One direction parents and siblings relationship

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one direction parents and siblings relationship

Note: Harry Has A Brother, Zayn Has Sisters Waliyah, Doniya [that's why when you search the net you can't find any info about his brother only his parents]. Baby Lux with Harry Styles.. this took when baby Lux still baby. ONE DIRECTION's Louis Tomlinson has refused to help stop trolls picking on his sister, despite being an anti-bullying champion. Louis' mother changed his surname from Austin to Tomlinson when she found a new partner. Louis was born when Troy was in a relationship with Johanna Poulston, The band explains their post-1D relationships in their own words. Are the One Direction Boys Even Still Friends? The Truth . “All the boys came to support me [ after my mother died], and I didn't know until a couple of hours.

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Or, should we say, postponed, as ticket holders were allowed to use their tickets to attend the consolatory concert on Friday night. The manner in which it happened didn't help matters. The fans were in the SSE Belfast Arena, ready and waiting, whipped up into a state of frenzied adolescent anticipation. And then, instead of four bouncy boys taking to the stage, a dad-like man in a suit came on and read a statement.

There would be no concert.

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They didn't need to worry, the statement went, "it was not serious". A lot of parents might well have thought that, actually, they'd rather it was serious.

Because if it wasn't, then there was no justification for the devastation, or the wasted money. The stories of wild expense and logistical hoops that were jumped through to get fans to One Direction on Tuesday night were all over the papers by Wednesday morning. There was a fair bit of skiving off school, for one day at least. But that was the least of it.

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Mothers posted pictures of their unders in tears on Twitter, asking how the 1Ds could cause pain to a face like that. There was the Irish Canada-based bride who changed her wedding plans to accommodate her niece, who had tickets for the concert.

There was the girl who flew to Belfast for her birthday to see them.

one direction parents and siblings relationship

Social media was alive with competitive posts about who had risen earliest, driven furthest, queued longest, cried hardest over 1D that night. And, of course, the parents were nearly worse than the kids. For the most part, the parents who accompanied their kids to Belfast on Tuesday were mothers. And, for the most part, you could bet that those mothers had a 1D equivalent in their youths, whether it was Wham!

And even as recently as Westlife, no Irish parent went to the lengths that the One Direction parents go to for what is essentially their kids' first crushes. The others are either 19 or 20 and were just 16 or 17 when they were swept up by The X Factor juggernaut.

For all the boys their rapid rise to fame has precipitated a huge lifestyle change. Harry in particular had a comfortable upbringing in rural Cheshire, describing his home town of Holmes Chapel as "quite picturesque but quite boring". His parents Anne and Des divorced when he was seven and Anne, who remarried in June this year, has previously admitted that she "fills up every time Harry's on TV.

I feel incredibly proud". She split from Louis' father Troy when he was young and Louis took his stepfather Mark Tomlinson's surname. The couple divorced last year and in the wake of the split it became obvious that Jay missed her only son terribly and revealed she kept in touch by sending him up to seven texts a day.

one direction parents and siblings relationship

Liam grew up in the West Midlands and his nursery nurse mother Karen and his father Geoff, a fitter, continue to live in Wolverhampton with Liam's sisters Ruth and Nicola. Fellow bandmate Niall hails from County Westmeath in Ireland. His parents Maura and Bobby divorced when Niall was five years old and he and his brother Greg lived between both parents' homes before deciding to stay with their dad.

He has three sisters, Doniya, Waliyha and Safaa and had to switch between several comprehensives when growing up because he felt he didn't "fit in" as "the only mixed-heritage kid in my class". Clearly the family is close. Tricia has revealed that she keeps in touch with her son every day he is away, saying: I always warn him to be nice to the girls and always chat to them and pose for pictures. Anne welcomed all five 1D boys to stay for a week in the bungalow at the bottom of their garden which has a swimming pool as they prepared for the live X Factor finals, which they say bonded them as a band.

Attract attention for her looks Image: Rex Features Life now Anne is the best known of all the One Direction mums thanks to her Twitter account, which hasfollowers.

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Generous Anne is using her new-found fame to help raise sponsorship for her charity climb up Mt Kilimanjaro in August. On her birthday, Harry ensured happybirthdayanne trended on Twitter. Some fans, called Directioners, have set up Facebook pages thanking Anne for giving the world Harry and praising her looks.

But she replied to the insults gracefully: Life before 1D Karen juggled her shifts as a nursery nurse to accompany Liam on all his auditions.