Padme and obi wan relationship

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padme and obi wan relationship

The relationships of Obi-Wan Kenobi from the Star Wars universe. Obi-Wan first met Padmé shortly after the Invasion of Naboo started, when he and his. While Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala's romance dominated the prequel trilogy, there's an equally if not more tragic Obi-Wan relationship that we learn. Of all the relationships in the Star Wars Universe, Padme and Anakin is At one point Anakin tells Obi-Wan he wants to dream about Padme.

Obi-Wan tells him to settle down, but then never speaks of it again.

Star Wars: 15 Things About Padme And Anakin’s Relationship That Make No Sense

Later, as Anakin is professing his love to the former Queen, he explains that the kiss is tormenting him and blames her for allowing it to happen.

This intense guilt trip he puts on Padme is unprecedented and does not make any sense. It is clear that Anakin is the one to initiate the kiss, without warning. There is pressure on Anakin to bring balance to the force, so perhaps this is what happens when you put those expectations on a child.

Anakin should break free of the Order to become a mechanic on Naboo with Padme -- they could have had a happy life and a lot fewer people may have perished.

padme and obi wan relationship

Here everything is soft and smooth. She had just shared a fond memory with Anakin and instead of acknowledging her, he aggressively made the conversation about him and turned it into a gross pick-up line.

padme and obi wan relationship

We have no idea how this conversation turned into a building block for their entire relationship. February 24th 2 shares Most Popular October 15th 5. Very rarely, will there be a discussion about the prequels, unless that discussion is about how terrible Jar Jar Binks was.

padme and obi wan relationship

Everyone is forgiven for pretending that the Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith never existed, but as disappointing as they were, they do have their place in the series.

During the transition, he is trained by Obi-Wan Kenobi, and their relationship is very strained. Donna Dickens, writing for Hit Fixbelieves that one reason for the strain could be that Obi-Wan was doing the dirty with Anakin's love interest, Padme. While this could explain why Anakin decided to murder a load of children, it's probably not justifiable. Donna believes that throughout Attack of the Clones, when Obi-Wan spends his time protecting her, instead of Anakin, the pair are getting it on.

One Simple Trick That Makes The Star Wars Prequels WAY More Watchable

Although Obi-Wan didn't agree with the Council's decision, he did nothing to help clear Ahsoka's name. When Barriss Offee was exposed as the true culprit, Obi-Wan didn't seem surprised that Ahsoka was innocent and was saddened when she left the Jedi Order for good.

padme and obi wan relationship

But after they freed themselves, they left Hondo's base with no intention for revenge, which Hondo respected. Hondo seemed to respect Obi-Wan greatly. Obi-Wan watched over him for nineteen years. Before discovering Obi Wan's true identity, Luke believing him to be a strange hermit, under the name of "Ben Kenobi".

After this knowledge, he gained great respect and admiration for the Jedi Master. During their journey to Alderaan, the two quickly became good friends.

Obi-Wan and Padmé's secret relationship

Luke was devastated by the death of his mentor, but continued to fight in in the Galactic Civil War, so that Obi-Wan's death would not be in vain. When he discovered that Vader was his father, Luke became angry that Obi-Wan had lied to him, but eventually forgave him. Obi-Wan lied about what Anakin's circumstances as the latter had turned to the Dark Side, betraying the Jedi Order and adopting the persona of Darth Vader instead said that he had died in the Clone Wars.

Devastated by his step-brother's supposed death, Owen blamed Obi-Wan for what had happened to Anakin, believing he had brainwashed the latter into joining the Jedi Order and had failed to protect him. Owen also felt that Obi-Wan was personally responsible for the deaths of Shmi and Anakin Skywalker and that the Jedi Master's actions torn his family apart.

Since then, Owen had been cold and hostile towards the Jedi Master, as the latter was never welcome at his homestead, and Owen forbade him from visiting - fearing that Obi-Wan would get Luke killed as Anakin apparently was - the relationship between the two never improved; even prior to Owen's death. Unlike Owen, Beru was never hostile or cold towards the Jedi Master and after Obi-Wan saved Luke's life from a Krayt Dragon - Beru felt grateful towards the latter for saving her nephew's life.

Beru quietly disliked when Owen raved against Luke's Jedi protector, but did not stop him. Kanan Jarrus Kanan had a Jedi Holocron that contained Obi-Wan's message; regarding the fall of the the Republic and that the surviving Jedi must go into hiding until the time was right for them to come out of exile, it is unknown if the two had met or knew each other.

Like many of the surviving Jedi, Kanan believed Obi-Wan was killed in the Jedi Purge due to the fact that the surviving Jedi were unable to contact each other, as they have gone into hiding. Kanan was surprised to find out that Obi-Wan was still alive and referred to him as "Master Kenobi", implying that Kanan only knew the latter through his reputation.

Ezra Bridger When Ezra was briefly the Galactic Empire's prisoner, he opened Kanan's Jedi Holocron that contained Obi-Wan's message; regarding the fall of the Republic and that the surviving Jedi should go into hiding until the time was right for them to come out of exile. Ezra had not yet meet Obi-Wan at the time. It is unknown if he had learned through Kanan Jarrus about the latter's reputation and status.

Obi-Wan somehow knew of Ezra as well, before meeting him, and upon being told of Maul hunting him by the younger Jedi, Obi-Wan stated to him that Maul was not Ezra's responsibility and that he should return to where he was needed most.

padme and obi wan relationship

Ezra eventually did as Obi-Wan said, showing that despite their brief meeting, he respected Obi-Wan greatly.