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See more ideas about Proverbs quotes, Sayings and quotes and Thoughts. Shallan Davar from Stormlight Archive / The model is Pricilla Stirge, a beautiful KNOW YOURSELF: In most of our human relationships, we spend much of our time .. Brandon SandersonBook FandomsNovelsPaladinFanartDrawings Book. Brandon Sanderson ♥ #Quote “They looked so dangerous, like alligators. . The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson Shallan Words of Radiance Michael Whelan Fantasy Books, Fantasy .. From her complex relationship with her teacher, to .. ArchiveConchKaladin StormblessedFandomsBooksDrawingsPaladinNever. "Find the most important words a man can say," as well as a few other quotes from or significantly between individuals, in relation to their personal struggles, as long . Cope by Pretending: Shallan privately admits that Stepford Smiling is the .. the second book that "Kaladin" is supposed to be pronounced like " paladin".

He believes in the hierarchy of society. I am not sure why this matters to Shallan as she is less interested in duelling herself, and as far as I can see they share little time discussing each other's interests.

It is fine not to be as engaged with your partner's interests, but you should be interested a bit - if only for their sake. Do we see passion in other aspects of Adolin's life? Not projected passion we ascribe to him- passion he himself tells us of? He is realistic about his lack of radiant powers. Prior to that he was self assured and therefore not boastful of his position because he didn't need to be.

I don't think that makes him humble so much as self assured. We don't see Adolin's perspective on him "recognising her". Because I can think of at least 2 situations where he doesn't get her at all. Again, are we sure? Does he know the names of her brothers? Or what her favourite food is for example? If not, why not?

Storms even Kabsal knew about her favourite food And actually is probably wrong anyway given that she should be aiming to reintegrate her identities not split them further The problem is that the reasons sound hollow. Can she not come up with something more specific? And yet they are quite different people. Why doesn't she love the fact that he can always see the positive side of things, or that he doesn't really get her jokes, or that he loves fashion despite having to be in uniform all the time, or that he is surprisingly good at admitting when he is wrong.?

Those are all things that are specific to Adolin. I'm not a fan as Adolin-as-whitespine, as I still assign that sybolism to Kaladin like he needs any more. Kaladin is the one we see wilt in captivity. Kaladin is the dangerous beast shash brand. Kaladin even had a flashback scene that featured a whitespine off screen. Remember, Kaladin is the wild, chaotic nature and Adolin is the proper, upstanding civilization.

Rock formation or apex predator vs sculpture or duelist. This is why Adolin is a duelist and not a hunter: Duel to the Death: One method of becoming a Shardbearer. If you want to be a Surgebinder, being broken is a prerequisite. Soulcasters can virtually eliminate an army's need for supplies, as they create food, wood, buildings, and other such things out of thin air.

Considering that the armies are camped on the edge of the shattered plains in the middle of nowhere, this makes them every bit as strategically important as Shardblades. The king's tax on the use of his Soulcasters is Elokhar's main income source. It is strongly suggested that there is a Voidbringer minion connected to each of the Ten Essences, though so far we have only seen thunderclasts massive, vaguely dog-shaped beasts of animate stone, connected to Stone and Midnight Essence animate smoke inside a weasel-like skin with sharp teeth and claws, connected to Smoke.

It is believed by many characters that if a person with dark eyes wins a Shardblade their eyes will become light. Szeth's eyes are normally dark green but become pale blue when he is actively using his Blade; he notes this is unique to his particular blade, so it's not entirely clear what the actual situation is. In Words Of Radiance, we see Kaladin's eyes turn sky-blue when he uses his Blade, although they fade back to his normal color a few hours after he dismisses it.

Moash's eyes turn light tan when he bonds a regular Shardblade. Also, we discover that Parshendi eyes turn glowing red when they become Voidbringers. Roshar is trapped in one, with cycles of great Desolations destroying civilization every few millenia only to be barely saved by the returning Heralds.

In Words of Radiance this is revealed to be an elaborate trap keeping Odium bound on Roshar, and the Heralds return for the Desolations because of something called the Oathpact. Soulcasting, even Radiant Soulcasting, requires a gem tied to the Essence you wish to produce.

So if you want to turn a man into glass, you need a diamond. If you wanted to turn him into blood or water, you'd need a garnet. Syl usually takes this form. The Spren that surgebinders must bond with in order to gain magical powers function very much as familiars. The Parshendi can shift between a variety of different forms, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses. Warform is the one we usually see them in, making them big and strong and causing them to grow an armored carapace.

Workform is similar to warform, but without the armor and with a mental block against conflict. Mateform is used for reproduction, while nimbleform is generally dexterous and quick, while the lost scholarform is intelligent, artform is creative, and meditationform introspective and good for teaching.

Finally, we have dullform, a baseline form with no distinguishing properties, and slaveform, the mindless state that most parshmen exist in.

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There's also Stormform, one of their Voidbringer forms, which turns them into hate-filled killing machines that can generate lightning and in large groups can summon an Everstorm. Nightform for predicting the future, Smokeform for stealth and more.

Spanreeds are a convenient way to communicate in writing, not unlike texting or a very fast telegram.

Spheres, because of their Stormlight, are used in affluent areas as lightbulbs. The Horneaters live on volcanic mountains, and their language sounds Hawaiian.

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High ranked darkeyes are sometimes called "Citizen". Spheres, which double as money see Fictional Currencybelow. When infused with Stormlightthey glow ; the brightness and color of the light depends on the size and type of gemstone, respectively.

Diamond spheres make the best light sources, as they're pure white; a mark is almost as bright as a candle, and a broam is several times that — and unlike candles, lamps, or torches they don't flicker, don't give off smoke, and last for a week or so before needing to be re-infused.

Clear goblets are filled with spheres and used as lamps; "wasting" spheres on light is something of a status symbol. The amount of time a sphere holds Light depends on how well the gem is cut, and a gem does not have to be set into a sphere in order to hold Light.

Nations in the west of Roshar don't seem to divide class by eye color, though. Rooted in the fact that Parshmen have a very non-human psychology in addition to a Bizarre Alien Biologyand prior to the setting's written history successfully caused the apocalypse at least once.

The spheres themselves are always the same size, but the gems inside them come in three different sizes; chips, marks, and broams. Nine different gemstones are used; their relative value is based on their usefulness in Soulcasting see Magic A Is Magic Abelow. To make things even more complicated, sometimes different names are used for the gems. Chips are the smallest denominations, with just a tiny shard of gemstone; marks are larger, worth five chips; broams are the largest.

Different gems used include diamond the lowestgarnet, zircon, sapphire, ruby, and emerald the highest. One emerald broam the highest possible denomination is worth one thousand diamond chips the lowest possible denominationand the system seems to be based on multiples of five.

Their alternate names are descriptive; diamonds are "clear", garnets are "blood", sapphires are "sky", and rubies are "fire" — e. The Honorblades, the original Shardblades the Almighty gave to his Heralds.

They give anyone who uses them surgebinding powers of the appropriate Order, but they consume stormlight at a prodigious rate, and lack a spren, so they don't have the behavior checks of the Knights Radiant.

Fling a Light into the Future: There are a lot of different factions, some more mysterious than others, and all seem to have their own agendas. The Alethi have "wines" that would be classed as distilled spirits on Earth, and even they tread carefully around Horneater "lager". Some pubs won't even stock it because it melts the cups.

Ultimately what caused the strategic breakdown of the Alethi war effort. As soon as they realized how many chasmfiend gemhearts were present, acquiring those for themselves became more important than cooperating with the other princes to win a decisive strategic victory against the Parshendhi.

The Surge of Regrowth grants this ability. Heal It with Fire: Kaladin uses this several times. Swords, be they Shardblades ore regular ones, are considered the weapons of choice of the "heroic" light-eyed nobility. Common soldiers use axes and spears, and there is a cultural taboo against them owning swords. Averted as Kaladin prefers the spear. Sanderson has described this series as his "love letter" to the genre.

It seems that the Parshendi have something like this.

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They have an uncanny ability to sing in time and in tune with each other In-UniverseJustified examples: The Alethi are on the whole VERY good at war, and individual highprinces' armies are quite disciplined and use effective battlefield tactics, but they're still very much feudal and have only been unified into one kingdom for roughly a decade.

Because of this, despite the fact that the ostensible purpose of the war is to punish the Parshendi for murdering the king, the Highprinces are mainly concerned with hunting the beasts that provide them with gemhearts and the wealth they represent, and only fight against the Parshendi when it's necessary to reach the plateau where the beast is spotted or withdraw back to their camps after claiming the gemheart. Dalinar has noticed this and is trying to turn the campaign into an actual war.

Assaulting defended walls without besieging is entirely justified in-universe by highstorms; you cannot hope to siege a city where any temporary constructions you build beyond the walls will be blown away in a couple of days by a highstorm, and soulcasters mean starving a city out is nearly impossible. Any invasion needs to be quick, brutal, and violent, often with Shardbearers to break the defenses. In addition, cities are often built in such a way to shelter them from the constant devastating effects of highstorms, putting them in sub-optimal defensive positions as a result.

The city of Kholinar takes advantage of the storms by everything outside the city's walls within a day's march cleared away, leaving no buildings, hills, or forests of any kind to shelter a potential invader. They strike every few days, blowing from east to west, and are so powerful that being out unprotected in one is a death sentence. They've also scoured all dirt and soil from the eastern half of the continent leading to some bizarre plants and animalsand bring the mystical Stormlight that powers everything.

According to Dalinar's visions, the Radiants could arrive for battle this way. The Nightwatcher, who will grant seemingly any wish, for a price. In fact, most people who go to the Nightwatcher end up regretting it. Only two people we've encountered don't regret this.

One we have only heard of was one man who made his wish to feed his family through a harsh winter. His curse was that he saw the world upside-down for the rest of his life. It was weird, but he got used to it. The other was Lift, who seems somewhat immune to regret.

For Dalinar, the Nightwatcher erased all his memories of his wife. He can't remember anything about her except that she existed, and whenever someone speaks her name, all he can hear is static. As of The Way of Kings, it's unclear whether this is his curse or his wish. In Oathbringer we learn that it was both his wish and curse, but was actually granted to him not by the Nightwatcher, but by her mother Cultivation.

It can be hard to tell when he is genuinely offering criticism as opposed to just insulting people as his job or for personal amusement. He enjoys it considerably, and it is fairly obvious that the nobility deserve his treatment almost to a man. Eshu of the ten fools, who speaks of things he does not understand in front of those who do. In Alethkar, the lighteyes are the nobility, and the darkeyed version of Alethi doesn't appear to treat them as separate concepts.

Rock runs up against this when trying to talk about how nobility works in other countries, but no character shows any particular trouble recognizing the idea of lighteyes not being on top. Shardplate not only bestows inhuman strength, but it amplifies the speed of movements to a degree one would normally only expect from a very agile man unburdened by armor. Like Cannot Cut Like: Shardblades can parry each other. One character thinks that the Nightwatcher works this way, and plans to word his request to her carefully enough that it doesn't backfire.

His friend informs him that this isn't how the Old Magic works, though; the Nightwatcher will grant you your wish just like you wanted it, but she will also place a curse on you which she feels is equal to the wish's value.

Sometimes the curse makes the wish ironic, but it's often completely unrelated. Scholars have been trying to replicate them for as long as anyone can remember, but only recently has any progress been made in the form of "half-shards"; shields that can block a shardblade, but don't grant any of the other benefits of Shardplate. Navani notes that the half-shards aren't actually progress towards Plate, since as far as anyone can tell they use a different mechanism.

The revelation in Words of Radiance that Shardblades are actually transformed spren explains why the artifabrians have had so much trouble with them. The origin of Plate hasn't been revealed, but seems to have a similar tie to Radiants that makes duplicating it impossible.

Magic A Is Magic A: There are at least two different though related systems: Fabrials are a form of Magitek: Surgebinding is granted by the Nahel bond, a link between a human and a spren whereby the spren gains sentience in the Physical Realm and the human gains Surgebinding powers.