North and south gaskell ending relationship

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north and south gaskell ending relationship

Marrying for love in North & South North and South. Elizabeth Gaskell begins her novel with one wedding and ends it with the imminent Gaskell points out that early on in their marriage, Mr Hale wanted to spend time. "North and South" is a novel defined by the resolution of binary conflicts: at the end of the novel, we see the proper structure of an intimate relationship: both. about North and South that refer to Gaskell's rushed ending? progress in the realm of master-worker relations or wishing he were kinder.

Of course we are left wanting more. What elements of the story do some readers suppose are rushed?

north and south gaskell ending relationship

Does Margaret need more time to convince herself that the Milton manufacturer has a heart? She knows he has a heart and has full faith in his character. Does Gaskell need to bring out more how much Thornton has changed?

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Everyone seems to know that Gaskell was rushed to finish her work, however not everyone seems to know the details involved. In the forward to the first edition of her book, published over seven months later, Gaskell apologizes for the rushed ending.

But it appears that the apology is largely for the way her story first appeared, in its shortened and rushed version as a serialized saga. It may well be that even in its final book form, Gaskell never finished her book as she had originally outlined.

north and south gaskell ending relationship

Her final product, what we currently read as her novel today, was amended and finished to some level of satisfaction by the author. This suggests that Gaskell was fairly satisfied that she had already shown the development of Thornton. I can only assume that those who think that the ending is rushed do not feel that Margaret and Thornton were ready to come to an understanding just yet. We know for certain that he is helplessly in love with Margaret.

The Concept of Unity in Elizabeth Gaskell's "North and South"

Because of Victorian propriety and unfavorable circumstances, Margaret cannot admit her love in such passionate terms.

She tells herself she wants to redeem their friendship, but it goes much deeper than that. I also love the BBC miniseries film adaptation, but as always, the book is better, in my opinion. I recently re-watched the adaptation and I realized that Margaret Hale and John Thornton make a lot of the same relationship mistakes we still commit today on a regular basis. If you want to know what not to do, just watch the first half of North and South.

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There is a lot we all can learn from both Margaret Hale and John Thornton, a lot about relationships and life in general.

I wanted to share just a few with you.

north and south gaskell ending relationship

Do you all remember Henry? John Thornton makes a similar mistake when Margaret treats him with common civility. As a rule of thumb, you should never assume someone is in love with you just because their polite and kind to you.

Maybe they're just a nice person. This is one of the main lessons Margaret learns when she moves to the industrial city of Milton. Her initial impression is that the populaces of Milton care nothing for the world or education. She is inclined to judge John Thornton and his rough mannerisms harshly without understanding his history.

Later on, she realizes her errors and comes to learn that while the working class of Milton may be rough, proud, and uneducated, they are not ignorant and they do have a desire and need for further education and knowledge of the world.

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