Obito and madara relationship poems

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obito and madara relationship poems

(To Kakashi) "Those who break the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash! If I'm going to be called trash. Uchiha Madara. tags: anime, best-naruto-qoute, best-qoute, childeren, history, humor, konoha, life, manga, naruto, Read more quotes from Masashi Kishimoto. kakashi. kiss. ladygaga. lemon. love. madara. naruto. obito. oneshot. romance. sakura Great job with the fan fic,it inspired me to write a Madara x Obito fan fic of my own ^^ Reply . The Uchiha clan won't settle for a homosexual relationship .

When a young New York stockbroker is unceremoniously dumped into the Narutoverse as a Hyuuga baby he vows to obtain his rightful place as god emperor of humanity and show the world why Hyuuga Hiraki is not to be trifled with. Cette fic ce passe lors d'un enterrement.

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So when I find myself in the body of an 8-years-old Naruto Uzumaki, I decided to delay the next 'eternity' as long as possible. After all, I have to break my record of living for only 19 years. Sarada and Naruto must pull together their Village in the face of Terrorists, Vigilantes, Mutants, and a Guardian from the fallen empire determined to "set things right".

What if that relative was a powerful warrior in their own right. What if when the Konoha Civilian Council stripped the Shinobi council of everything? Join our favorite hero's as they meet new friends and a new destiny. Eventual fem naruko x oc Rated: After discovering long-lost secrets in the ruins of Uzushiogakure, Sasuke chooses to return to his childhood and affect the world in a new way.

Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths, and the Seventh Hokage, Naruto Uzumaki, is credited as being not only the strongest of all the Hokage, but the strongest ninja in history.

It was initially claimed the Hokages earned the position by being hands down the strongest ninja in the village at the time which the first four were, to be fairbut politics also plays a big role in their selection, as they need to be approved of by both the ninjas of the village and the daimyo. Notably, Hashirama originally intended the First Hokage to be Madara, but he was outvoted by the rest of the village.

However, it's likely that candidates still need to be one of the village's best to even be considered for the job. Back from the Dead: The first four were all revived by Orochimaru in Chapter All the Hokage are this. They're Kage, who are by the very nature of the title badass. The Hokage are considered to be badass even by the other Kage.

Word of God is no help. It leads to Serious Business debates. The only Hokage who didn't end up lamenting his shortcomings or inability to resolve certain problems was Tobirama, who arguably did more damage in the long run than all the others combined.

Like most elite ninja. Most notable with Hashirama, who has both the largest reputation and is the farthest from it in terms of personality. The wives of the Hokage are this to their spouses: Later, Hinata is this to her husband, Naruto Seventh Hokage. For most of the series, almost everything we knew about their combat prowess was through word of mouth from characters that came after them, and what we actually saw was fairly underwhelming, to say the least.

After they're all revived by Orochimaru during the Fourth Ninja War, we get a much better showing from them, particularly the First and Second Hokages. Hashirama founded the village and was the First Hokage. The Third Hokage trained the Fifth Hokage who is herself the granddaughter of the First and grandniece of the Second and the man who would go on to train the Fourth Hokage. The Fourth Hokage, of course, would train Kakashi, who would train Naruto. Both would go on to become Hokage; the Sixth and Seventh, respectively.

Thanks to being resurrected zombies, the first four Hokages are immune to Madara's Infinite Tsukiyomi. Part of the job description. The first two and the Fourth are this, and we also end up learning more about the Third after his death than we did before it.

Everything we've seen and heard of their abilities shows each of them as masters of a wide variety of techniques that don't really have anything in common with each other. All but Tsunade have some sort of Clone technique, and Tsunade's summon can do this too. Wood for Hashirama and Shadow clones for the rest.

In comparison to each other, they run the gamut from mostly relying on bloodline traits to mainly relying on extremely refined taught shinobi artsbut in comparison to all other Ninja there is no question the Hokage are both very powerful and very skilled. The first four work together as Edo Tensei, with the Fifth close to the action. They roughly hit the archetypes of the Five-Man Band.

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The First is the The Leader and a jovial and open-minded Hero. The Second is his brother and Lancer with a stern and judgmental personality. The Third is The Big Guyhailed as the God of Shinobi during part one and good enough to take on slightly weakened versions of the first two simultaneously.

Minato Kakashi and Obito vs. Madara - Obito Betrays Madara

Unwitting Instigator of Doom: The first four Hokages have all inadvertently helped cause the current conflicts. Hashirama spared Madara, enabling everything Madara would go on to do. Though it's later revealed that this isn't exactly what happened.

Hashirama actually did kill Madara, however Madara - using rather convoluted means was able to revive himself. Tobirama was partially responsible for Madara going bad as well as gaining the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and he laid the groundwork for the prejudices that would cause the Uchiha coup and massacre.

He also invented the technique that allowed for Madara to later return from the dead and successfully implement the Moon's Eye Plan. Sarutobi was the one to first get Orochimaru fixated on immortality, due to a comment made near Oro's parents' graves.

obito and madara relationship poems

He also couldn't bring himself to stop Orochimaru who would later start a war against Konoha and eventually kill him when he had the chance. He also allowed Danzo to run around unchecked, which would have severe consequences in the long run, as every single non-Uchiha Big Badincluding Orochimaru, had some ties with Danzo or were a result of his actions that would come to haunt the very village he was claiming to protect. Minato was unable to prevent his students Rin and Obito's deaths, which is what spawned the Big Bad.

His own death also caused a vast amount of problems, as it forced Sarutobi to take back the position, and Sarutobi's lack of a sufficient backbone in his old age was one of the major reasons for all the problems he ended up causing. Given just how deeply ingrained their actions are into the backstory of the series, and their influence on everything that's actually going on in the present day, this is unavoidable. Chapter even uses "the four strongest soldiers" in the narrative text when referring to them.

Needless to say, when the top dog of the four is discussed, it gets messy.

obito and madara relationship poems

Though amongst all seven of the Hokage, there's no debate because the most powerful by far and away is obviously Naruto. Naruto Chapter MangaNaruto Episode 69 Anime The fellow countrymen of the Konoha make up each part of my body those of the village believe in me, and I believe in them That's what it means to be Hokage! He was one of the greatest shinobi to ever live and respected by nearly everyone.

His claim to fame was his Kekkai Genkai, Wood Style, which allowed him to utilize wood for various effects, to the point of being able to combat and suppress the power of a Tailed Beast. In Shippuden, it's revealed he was the head of the Senju Clan who, in the olden days, clashed with Madara Uchiha and his clan. He formed an alliance with Madara and the other Uchiha to establish the Hidden Leaf Village as the first ninja village; However, Madara believed that he and the Uchiha were being treated unfairly and the two fought at the Valley of the End, with Hashirama ultimately emerging victorious.

This is the reason why he became Hokage in the first place. Every inhabitant liked and respected him even members of the Uchiha Clan with whom they had a long of enmity recognized him as the leader of the village. His own father would punch him in the face for speaking out against conflict, in particular the toll it took on children. In terms of raw power, even the other three Hokage pale in comparison to Hashirama's wood-style and Chakra reserves, which are described as being so vast that no other ninja has come close to matching him.

Even Madara, who wiped the floor with five Kageused the Sharingan to bring Kurama under his control and Hashirama still beat him. Hashirama is also this for the line of Hagoromo's younger son, Asura. Whereas both Asura and Naruto took time to achieve their potential, needing the help of others to become strong leaders, Hashirama was a gifted shinobi from the start. This resulted in him defeating Indra's transmigrant, Madara Uchiha, every time they fought.

He's also the only shinobi to naturally develop the coveted Wood Release jutsu, which not only allowed him to summon massive forests but also gave him the ability to defeat and control the 9 Tailed Beasts as well, even to the point that his control could overpower that of Madara Uchiha's. He and Tobirama are absent in the live theater adaptation. Contrasted with his more stoic brotherHashirama seems downright goofy in comparison.

He's chagrined at the idea of his granddaughter, Tsunade, being the Fifth Hokage, admitting that he spoiled her rotten as a child. Ain't Too Proud to Beg: He's more than willing to bow his head to another person if it helps calm the situation down. Extremely courteous, sincere and kindhearted, and he sees the best in everyone, for better or worse.

He was this for Madara Uchiha.

obito and madara relationship poems

A big part of the current problems in the series are ultimately the result of Hashirama beating Madara in everything and Madara's inability to accept this. He and his brother likely inherited traits from different sides of their parents, though curiously, in the manga he seems to have the same skin tone as his brother.

While he is willing to let others abuse him, he will remind them if they've said the wrong choice of words Hashirama: No matter what happens I will protect our no my village.

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I still believe that protecting the village is the best way to protect people, shinobi, and children! Anyone who tries to harm it, whether they are my friends, siblings or my own children I won't forgive them.

Awesomeness Is a Force: The force of his chakra is enough to make the room he's standing in start crumbling. And he wasn't even serious. Don't get your chakra so riled up, brother. The "Will of Fire" originates from him. Beware the Nice Ones: He's an easygoing, jovial, and polite guy, but when he gets serious he won't hesitate to kill someone who he considers a brother, or even his own family if they threaten his home.

Beware the Silly Ones: He may be a big goof, but there is a reason why he was known as the God of Shinobi. Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: The Boke to his brother's Tsukkomi. Due to Hashirama's legendary legacy, people often imagined him to be a noble and composed warrior.

obito and madara relationship poems

When he is brought back by Edo Tensei, it is revealed that Hashirama is actually very goofy, cheerful and childlike and somewhat stupid as well. However, he is still the only Shinobi capable of fighting his rival, Madara on equal terms.

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When Hashirama was brought back by an incomplete Edo Tensei, he seemed to be quite a serious and composed warrior, he and Tobirama didn't look much different personality wise; one could assume Orochimaru's limiting their powers to control them better also took its toll on their personalities, but nothing was said back then. This first taste of Hashirama's personality was pasted on related material as well, such as Video Games and fillers, showing us a composed warrior befitting of his legend.

All that was rendered incompatible by the time Hashirama was revived again, showing us a more laid back and vigorously juvenile man who greatly contrasts with his brother, whose personality does resemble the one we first see. That said, when his Berserk Button gets pushed too far Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass: Invoked by Suigetsu in-universe after witnessing his personality when Hashirama gets revived by the Edo Tensei.

He finds it hard to believe such a jovial, happy-go-lucky person is one of the strongest shinobi ever. The second half of this trope comes into play when his Berserk Buttons are pressed. To Tobirama after he threatened Sasuke. Everybody got scared shitless, and the sheer force of his and Tobirama's chakra nearly destroyed the temple they were in. He gave Tobirama one to stop him from killing Madara Uchiha. Arguably, his seriousness in that particular situation is how Hashirama's dream for a truce with the Uchiha came into fruition.