5. He didn't look back as Peach and Zelda exchanged a glance and shrugged, following behind a moment later. If Lucas' depression wasn't crippling him, then why would he be sitting on the floor eating omelets by himself on New Year's Eve?

Ness shook his head and followed behind. Maybe he could put the pieces together during their practice session. Turns out, Ness did not have the time to put the pieces together while he was getting his ass whooped in the practice session.

It didn't start out so bad. Lucas and Zelda won the first game with two stocks and both of them at high percent. Going into the second game, Ness and Peach had a nice combo to get some early damage on Zelda.

But then Lucas turned up the heat. He landed a nasty up-smash that killed both Ness and Peach at the same time. As the match went on, Lucas and Zelda got more and more comfortable working together, and Lucas in particular was always where he needed to be. And he played mean, too. Honestly, it made Ness feel a bit like Rosalina was in the game. After a couple dozen attempts, Ness and Peach still hadn't won a single match.

Once they hit their groove, Lucas and Zelda combed off of each other's hits effortlessly, and Peach seemed to hit Ness with her attacks more often than she hit her opponents. Maybe Lucas felt bad for completely eviscerating Ness during the practice session, because afterwards he invited Ness over to his room to review the footage and work on tips to improve. After bidding Peach and Zelda goodbye, Ness walked through the metal halls of Smash Skyscraper until he arrived at Lucas' room.

Lucas' door had a black and white picture of a sunflower on it. Really, it functioned better than a nameplate. Even before becoming friends with Lucas, Ness had heard about Lucas' dead mother thanks, internet and how much she liked sunflowers. When Lucas looked at the picture even now, his gaze softened just a bit. He closed his eyes and placed a hand over his heart before reaching for the doorknob and turning.

Ness wished that Lucas would show his vulnerability more often instead of hiding in a corner and eating omelets on his own.

He did know that Ness and the others were here to help, right? Ness hadn't exactly pledged his support for Lucas all right, but Zelda and Peach both told him that the best way of helping Lucas would be to act normal. According to them, Lucas needed another boy around his age to do fun activities with. The two of them could handle emotional support, and the therapist could help Lucas get back into the right mindset.

But what did "acting normal" really mean? Trying too hard to seem normal would be abnormal, wouldn't it? Or perhaps that would be the most normal behavior of all for someone Ness' age. Ness had been away from school too long to remember. If only Paula were here. She would know exactly what to do.

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Lucas motioned for him to enter the room, and Ness followed Lucas inside. Not the first time Ness had seen the walls painted like a mural displaying a sunflower field, but Ness caught his breath anyway. Each time, for just a moment when he stepped inside Lucas' room, it looked like he actually was standing right under the clouds in a meadow of sunflowers.

Too much time spent in Smash Skyscraper jumping from world to world in an instant when selecting stages, probably. At this point, he had been to so many worlds that he didn't know if anything was capable of surprising him anymore.

Ness looked over to see Lucas standing next to a figure that bore the body shape of Rosalina. The body shape, perhaps, but not the body itself.

The figure's face and dress looked like a slice of outer space, and stars twinkled all over her clothing and skin. Ness yelped and stumbled backwards, falling on his rear.

Your friend sent me here. Still the same dark backdrop as the rest of her body, of course. And right above her lips was a small nose. But Ness looked further up, and saw no eyes. As the Cosmic Spirit turned her face towards him, Ness got the sense that she was looking directly into his soul.

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You know when Rosalina went missing a couple months ago around Halloween? I see why you two get along so well together. Neither one of you can put two and two together sometimes. He didn't think that they got along especially well together. It was just… might as well be nice to the other Smash fighters that he would have to live with for years, right? But Rosalina just sent me to tell you that Porky has been detected again.

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Oh, did Ness remember his old next door neighbor turned pilot of a massive spider mech and wanted to destroy the world… or something. In retrospect, half of Ness' adventure to save the world felt like some sort of crazy dream.

Have a nice day. Lucas let out a yawn and plopped down on his couch. After snuggling up into a ball, he looked down at his watch. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? I think we'll be plenty busy training for the doubles tournament anyway.

I know that Porky's appearance is odd, but I'm sure it will all make sense in time. And at this hour, who knew if he would actually be able to think straight if his life depended on it? Yeah, we'll have plenty of time in this new year to deal with our problems. I thought that she was going to give us an update on Rosalina instead of starting off your with a whole new source of stress.

And thanks for practicing with me. I know that it probably wasn't the most exciting New Year's celebration for you, and it really means a lot that you wanted to spend it with me. At least getting destroyed by you and Zelda was simple. In that moment, he really did look like just a regular teenager. Call that my New Year's Resolution.

We're going to win that damned doubles tournament together, whether or not Rosalina comes back to snatch all of my PK Thunders away with her Gravitational Pull. Or, I guess, later in the morning. It would probably be best to leave Lucas in peace for now, anyway. He walked over to the door and opened it. Right before closing it behind him, Ness looked back at the figure of Lucas lying down on the couch.

This is considered to be not only one of Ness' worst matchups, but also one of the worst matchups any character can have in the game. Ness has little to deal with Luma, and when he tries to get back to the stage he needs to use PK Thunder to hit himself. In the competitive smash scene, Cloud dominates the doubles metagame.